Chapter 238 – Counterattack In The Wasteland (Part 2)

A while ago, Chen Xiang had already exhorted Xue Xianxian and the others to prevent them from entering the depths of the Southern Wasteland. Because deep into the Southern Wasteland, the Devil Qi was heavier, and that could allow these puppets to rapidly absorb Devil Qi and restore their strength. In the periphery, the Devil Qi was weak, so if the puppets in the periphery had consumed their strength, it would be very difficult for them to restore. Moreover, these devil sect disciples had no lack of fear, though these righteous sect disciples were also not someone to trifle with.

The nearest ambush point was not too far away. Chen Xiang just ran for a while before he heard Yun Xiaodao’s shout.

“Damn fatty, watch your big fat ass, don’t be bitten by the dog. Squinted Dragon, don’t skew your eyes, it always makes me think something is attacking me.”

Hearing this voice, Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled. He took out the Demanding Life Devil Bow while Long Xueyi was searching for those puppeteers of the Devil Sect hidden in the dark.

“Little rascal Yun, don’t randomly spray your Sword Qi, it is ruining my hair.” Zhu Rong shouted.

Xu Weilong coldly said, “Both of you can’t you spout less nonsense, don’t let your manhood bitten by these things.”

Chen Xiang was already looking at a humongous black wolf from afar. It was the same as what Xue Xianxian and the others had encountered, and all of them were Devil Beasts. Although they were not very strong, there was still a lot of them. But because only fifteen could be manipulated at the same time, so long as one could deal with them, it would not be dangerous.

Yun Xiaodao and their squad’s teamwork was rather good. Yun Xiaodao and Hao Dongqing were responsible for attacking, both of their offense was rather strong. Lei Xionglin, Lei Zhong, Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong were responsible for fending off those black wolves swooping over from everywhere. After these wolves were crippled, they were then given to Yun Xiaodao and Hao Dongqing to kill. Yao Haisheng and Lian Mingdong were responsible for scanning the surroundings, lest some other thing attacked them.

Wu Qianqian was releasing some flames which surrounded them in one big circle, causing those nearby black wolves into retreat to prevent themselves from getting burned. Her flame had formed a very strong defensive circle.

Probably, these devil sect disciples would have never expected that the Devil Beasts they were proud of, would simply be vulnerable in front of these well-trained righteous sect disciples. If not for having a large number, their ambush would have already failed. Of course, their main purpose was to make the righteous sect disciples consume their True Qi, and at the same time, to probe their accurate strength.

“Damn pig, you’re a fucking calamity! You said these demon beasts are worth a fortune and we should catch them. Look now, we are fucking surrounded! Motherfucker, there are still more than a hundred, and they are also so damn difficult to kill.” Yun Xiaodao grumbled.

“Little rascal Yun, when father had picked up a top-grade crystal stone and the Building Foundation Dans, why did you not say anything then? If we make a fortune, you will definitely work yourself to death even more than me.” Zhu Rong cursed.

Chen Xiang had long been accustomed to their bickering. As long as they were all together, they would never stop bickering with each other. Although they act like this, their relations were very good.

“Found it. On that tree, that tree and that tree.” Long Xueyi pointed at three different trees to Chen Xiang.

Those devil sect disciples had hollowed out the trunk of the tree and hid within it. However, this also made it more convenient for Chen Xiang to shoot them to death with the Demanding Life Devil Bow.

The devil sect disciples on the ambush points didn’t know their plot has already been seen by Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang, in secret, was already counterattacking. Currently, Chen Xiang had already killed almost ten devil sect disciples.

Chen Xiang, with the Demanding Life Devil Bow, aimed at a relatively larger tree, mobilized his True Qi and infused it into the Demanding Life Devil Bow. At this moment, the devil sect disciple hiding in the tree probably thought it was extremely cool, manipulating some black wolf to fight, however, while he was enjoying the moment, a black bolt made of vigorous True Qi, without any sound, penetrated his body, thereby blasting him into pieces.

