Chapter 234 – Human Devil

After Chen Xiang had completely learned the Grasping Soul Devil Curse, his utilization became even more sophisticated. With one hand on that man’s head, he chanted some spell, and at the same time, he poured in his divine sense into that man’s head.

“What are those ten men?” Chen Xiang asked.

Although the guy was half dead, after Chen Xiang had used the Grasping Devil Soul Curse, he suddenly opened his eyes, and with a completely lifeless face, he blandly spoke, “Human Devil.”

“Human Devil!” Hearing these two words, Bai Youyou exclaimed.

“Sister Youyou, do you know what a Human Devil is?” Chen Xiang knew this matter was nothing trivial, or it could not surprise this ice-cold beauty Bai Youyou.

“I know, this guy is about to die. First ask him what you want to know quickly, wait for now, I’ll tell you about the Human Devil later.” Bai Youyou replied.

Chen Xiang continued asking that man, “Are you devil path disciples? How many disciples in total do you have? How did you come in here?”

“Yes, there are fifty of us, and we have come here three years ago.” That man replied; the answer left Chen Xiang frozen for a moment. These people actually came here three years ago.

Chen Xiang once again asked, “In addition to your fifty people, are there any other devil path disciples?”

“There’s also another fifty.” The man finished speaking, closed his eyes and died. Although he hid under the ground, Chen Xiang’s Shocking Heaven Palm across the thick layer of soil had also caused a great harm to him. Enduring ten of those palms was already not bad.

Chen Xiang coldly said, “Devil Path sects are really harboring bad intentions. They had actually concealed fifty people, and besides, they also knew how to manipulate those puppets.”

“Sister Youyou, what is the Human Devil?”

“You first leave here. As you walk, I’ll tell you. This place is not suitable for you to stay for long, their people will come here because of the ruckus you’ve caused. If you encountered some powerful Human Devil, it will be very troublesome.” Bai Youyou urged.

Chen Xiang immediately started rushing as he quickly left the forest he himself had devastated not so long ago. He soon entered a big mountain.

“Human Devil itself is a human, but after the absorption of a kind of Devil Qi, they become very strong, but at the same time, they will also lose their intellect, turning into a devil who only knows how to kill. However, once they are deprived of their divine sense, it can be possible to manipulate them using divine sense.” Bai Youyou explained.

“A kind of Devil Qi? What Devil Qi?” Chen Xiang said in a surprised tone, “So wouldn’t there be a lot of these kinds of things?”

“It’s a kind of peculiar Devil Qi, an extremely evil Devil Qi which has been precipitating for many years. It is only released after the death of the invaders from the Devil Domain. In the Southern Wasteland, a large number of Devil Domain’s people had definitely died here!” Bai Youyou’s tone became solemn, “I think some devil path sect’s disciples must have come here to cultivate and absorb these Devil Qi, which caused them to be turned into a Human Devil. And now they are being manipulated by the devil path disciples through some secret methods.”

While running, Chen Xiang suddenly came to stop. He looked all around and took a deep breath before speaking, “If some powerful spirit beasts came to absorb these Devil Qi, wouldn’t they also become even more powerful and kill humans whenever they see them?”

“En!” Bai Youyou responded, “The most dangerous part of the Southern Wasteland should come from these spirit beasts who have absorbed these Devil Qi. Generally, they are called as Devil Beasts.”

Su Meiyao asked, “Senior sister, can these Devil Beasts be manipulated by these devil path disciples?”

“Although it is possible, it is very difficult to manipulate them. Spirit beasts are not the same as humans, if it was by someone more powerful than those Devil Beasts, it should be easier to manipulate them.” Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang clenched his teeth and cursed, “Devil path, these mongrels, no wonder, they still proposed to hold a competition here, they had already entered this place long ago. They have already planned this… No way, I’m going out to tell them.”

