Chapter 239 – Devil Beast Raid

At this moment, Chen Xiang could not bear to put down the Demanding Life Devil Bow. He decided to ask Liu Menger to enhance it and make it even more formidable instead. If this was possible, he would request Liu Menger to forge many more similar equipment so he could equip his own people. If that happened, then they would be a force to be reckoned with during the battle. If ten powerful arrows came out of nowhere towards a single target, just what would happen?

The more Chen Xiang thought about this, the more excited he became. However, this kind of equipment was definitely not easy to refine. He understood this point very well, furthermore, many refining methods had been lost including this particular one.

After all three arrows were shot, the three people hiding inside the tree trunk would probably stay there until their bodies completely decomposed. Even in their death, none of them thought that the tree would become their gravestone, and the trunk, their coffin.

The route was around the periphery, but not into the depths of the Southern Wasteland. It seems these devil sect disciples also knew going too far was dangerous, a point of no return. Even they did not dare enter.

However, if Chen Xiang wanted to destroy the altar, he would have to go far past the point of no return as the altar was deep past that line. The altar had terrifying abilities. Not only could it contact those in the Devil Domain, it could also awaken sleeping tyrants, and even dispel the array surrounding this place.

To perform the ritual a sacrifice was necessary, or they could only ask the devil from the Devil Domain to release its strength, or send something useful. Under ordinary circumstances, the sacrifice needed to be alive.

Suddenly, the ground started shaking. From far away, the sound of fighting could be heard. Chen Xiang was astonished in his heart and with a single leap, he quickly climbed up onto a high tree. He quickly noticed many people covered in black robes with huge executioner blades hacking towards ten men.

Human Devils! And so many of them. To Chen Xiang’s surprise, there were a good few hundred of them present, tightly surrounding ten men. At the same time, there were thirty of them attacking, in other words, there were six puppeteers.

“Little Dragon, quickly find those six people.” Chen Xiang said before he secretly rushed towards the battle.

With Chen Xiang closing in, Long Xueyi quickly found the location of the six key individuals. He inferred that all of these people definitely came here three years ago, otherwise it would have been impossible for them to find so many Human Devils.

These six people were not hiding in a trunk, but rather in the canopy. From time to time, they threw a few short swords from above towards those ten men.

“It’s the Proud Sword Sect and the Beast Martial Sect!” Chen Xiang was astonished in his heart, Wu Qianqian had informed him that the disciples of the Proud Sword Sect and the Beast Martial Sect had allied together, and warned him to be vigilant of the disciples from these two sects.

Among the Proud Sword Sect, there was an individual who Chen Xiang recognized, Gan Jiujian. Before, Chen Xiang had ruthlessly disgraced him. It was impossible for Gan Jiujian not to hate Chen Xiang but he didn’t care too much about it. If the other party wanted to kill him, he would definitely fight back and use a number of brutal means to eradicate the threat.

With one shot, Chen Xiang blasted a devil sect disciple into pieces with a thick black bolt. Then, one after the other, he shot a good few arrows in rapid succession. When they were still confused about what was happening, they had already been killed.

These devil sect disciples were not very strong, only around the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm. Even if they had erected a True Qi shield, in front of the crossbolt created from Chen Xiang’s Universe True Qi, it would be easily penetrated by the crossbolt from the Demanding Life Devil Bow.

Those Human Devils had no intelligence, the disciples of the Proud Sword Sect and the Beast Martial sect all heaved a huge collective sigh of relief. If these Human Devils had all swooped over to assault them, they would be torn apart into pieces.

As Chen Xiang walked towards them with the Demanding Life Devil Bow in his hand, those ten disciples suddenly raised their guards again as if facing an enemy.

Gan Jiujian and the other were not stupid, they obviously realized that those hundreds of devils had all been manipulated. Considering what just happened, combined with the earlier explosions, those puppeteers must have been killed by someone. After noticing the Demanding Life Devil Bow in Chen Xiang’s hands, they immediately understood he was the one who had saved them.

This made them rather upset, because they all very much wanted to kill Chen Xiang. Firstly because Chen Xiang had a bounty of fifteen million crystal stones on his head, and secondly because Chen Xiang had a great reputation, which could raise their prestige if they managed to kill him.

However, they all didn’t dare to attack Chen Xiang now, because they were clearly aware of the difference between Chen Xiang and themselves.

The disciples of the Proud Sword Sect originally had a bad temper, and were very arrogant. Even if they were all rescued, they would definitely not be grateful. As for the disciples of the Beast Martial Sect, certain ideas had been instilled in them by their sect, making them hate the Extreme Martial Sect, and more specifically, hate Chen Xiang. This is also why these disciples often went to the borders of the Extreme Martial Sect and secretly killed some civilians to feed their demon beasts. However, since the last time Chen Xiang had spoken, they didn’t dare to go again. If the Extreme Martial Sect was provoked, their Beast Martial Sect would definitely be destroyed.

Chen Xiang saw these ten people putting up a stinking expression as if his actions to save them was an utmost insult to them. He secretly regretted for being a busybody a moment ago. However, if he had not saved them, then these ten men would have been captured and offered as a sacrifice. By that time, the stakes would be higher.

“We will not thank you.” Gan Jiujian coldly said.

“I also didn’t ask for your gratitude, I only want to tell you something. Whether you want to hear or not, I have to say it!” Chen Xiang simply informed them of the current situation. Although they were surprised in their hearts, they also felt admiration for Chen Xiang on discovering the conspiracy. However, they were also very uncomfortable as well as jealous.

“Humph, why should we believe you!” A Beast Martial Sect’s disciple said.

“I don’t care whether you believe me or not. But, I do hope you do not implicate the whole world.” Chen Xiang took out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade while he was speaking and began beheading those motionless Human Devils. His speed combined with his brutal execution method left those ten onlookers drenched with a cold sweat, yet also even more jealous.

Just as Chen Xiang killed half of them, a very nauseating and penetrating howl suddenly came out of nowhere. At the same time, it was also followed by a raid of terrifying Devil Qi.

Chen Xiang immediately determined that it came from a very terrifying and powerful Devil Beast.

Indeed, a creature faintly resembling an ancient crocodile suddenly swooped over. It had a huge body, as long as three zhangs, covered in very hard scales glistening with a black aura. Its teeth filled mouth spewing out Black Qi continuously. As soon as this crocodile Devil Beast came over, it began eating those Human Devils.

To Chen Xiang’s surprise, that crocodile Devil Beast’s speed seemed almost like teleportation. His forehead was drenched in cold sweat because this crocodile Devil Beast was very strong.

Gan Jiujian and the others seemed to be petrified from fear, their limbs went numb from fear just from the Devil Qi emanating from this huge crocodile Devil Beast.

This huge creature soon finished its meal of those Human Devils, and then looked at Chen Xiang. A sudden glare from those pair of pupils was rather terrifying.

“Incoming!” As Long Xueyi shouted, Chen Xiang’s figure already disappeared. Just before that crocodile Devil Beast opened its jaw to bite him, as a giant tree was snapped in two like a twig.

Chen Xiang still had a lingering sensation of fear. If he was even a little bit slower a second ago, maybe his bones would have been snapped by that powerful jaw instead of the tree.

Along with his journey, Chen Xiang had prayed to not encounter this kind of powerful Devil Beast. However, he still encountered it, he could only sigh at his own bad luck.

Upon seeing the crocodile Devil Beast attacking Chen Xiang, Gan Jiujian and the others were extremely happy in their hearts, and even quickly fled. This made Chen Xiang secretly curse them.


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