“Hei hei, next!” Chen Xiang, after seeing the burst of blood mist accompanied by broken pieces of wood, mischievously laughed and once again released an arrow while facing another tree.

One after another, he had shot three arrows. He was worried that someone would run away, and by that time, the devil sect disciples would then realize what was happening, making it harder for him to kill them so easily and quietly.

With three consecutive explosive sounds, three trees were blown up, and it was accompanied by some blown away pieces of meat. Yun Xiaodao and the others had already guessed something was up, and with the halt of the attack of these black wolves, Zhu Rong grabbed this opportunity and quickly brandished the long sword in his hand, mindlessly hacking these black wolves.

Chen Xiang had a wide grin on his face as he ran over. Everyone, after seeing Chen Xiang, immediately let off their guards. At the same time, their admiration for Chen Xiang surged forth in their heart, a really monstrous talent. With just his appearance, he had scared the shit out of these wolves.

“Elder Brother Chen, it’s really you. I should have already guessed you must have arrived! Right, what the hell happened?” Yun Xiaodao asked.

Chen Xiang, in order to not stall any more time, quickly said everything he knew. Yun Xiaodao’s group’s reaction was the same as Xue Xianxian’s group’s. They were scared as well as angry. But now that they know, naturally, they had their guards up and would not be lured again.

“Okay, you quickly go and converge with the disciples of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and the Icewind Valley. Once all of you are together, you don’t need to be worried about getting wiped out by the devil sect disciples all of a sudden. They are not so formidable as you’ve imagined. I’ve already killed more than ten along the way. Chen Xiang laughed and said.

A little smile appeared on Yun Xiaodao’s face, “Elder Brother Chen, it’s easy for you to say, but for us, these guys are very insidious. Only you who is more insidious than them could hold them.”

“You, this guy, do you want to say I’m insidious?” Chen Xiang scoffingly said.

“You already said so.” Yun Xiaodao started laughing.

At this time, Wu Qianqian interjected, “Chen Xiang, you should quickly go. By the way, you have to be careful of the Beast Martial Sect and the Proud Sword Sect. They seem to hate you, and they banded together and created a squad to deal with you.”

“En, understood!” Chen Xiang laughed and said, then like a wind, he flew away.

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong once again bickered for a bit, and only after slaughtering the entire pack of the black wolves, did they follow in accordance with the said route by Chen Xiang to find Xue Xianxian’s group.

Chen Xiang, along the way, encountered Human Devils and Devil Beasts. It could be seen that the ones the devil sect disciples were manipulating were very weak. As for the stronger ones, they could not be tamed by them. If they saw those stronger ones and survived, it could already be considered as very lucky. Although the attack of these kinds of Human Devils and the Devil Beasts was weak, it was still very consuming, and it could easily consume the True Qi of the others.

The next ambush point was also not completely into the depths of the Southern Wasteland. Instead, it was stretched along one side, and it could very well be considered as a zone. If these devil path sects disciples entered the depths, then they would also not be able to endure.

A while ago, he heard from Yun Xiaodao that after the eight righteous sect’s disciples entered, they spread along many directions, and all of them went looking for a safe point. They were looking for an advantageous location where they could attack and defend at the same time, which could allow them to stay safe for the next two months.

If not for these devil path sect’s conspiracy, then their plan would have been surefire.

He quickly went to the next ambush point, but he didn’t find any righteous disciple or anyone else for that matter. Very quietly, he patiently waited for Long Xueyi to complete her probing; he wanted to see whether or not he could find those hidden devil sect disciples in here.

“Found them!” Long Xueyi became happy. Although she didn’t act, helping Chen Xiang to secretly plot against the devil path sects made her feel elated.

Another three people. Chen Xiang reckoned that they were yet to lure in any righteous sect disciples.

“This time, we will be low-key, a bit gentle!” Chen Xiang slightly smiled. He shot an arrow as fine as a hair shot, although it was only separated by a bark, Long Xueyi could still lock onto the devil sect disciple’s head.

With just one shot, one of them was instantly dealt with. He didn’t make the arrow explode, as he wanted to kill all three of them quietly.


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