“Too late. They should have entered by now. Just a moment ago, I sensed many powerful aurae coming from the canyon entrance. It should be those Deans who have gathered there.” Long Xueyi said.

There were a hundred devil path disciples in here, and not one of them was weak, who knows how many Human Devils they could manipulate. For the righteous sect disciples, this was very adverse, besides, there was also the threat from those Devil Beasts, and only God knows how powerful they were. They were the most terrifying existence in here, otherwise, the Nirvana Realm martial artists would not be afraid to come.

“I need to find them.” Chen Xiang, while speaking, ran towards the direction of the canyon entrance.

“In the depths of this Southern Wasteland, there are certainly some very powerful Devil Beasts and Human Devils. I’m afraid even those Deans have no way to manipulate them.” Bai Youyou said.

Long Xueyi said, “Fortunately, there is a natural array which can quell those guys. But once they came out, that would be very troublesome.”

Su Meiyao suddenly said in a solemn voice, “Do you still remember that just a moment ago, they had used a net to deal with Chen Xiang? Under normal circumstances, it should have been a surprise attack. After those ten people attacked Chen Xiang at the same time, they had used net, and moreover, they even exposed themselves.”

Bai Youyou said, “Right, they must have wanted to catch Chen Xiang? Do they also want to catch others? Why?”

Long Xueyi suddenly exclaimed, “Sacrifice!”

Hearing that word, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao both were shocked speechless. Especially Bai Youyou, she immediately coldly said, “Chen Xiang, we must definitely stop these guys! They must be planning to perform a living sacrifice. They must be planning to do it in the cemeteries of those devils from the Devil Domain. There must be an altar, however, they don’t want to open a passage to the Devil Domain. To be precise, they only want the help of some powerful expert from the devil domain to dispel the array here, so that these powerful Human Devils and Devil Beasts could break away from the seal.”

“Or maybe… they are planning to awaken a formidable guy.” Long Xueyi added.

Their words scared the hell out of Chen Xiang. If that was the case, even before the Three Realm catastrophe arrived, the Chenwu Mainland would be finished.

He didn’t expect the devil path sect to actually have such a terrible conspiracy; he should immediately tell Gu Dongchen and the others.

Chen Xiang suddenly halted his footsteps. While looking at each and every mountain in front of him, he frowned and said, “Did I took the wrong way? How come I’ve not seen the canyon yet?”

“Wrong! Big trouble, the road is blocked! In the end, what happened?” Chen Xiang looked at the ground. He was looking for the mark he left. He discovered, he was on right track.

“Array! Anyone who entered it would have a difficult time to go out. The large formation in here might have been aroused by someone. The Southern Wasteland is not like this before, as long as someone did not enter the depths, then they could still come out.” Su Meiyao said in a heavy tone.

Chen Xiang released his Vermillion Bird Firewind and flew towards the sky. But when he touched the black clouds, an evil power suddenly attacked him; he only saw a red lightning falling towards him as he immediately released the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to resist it. However, from the impact of that strong power, he still pounded on the ground.

“Very strong restrictive spell. No wonder it could seal those devils, and there must be a way to leave! It seems that now you cannot contact the outside.” Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang cursed then looked at the ground. He was trying to find the footprints left by others, however, he could not find any, as if they had been covered.

“These Deans are the same as a group of pigs. They have all been plotted by the devil path, but it’s us who are miserable.” Chen Xiang swore it in his heart, as long as he was alive, he would definitely ruthlessly curse those Deans without any pause.

Chen Xiang was helpless, he could only casually run in a direction. As long as he could meet those devil path disciples, only then he could he force out the knowledge he wanted, and maybe in this way, he could also find the way out.

“I’ll definitely drown Liu Menger, this woman, in torrents of curses. She actually allowed Xianxian and Youlan to come to this kind of ghastly place!” Chen Xiang forcefully smiled and said, “Xiaodao, Lao Zhu, Squinted Dragon, Qianqian… I’ve harmed you!”


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