Chapter 235 – Devil Palm’s Might

Chen Xiang aimlessly ran in the Southern Wasteland, however, he still left marks here and there, lest he himself get lost. He wanted to find those righteous sect disciples and ask them not to enter the depths of the Southern Wasteland. If they encountered those powerful Devil Beasts and Human Devils, they would certainly meet their doom.

“All of you come out! Don’t hide, I know where you are!” Chen Xiang, just as he entered a mountain corner littered with stones, suddenly stopped.

Some people were here to ambush him. It was Long Xueyi who had told him, because he, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou actually didn’t sense anything. It was possible that the concealing ability of these devil path disciples was very high, and this made Chen Xiang secretly worried. Even he himself was not able to discover these devil path disciples, what about the others?

“Worthy of the youngest first martial artist of the Extreme Martial Sect!” A sound filled with surprise came from behind a boulder. All of them were very confident regarding their own concealing abilities, however, they have actually been discovered by Chen Xiang. At this time, they finally realized that Chen Xiang’s reputation was not unearned.

A total of five black-robed men wearing a mask appeared. They were exactly the same as the guy Chen Xiang had encountered before who was manipulating the Human Devils.

“Are you those people who came here three years ago?” Chen Xiang asked, and at the same time, he was also telling these devil path disciples that their plans have already been known by him.

Indeed, after those five black-robed men heard Chen Xiang, they were all secretly surprised.

“So you’ve already met those group of people? Not bad. Indeed three years ago, a bunch of people came here. We came in later though.” A black-robed man said.

“It seems the man you met is already dead, how much do you know?” Another black robed man asked.

“I don’t know much, I only know you can manipulate some ghastly things, and I also know that you devil path disciples are all a bunch of mangy dogs.” Chen Xiang sneered.

“Hei hei, don’t curse the wrong people. It’s none of our business, we only came to know after coming in. You should curse the people on top of us. To tell you the truth, we don’t even know how to manipulate those kinds of ghastly things.” Another black-robed man said.

Chen Xiang was somewhat surprised, these devil path disciples appeared to be pretty ethical and fair, however, Chen Xiang didn’t let his guard down.

“Do you not know that the road we came in had already disappeared? Or is it you are not worried about not getting out? Are you not afraid of encountering those even more powerful ghastly things?” Chen Xiang coldly snorted.

“We certainly know, but it’s not like we have any other alternative? We only came in to fight with you, we are only responsible to consume your strength, while the other guys are responsible for manipulating those things to kill you.” Another black-robed man said.

Chen Xiang retreated a few steps, put on a false smile and said, “Äre you going to attack together, or do you plan to take turns?

“We’ll fight you in turns. We all are the strongest and youngest disciples among the devil path sects. We would like to experience your righteous sect’s most powerful martial artist.”A black-robed man stepped forward and took out a black long spear. A bloody red aura was gushing out from the spearhead, shooting noxious Qi everywhere; it appeared very frightening.

Chen Xiang felt that overbearing and bizarre evil True Qi and said, “Devil Yang True Qi, Devil Yang Clan, I have already slaughtered a lot of True Martial Realm martial artists of your Devil Yang Clan.”

The black robed man sneered and said, “Don’t talk about those trashes with me, I’m different from them.”

Chen Xiang also sneered and said, “In my eyes, you and those trashes are no different.”

His words just fell, before that long spear, which was permeating red noxious Qi, stabbed over. It was also very fast as if a red beam was shot towards Chen Xiang’s throat.

That Long Spear directly passed through Chen Xiang’s throat. That black-robed man didn’t expect that he would so easily succeed. However, soon he realized that there was no bleeding from the wound; Chen Xiang’s figure burst open and transformed into the mist.

This was Chen Xiang’s Water Mirror Technique, in addition to a high-speed movement, a virtual image was created from mist to confuse his enemy.

After that black-robed man realized that he had been tricked by Chen Xiang, he immediately became vigilant.

“Humph, this trick is nothing.” That black-robed man fiercely turned around, and Chen Xiang had suddenly appeared in front of him. Seeing that leisurely palm strike of Chen Xiang, the black-robed man extended his own palm to meet it with Chen Xiang’s, but it was to no avail.

On Chen Xiang’s mouth, a sliver of a proud smile appeared. After the two palms collided, Chen Xiang immediately jumped back as a blood-curdling shriek came from that black-robed man. That arm of his flexibly bent down, it appeared as if it was made of rubber.

A moment ago, Chen Xiang had used the Transforming Bone Devil Palm, directly melting away the bones in that black-robed man’s arm. In that instance, the victim would feel as though ants were gnawing away his bones, and the outbreak of pain was in an instant, causing an excruciating pain.

“My arm… what did you do to me? Why don’t my arms have any bones!” That black-robed man shouted in madness; his voice was filled with panic. He didn’t expect the world would actually have this kind of martial skill. Without even injuring the flesh and blood, the technique actually directly melted away the bones. This martial skill was surely a devil technique.

“No, no, it’s not really a big deal. In any case, you are going to die!” Chen Xiang laughed. In his hand, a black crossbow appeared; it was the Demanding Life Devil Bow. As he poured in his True Qi, a black arrow was shot out in the blink of an eye, penetrating that black-robed man’s throat.

The black robed man gradually fell down as blood kept on gushing from his throat.

The other four black-robed men were stunned. In the beginning, the black-robed men were so confident, as if they had already won. However, now that death had come so fast, his powerful martial skills and vigorous True Qi were already all in vain. He didn’t even have the time to display them as a very small thing had shot through his throat, rendering him to die while basking in his own pool of blood.

From start to finish Chen Xiang was very relaxed; he was talking cheerfully and wittily, and then suddenly, he took away the life of one of the strongest and youngest devil path martial artists. The other four could not help but become frightened. At the same time, they realized that they could not look down upon Chen Xiang again, otherwise, their fate would be the same as that black-robed man whose throat was still bleeding profusely.

Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed, “Originally, you had five people altogether, and perhaps had the hope to win, however now, too late….”

While speaking, his figure suddenly vanished, and the world became incomparably quiet. Those four men held their breath; in order to probe Chen Xiang’s location. However, for a long time, as Chen Xiang’s figure didn’t reappear anymore, all of them just released their vigorous True Qi to form a True Qi armor which protected the weakest spot of their bodies. The Demanding Life Devil Bow, in the hands of Chen Xiang, if used well, could kill an Extreme State martial artist without any difficulty.

Those four black-robed men thought that if they remained still and wary of their surroundings, they would remain safe. However, at this time, they suddenly felt some True Qi fluctuations coming from the ground. They wanted to jump, but soon to their surprise, they weren’t able to. They lowered their head and only saw that their feet were wrapped around by some water-like thing. When they thought of using their True Qi to disperse it, an intense electric current flowed out from that water vine.

The sudden electric shock had rendered their bodies numb, and just as they realized how dire the situating was, Chen Xiang suddenly appeared.


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