Chapter 240 – Turning Back On Old Acquaintances


The crocodile Devil Beast saw someone escaping, so it immediately retaliated with a sweep of its huge tail, uprooting a giant tree along with the soil. However, Gan Jiujian and the others still escaped.

Of course, Chen Xiang was in no mood to battle this dangerous beast. But now that he was being eyed, if he couldn’t defeat this Crocodile Devil Beast, maybe this big guy would find other righteous sect disciples and harm them.

Chen Xiang clutched the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade while moving in a zigzag fashion in order to avoid that keen and huge tail. The trees it swept, without any exception, were all torn into pieces. A moment ago, Chen Xiang paid attention when this Crocodile Devil Beast attacked. He noticed that before it attacked, it would release a black Devil Qi, and this was precisely its source of power.

“This creature should be the Black Armored Crocodile from the ancient period, a 3rd-grade spirit beast. It should have lived in the Southern Wasteland for a very long time, absorbing a large amount of Devil Qi, making it become so powerful. It should be close to a 6th level True Martial Realm martial artist. Fortunately, the potential of the Black Armored Crocodile’s is not great, and at most, it can only become a 4th-grade spirit beast. Now that it has absorbed the Devil Qi in here, it should only be equal to a 5th-grade spirit beast.” Su Meiyao said.

The Black Armored Crocodile didn’t only have fighting instinct, its perception was also very strong. Even after Chen Xiang converged his breath, he was still found.

As the huge tail swept everything in its path, Chen Xiang brandished his blade to meet. Azure Qi burst from the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade as Chen Xiang infused a large amount of Azure Dragon True Qi into it, causing it to become extremely heavy. When he cleaved it, the strength produced was even more tyrannical.

As the broadsword and that huge tail fully covered in black scales collided together, sparks burst forth. That Black Armored Crocodile let out a howl, and as for Chen Xiang, he was swept away because of the tens of thousands jin impact from the collision. Although the conclusion was as such, the previous blade strike didn’t show any weakness. It left a hole on the Black Armored Crocodile’s tail, and the tumbling Chen Xiang could see black blood dripping from its tail.

The Black Armored Crocodile’s huge body was supported by four thick and powerful limbs. It slightly lowered its body before it fiercely took a leap towards Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang, at the moment, was still tumbling away, and this kind of speed from the Black Armored Crocodile was totally out of Chen Xiang’s expectation. He simply was too late to resist, and finally, he was ruthlessly struck by its giant head.

The Black Armored Crocodile was a spirit beast; although its intellect had been eroded by Devil Qi, turning it into a maniac, battle instinct was still ingrained into its body. It could be said that it has a rich battle experience. When it struck Chen Xiang, its head was infused with black devil Qi, granting it, even more, power during the collision.

Chen Xiang let out a bellow as he fiercely slammed on a nearby hill, leaving a giant pit on the side of the hill. Soon, a large number of stones flew down from the top of the hill.

“This guy… Puff…” Chen Xiang spat out blood, the Black Armored Crocodile’s strength was far more than he had anticipated, and its wisdom was even more shocking.

“My injuries are serious, this time, I have to use that move.” Chen Xiang got down from that hill and mobilized the hidden mystical Spiritual Energy in his body. He made it flow through his whole body, transforming it into spirit patterns. After he sensed that the Black Armored Crocodile was rushing over, he chanted some spell.

The Black Armored Crocodile, in a span of seconds, came in front of Chen Xiang. It just stood there, without any movement, observing Chen Xiang. It didn’t attack immediately, but it opened its mouth and bit towards Chen Xiang.

“Heavenly Dragon Seal, release!” Chen Xiang ferociously roared as True Qi from his body suddenly drifted into the air. No less than half of his Spiritual Energy drifted away too, and to Chen Xiang’s surprise, a large amount of Devil Qi rushed from all four directions like a surging tide. In the blink of an eye, it formed a huge black dragon claw in the air.

The Black Armored Crocodile felt the incoming threat, but just as he wanted to avoid, that huge black dragon claw slammed down on him like a mountain. As a thunderous explosion befell, a while light suddenly flashed from Chen Xiang’s body; Long Xueyi had used her own power to create a shield to guard Chen Xiang.

As Chen Xiang was in front of the Black Armored Crocodile when the huge Heavenly Dragon Seal befell, he too was affected. If not for Long Xueyi, he would probably be even more heavily injured.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The world shook and the ground fiercely trembled. The mountain behind Chen Xiang also disappeared, while the whole ground below was covered in numerous hundred zhang deep pits. As for the Black Armored Crocodile, it was buried under the ground.

Chen Xiang, from underneath the Black Armored Crocodile, climbed out; he was in a very sorry state. He had suffered serious injuries, but in the end, he had defeated that powerful Black Armored Crocodile.

“This guy’s armor is really thick, I want it! Pooh!” Chen Xiang spat out the soil that had entered his mouth which was accompanied by a lot of blood. From the impact brought by the Black Armored Crocodile’s attack a while ago, his Five Zhang and Six Fu have suffered serious injuries.

“This armor is not worse than the Adamantyl Crocodile Python!” Su Meiyao said.

Speaking of the Adamantyl Crocodile Python, Chen Xiang had almost forgotten. That Adamantyl Crocodile Python was still with Liu Menger, he had not yet taken back his share.

To Chen Xiang’s surprise, the Black Armored Crocodile was still alive. Chen Xiang climbed up on his head, and with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he ruthlessly stabbed down on its protruding black eye. The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Blade struck deep into the Black Armored Crocodile’s brain, but only after Chen Xiang stabbed multiples times did the Black Armored Crocodile finally die.

“My strength is far from enough! If I encounter a few more this type of beasts, I’ll definitely die.” Chen Xiang lamented after storing the Black Armored Crocodile. Facing this kind of beast, he felt very powerless, and he knew that deep into the Southern Wasteland, these kinds of beasts were abundant, and they were even more powerful than the Black Armored Crocodile.

Long Xueyi said, “At the very least, you need to have the strength of a 5th level True Marital Realm martial artist. Only then could you easily cope with this guy. The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is specialized in slaughtering the devils, but your power is far from enough. Because of that, you can not exhibit its complete power, otherwise, with just one strike, you could behead this guy.”

Even though Chen Xiang had the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, he still suffered serious injuries from the impact. If it was the others, they would probably be already dead.

At once, he took out two boxes of White Jade Dan and a piece of Hell Spirit Grass and swallowed them down in one breath. He also took out True Elemental Dans and swallowed them to recover his True Qi. Not much of his True Qi was remaining, and if he encountered any crisis again, it would then be very dangerous.

From the bottom of the huge pit, as Chen Xiang came out and looked back at the little lake-like giant pit, he could not help but marvel in his heart. With his strength right now, he could already produce such might. If he was in the Nirvana Realm, wouldn’t he be able to easily destroy an entire mountain range?

“Someone’s coming, it’s those guys from the Beast Martial Sect and the Proud Sword Sect.” Long Xueyi suddenly said.

Chen Xiang turned his head to look; ten figures walking out from the ruined forest came into his view.

“Chen Xiang? Ha ha… I’d never thought you would have a day like this.” Gan Jiujian said with a hideous grin. With a greedy look, he stared at the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Chen Xiang’s hands.

The Beast Martial Sect’s disciples also took out their weapons their weapons one by one as they sinisterly stared at the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade of Chen Xiang’s. The Proud Sword Sect’s disciples also pulled out their swords and slowly walked over to Chen Xiang.

[TLN: Stupid move. Sigh!]


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