Chapter 236 – Dangerous Encounter

Chen Xiang had utilized the abstruse Black Tortoise Divine Exercise and sensed the moisture in the ground. Through that moisture, he poured in the Black Tortoise True Qi and transformed it into powerful water vines. With his divine sense manipulating those water vines, they wrapped around the four, and then released the lightning force in the Azure Dragon True Qi, jolting the four black-robed men. For a short time, those four could not compose themselves, and they had no way to raise their guard and defend themselves.

Chen Xiang seized this opportunity and took out that domineering Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, horizontally cut towards the two relatively closer black-robed men. That one strike had enough True Qi, and moreover, those two black-robed men could neither move nor resist, that’s why Chen Xiang very easily cut off their waist.

Once the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was drawn, that overbearing dragon might render the remaining two black-robed men to shudder in fear. Chen Xiang naturally knew the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade caused a great deterrent to those martial artists who were cultivating in the devil path.

Just the same as Bai Youyou, touching the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade would make them feel uncomfortable. It would be greatly lethal to the individuals from the Devil Domain because it could directly break those powerful Devil Qi.

After Chen Xiang killed those two people, in a flash, he arrived beside another black-robed man. This black-robed man’s feet were still wrapped in water vines, and in his heart, he secretly complained. He was a devil path disciple, but even he didn’t have so many sinister tricks; Chen Xiang’s tricks just were endless and very hard to detect. However, that black-robed man also had prepared a good defense. Outside his body, there was a thick layer of Qi Aura shield.

Chen Xiang smiled in contempt before brandishing his broadsword. As the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade glittered in an azure aura, he fiercely cut across, breaking away that black Qi Aura shield very easily, and cutting that black-robed man into two from his waist.

Once again, another one died, and the last remaining black-robed man felt endless regret. If they had done as Chen Xiang had said, to deal with Chen Xiang together from the get-go, they would not have fallen into such a miserable condition.

Chen Xiang retracted the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, and through his feet, he poured in more Black Tortoise True Qi into the ground, so that the water vine would entangle that black-robed man even more tightly, disabling the need to use the lightning force to shock him.

As he came in front of the black-robed man, Chen Xiang together extended his palms together as boundless palm shadows whipped over and completely striking on that black-robed man’s body. All of them were the Transforming Bone Devil Palm. The black robed man didn’t expect Chen Xiang’s means to actually be even better than the devil path sect. Those attacks could actually cause him to feel such immense pain as if hundreds of thousands of insects were gnawing his body. He only felt his bones were accompanied by a burning itch, before they slowly disappeared.

That man flexibly fell down, lying paralyzed on the ground, however, he was still alive! The black robed man thought that those devil techniques of their devil path sect compared with Chen Xiang’s technique were simply children’s stuff. Only the techniques utilized by Chen Xiang could be called as devil techniques. Even when he cast those techniques, it might be said that there was no sign of any fluctuations of any sort, however, after he struck, the bones would be melted away, and moreover, it would instantly generate an excruciating pain. Only now did he realize why that black robe man’s arm suddenly became soft while battling with Chen Xiang a while ago.

“Still a long way to go!” Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled. Those black-robed men were only in the 3rd or 4th level of the True Martial Realm, and even if Chen Xiang had fought all alone, they still didn’t stand a chance at all, not to mention Chen Xiang could battle unconstrained.

“You… why have you not killed me, don’t expect me to answer any question…”

Chen Xiang’s hand was already on that black-robed man’s head. He was using the Grasping Soul Devil Curse on him as he asked, “Do you know how to leave the Southern Wasteland?”

“I know. According to the Dean, as long as we have captured thirty righteous sect’s disciples and placed them on the sacrificial altar, we can go out.” The black robed man replied.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, Su Meiyao had guessed correctly, the devil path sects were really planning to sacrifice the disciples of the righteous sects. After all, the majority of the righteous sect disciples cultivate pure True Qi, which was most liked by the devil path.

“Where is the sacrificial altar?” Chen Xiang asked.

“In…” The black-robed man, whose mind was being manipulated by Chen Xiang, readily told him the way to the sacrificial altar, and also in a very great detail.

“Where are the rest of you?”

That black-robed man told Chen Xiang about three places. He vividly described the route to Chen Xiang. Each of these three locations had three people respectively, and not one of them were weak. All of them were waiting to ambush some righteous sect disciples, and their purpose was to consume the True Qi of the righteous sect disciples so that they could be caught by those puppets manipulated by the devil path disciples.

“These devil path guys would never expect that besides I, their father, also have two and half very capable women. This had enabled me to see through their trick. In the end, your plans would be all destroyed by me, your father.” Chen Xiang coldly laughed, then chopped off the head of that black-robed man.

He then beheaded the rest of them and placed their heads inside his storage ring. After he left this damned place, these things were rather good to increase his prestige, otherwise, under his brutal means, not even a scrap of those five black-robed men would be left.

“Why did you say two and a half women? Obviously, it’s three!” Long Xueyi asked in uncertainty.

“You can only be counted as half!” Chen Xiang laughed and said.

“Why? I’m not a child! You said yourself you can not treat me as a child.” Long Xueyi retorted in dissatisfaction.

“Hei hei, little dragon, you are too dirty, it might be said you don’t even act like a woman. That’s why you can only barely be counted as half.” Chen Xiang laughed and said. Now that he had acquired a direction, he already knew where to go.

Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said, “I’m being dirty only for your well-being. My good intention had all gone down the drain. Since you said so, I’ll play downright dirty and let everyone know how obscene you are.”

Chen Xiang was not afraid. Even if Long Xueyi had not spoken as such, he would still be framed by her from time to time.

From the black-robed man, he came to know that this place had long been prepared by them. He had also discovered that they also used some means to lure the righteous sect disciples so that they could ambush them.

If the righteous sect disciples who had entered this place did not have enough information, then they would be very easily lured away if they were not careful.

Chen Xiang started walking and ran towards one of the closest ambush points among the three. No matter which righteous sect disciple was it, he still needed to help them, because it concerned the overall situation. In case that there were thirty sacrifices enough to go to the altar, then it would rather be troublesome.

The devil path sect’s high-level executives didn’t even dare to catch the True Martial Realm martial artists, because the True Martial realm martial artists were smaller in number. Even more so, they were all very cautious. Usually, all of them stayed inside the sect and was very hard to capture. If they were not the righteous sects disciples, their True Qi would not be pure enough, and hence, they could not be offered as a sacrifice.

Chen Xiang rushed for half an hour as he ran towards the depths of the Southern Wasteland, though the sacrificial altar was even deeper.

“There is a sound of fighting!” Chen Xiang stopped and listened carefully. He suddenly heard a few cold and tender shouts; it was Leng Youlan’s voice.

Chen Xiang could not help but hasten his footsteps. In the blink of an eye, he suddenly vanished, as though he was a lightning that struck towards that direction.

Soon, Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, these two beautiful and graceful women, came into his view. Both of them were together with their respective sect disciples. The Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and the Icewind Valley were together, and they had a total of thirteen people. At the moment, all of them were still alive, however, they were now being surrounded by a pack of more than a hundred pitch black wolves.

“It’s the Devil Beasts! And they are being manipulated!” Chen Xiang immediately determined. When a few of these black wolves flew over, their movements were all the same, and it was clear that they were being manipulated.


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