Chapter 233 – Puppet

Chen Xiang stood there in silence as he looked all around him. He had heard a very weak sound a moment ago, and Long Xueyi also said she had sensed people all around him.

“Above!” Long Xueyi shouted. Chen Xiang raised his head, a large net covering him down came into his view. Chen Xiang pointed his palm towards the net, and a fire column from his palm shot out, burning out a big hole in that net.

Chen Xiang coldly snorted, “Insignificant skill. It should be a spirit weapon, however, after encountering this powerful Heavenly Sun Fire, it could only admit defeat.”

Shua! Shua! Shua! Suddenly ten black-robed men wearing black hood appeared all around Chen Xiang. Each of them was holding a black executioner’s blade while a noxious aura was being released from their body. It was so dense, as if it was coming out from a pile of corpses.

All of a sudden he met ten devil path disciples, and Chen Xiang felt somewhat happy; his purpose to come here was to kill.

“These ten guys are weird, you should be careful. I feel they have a strange power, like a kind of strange divine sense, ah! They seem to be manipulated.” Long Xueyi exhorted, her voice sounded very serious.

This left Chen Xiang secretly surprised, all these ten people were actually being manipulated. Now he was even more sure that the devil path must have planned something.

They didn’t give him much chance to think as five blades swoop down swiftly and violently. A black Qi Aura emerged from all of their executioner’s blade. When they were hacking down, a piercing sound echoed out, which was then followed by blade Qi drawing deep marks one after another on the ground.

It was a very powerful attack, however, while they were in the air coming down, Chen Xiang used some mysterious agility technique and jumped in the air just before their blades were about to fall on him. He still had a lingering fear, because according to his estimation, even a 6th level True Martial Realm martial artist would be cut down by those attacks; if they wouldn’t die, then at least they would be crippled.

“Very dense devil Qi! How the hell did they cultivate? This kind of Devil Qi could only be cultivated by killing others.” Bai Youyou sounded uncertain and solemn, “Chen Xiang, be careful, this Southern Wasteland definitely holds some kind of important secret.”

Just as Chen Xiang jumped into the air, those five black-robed men who had not attacked a while ago fiercely jumped up as Chen Xiang fell down. In the blink of an eye, they came to his side, and those five once again brandished their blade towards Chen Xiang. These five actions were the same as before, and they even used the very same kind of Qi Aura, as if these five black-robed men were of the same body.

While jumping in the air, Chen Xiang had already started operating his Black Tortoise True Qi. At this moment, the Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover enshrouded his body, and those five blades carrying noxious Qi Aura chopped down at the same time, bursting out with a very intense power. With them as the center. the Qi Waves spread across, as if a storm was swooping down on the forest.

Chen Xiang landed on the ground, the Black Tortoise Luo TIan Cover on him was actually fine. Although it was a lot thinner, it had completely resisted the attack a while ago. The Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover was cast out using his 3rd level True Martial Realm True Qi, and yet it was extremely tough.

He was now able to determine that what Long Xueyi had said before about these ten people was true. All of them were being manipulated, and that puppeteer’s divine sense had a limit. He could not attack Chen Xiang with different methods through these ten black-robed men. That’s why everyone’s action was the same, and every time, only five of them could launch an attack.

This was precisely their weakness! And a very fatal one at that. If he could not resist the attack of these ten people at the same time, then he would have never found this weakness.

Chen Xiang suddenly disappeared; to be exact, he had silently vanished into the forest. With a very quick speed, he shuttled through the forest. Although the speed he broke out with was not lasting, his speed had still reached a point where his figure could not even be seen anymore. Coupled with the convergence of his breath and the help of the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, it was as though he had completely disappeared.

Those ten people were being manipulated, and naturally, they could not sense Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang reckoned that the puppeteer was within the vicinity.

The ten black-robed men stood still motionless. It was clear that the puppeteer was waiting for Chen Xiang to appear. He was also looking for Chen Xiang, but because he could not find him, he could only wait, unable to use those ten puppets at all.

Chen Xiang suddenly appeared, and once he appeared, he smacked a palm on a black-robed man. In succession, he came beside another black-robed man, and one after the other, he smacked a palm on those black robe men. Almost in the blink of an eye, he was already finished.

Those ten palm Chen Xiang had smacked appeared very common, but he had utilized a very formidable devil technique he had learned not so long ago, the Transforming Bone Devil Palm.

He was now standing in the center of those ten black-robed men as each of them gradually fell down. It appeared as if all of them could be folded at will because all of them didn’t have any bone left in them. As they were all puppets, they naturally didn’t know any pain, that was why it looked very strange.

If these ten puppets dealt with any ordinary 5th level True Martial Realm martial artists, they were more than enough, however, encountering Chen Xiang, they were simply rendered useless.

Of course, if Chen Xiang chopped off their hands, or ruthlessly smacked a palm, he could not make these puppet fall down. But now these puppets had no bones, and since the bones were fundamental to the body, although they were all alive, they had already been destroyed.

Chen Xiang secretly praised the strength of the devil techniques. Before he had only tried it on some stones, so it was his first time utilizing it on a human now.

“Found him. Haha, this guy is definitely anxious. He had momentarily become negligent and released a lot of divine sense, revealing himself.” Long Xueyi laughed and said as she immediately told that hidden puppeteer’s location to Chen Xiang.

After knowing that puppeteer’s location, Chen Xiang coldly smiled. He suddenly smacked a palm ruthlessly on the ground, which was then followed by a sudden burst of fierce tremor. All around the trees moved as if they were on the crest of billowing waves moving up and down in the seas. All of it was only because of Chen Xiang’s palm, yet everything turned as if a violent storm and roaring waves were surging across the sea.

Chen Xiang had used the Universe True Qi to cast the Shocking Heaven Palm, which had caused the earth to tremble, and the mountains to shake. It was incomparably overbearing, causing a large patch of ground to suddenly turn over.

“Hit! That guy should be spitting blood!” Long Xueyi tenderly laughed and said.

That man hid in the ground, and that Shocking Heaven Palm of Chen Xiang even shook the ground across a mountain.

Chen Xiang slightly smiled. Facing the ground, he continuously struck that overbearing and terrifying Shocking Heaven Palm. At this moment, the entire Southern Wasteland had bellows of thunderous noise as if a lighting was blasting out one after the other. Gu Dongchen and the others outside looked at the Southern Wasteland in surprise; they didn’t expect Chen Xiang, as soon as he entered, would immediately make those devil path disciples pay.

After ten palms struck on the ground, Chen Xiang’s location had been turned into a few hundred zhang deep pit. Chen Xiang also saw a barely recognizable human figure counting his last breath. It was a middle-aged man with blood oozing out from his seven apertures, having an incomparably hideous appearance.

“Still not dead? Use the Grasping Soul Devil Curse to ask him.” Bai Youyou said; she was very interested in those ten puppets, and she was also curious about that kind of Devil Qi.


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