Chapter 237 – Counterattack In The Wasteland (Part 1)

The disciples of two sects, the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and the Icewind Valley, were all very strong, and their overall strength was also not bad. When those black wolves swoop over, the Icewind Valley disciples immediately released an ice cold Qi Aura, and in the blink of an eye, those black wolves were frozen. Very quickly, they were beheaded by Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan under the watchful gaze of the other disciples, lest Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were attacked by someone else.

Chen Xiang knew they were all together during their training, and they all went through Liu Menger’s training. That was why all of them worked well together, which reassured him a lot.

Xue Xianxian was using a white long spear which appeared to be somewhat similar to Liu Menger’s ‘Kiss of the Jade Dragon’. Apparently, it was forged by Liu Menger for Xue Xianxian, and Xue Xianxian seemed to have learned good spear techniques from her predecessor. Whenever she brandished her spear and thrust, its speed was so fast, such that to others, it appeared as if countless spears were being thrust at the same time. The few black wolves which swoop over were quickly covered in bloody holes from her thrusts.

Leng Youlan nimbly waved her giant sword as those wolves swoop over. After being frozen into ice blocks, Leng Youlan cut them into pieces. These two girls were both very strong, and even Chen Xiang had nothing but endless praises for them.

Chen Xiang knew three devil path sect disciples were hidden here, however, he still didn’t know how they could actually manipulate these devil beasts. He already asked Long Xueyi to find the location where these three were hidden.

“Still not found?” Chen Xiang asked. At the moment, he was still rushing towards Leng Youlan and the others, so he was worried that those hidden in the dark would attack them.

“In that big tree!” Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang looked at a relatively larger tree and took out the Demanding Life Devil Bow. He poured in a rich amount of Universe True Qi and shot a huge black arrow towards that three. In a flash, the arrow went away as it immediately pierced that giant tree. An explosive sound burst out, followed by a burst of blood mist.

The arrow he shot out was filled with rich True Qi, which was something akin to an explosive material. After it entered the human body, it would immediately blast open the victim; it was certainly overbearing.

After a devil path disciple was killed by Chen Xiang, a few of the wolves which were swooping over, came to halt and fell to the ground. Chen Xiang once again infused the Universe True Qi into the Demanding Life Devil Bow and once again shot towards the trunk of that tree. In the blink of an eye, yet another explosion resounded as blood and flesh burst out from that tree.

Chen Xiang was just preparing to shoot the third arrow when a black shadow suddenly flashed out, completely disappearing into the forest. That man actually fled, and although he didn’t know who was capable of attacking their people, he knew that if he remained, only death was waiting for him.

Chen Xiang flew over to Xue Xianxian while the Devil Beasts all stood there, devoid of any movement. These were all puppets; if there was no one to manipulate them, then they would not be able to move.

“Elder brother, I know it’s you!” Leng Youlan, after seeing a tall silhouette coming from afar, immediately shouted.

Xue Xianxian, after seeing Chen Xiang, also grinned, “Brother Xiang is always elusive, in the end, what happened?”

Chen Xiang extended out from the deep recess and respectively held Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan’s face. If not for too many people present here, Chen Xiang would have already hugged both of them.

“Ladies and gentleman, hello!” Chen Xiang held his fist towards the others and politely greeted them. Those people also saluted back one by one. Originally, they were very worried about those hidden in the dark, and Chen Xiang’s appearance was totally out of their expectation. In addition, after Chen Xiang’s appearance, the black wolves had all stopped moving.

“Long story short, the matter is very complicated. Everybody should listen very carefully!” Chen Xiang hastily said and began to tell the things he knew. After Xue Xianxian and the others heard his story, they were startled at first, while Leng Youlan clenched her sword’s hilt, her face completely turning solemn.

“These devil path guys have always harbored bad intentions. This is very troublesome.” Leng Youlan coldly said.

They could not contact the outside, and they also could not leave. Currently, they could only continue to stay here.

“It seems that we have to stay here for two months. If all the devil path guys were slaughtered and we stay here in the outer ring, then it will not be dangerous.” Chen Xiang said.

Xue Xianxian said, “Brother Xiang, you quickly go and tell the other sect disciples, don’t let them fall in the hands of these devil path disciples.”

“Elder brother, you quickly go! You do not need to worry about us!” Leng Youlan said. Although she wanted to follow Chen Xiang, she knew she would not bring much of help to Chen Xiang, even more so, she might also implicate Chen Xiang.

If the situation was not so grim, Chen Xiang would certainly stay together with Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian.

After Chen Xiang exhorted them for a while, he quickly took his leave and went to the next ambush point. From Xue Xianxian, he came to know that they were lured by a person here. As the other side only had one person and they had thirteen on their side, they thought that they could come out and attack.

As long as those ambush points were found, he could easily find the other sect disciples. Now Chen Xiang only knew three ambush points, while the righteous sect had as many as eight teams. He hoped he could reach there in time.

“Rest assured, these righteous sect disciples are not too weak. As long as they were not besieged by a martial artist that was too strong for them, generally, all of them could resist.” Su Meiyao assured.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. He was chasing that man who fled by following his remnant breath. Although that man was pretty quick, he was still not as fast as Chen Xiang. Just a little less than half an hour, Chen Xiang caught up with that man as he took out the Demanding Life Devil Bow and shot towards that black-robed man’s leg.

The Demanding Life Devil Bow was very accurate, so long as he infused enough True Qi, it would be stable enough. Generally, it would not miss the target, so after the black bolt penetrated that black-robed man’s leg, it suddenly burst open and blasted that man’s leg into pieces.

Chen Xiang quickly flew over and continuously smacked a good few palms on that man, melting away that black-robed man’s entire bones, and causing him the suffer the excruciating pain of corroding bones.

Chen Xiang punched and kicked that man. That black-robed man was in the 4th level of the True Martial realm, however, each of Chen Xiang’s punches and kicks was infused with vigorous True Qi. Each of his moves was extremely imposing, pummeling that black-robed man nearly to death.

“When did you come here?” Chen Xiang asked. He had already cast the Grasping Soul Devil Curse on that man.

“Three days ago!” That black-robed man replied. On one side he answered, while on the other, he spewed blood.

Chen Xiang tightly frowned. The five black-robed man he had previously encountered apparently said they didn’t know how to manipulate those puppets, yet this guy who came here just three days ago knew how to manipulate them.

“Who taught you how to manipulate these black wolves?” Chen Xiang tugged his hair and loudly asked.

“An elder.”

“When did you start learning? Where did you learn?” Chen Xiang once again asked.

“Three months ago, inside the forbidden area of the sect.”

“Tell me, where are the rest of you hiding…” Chen Xiang began asking a series of questions. He believed that this black-robed man’s status was rather high compared to those five men he had encountered before, so he asked a lot of things.

He also obtained one crucial information. To be precise, it was about the two strongest man in here, both of them were in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm, one came three years ago, while the other came three days ago. Both of them worked together and manipulated different kinds of puppets to consume the True Qi of the righteous sect disciples.

Three days ago, fifty devil sect disciples came in, and only thirty of them knew how to manipulate these puppets. Moreover, these thirty were also stronger than the rest.

Chen Xiang, after beheading that black-robed man, rushed to the next ambush point. The ambush points of the devil sect disciples were all linked together; if they failed once, then the next one would carry on. Even if the righteous sect disciples passed through one of the ambush points, then they would have consumed a lot of their true Qi, and finally, they would be caught at the next ambush point.


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