Chapter 241 – Great Swallowing


Chen Xiang’s complexion sank, he knew these people hated him, and they would certainly seize the opportunity to kill him, which made him extremely furious.

“What do you want to do? Are you forgetting I’ve saved you before!” Chen Xiang stood up and clenched the hilt of the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, his complexion turned even gloomier. Although his True Qi was thin, the monstrous Slaughter Qi, which was hidden in his Slaughtering Heart, became uncontrollable and was completely released due to his anger. It caused those disciples of the Proud Sword Sect and the Beast Martial Sect to halt their footsteps.

“So what? Chen Xiang, you, dying in my hands is your blessing. At least you’ll not be eaten by those guys.” Gan Jiujian laughed and said, he was currently still uncertain how much of Chen Xiang’s strength was remaining, however, seeing Chen Xiang’s haggard complexion, he knew that Chen Xiang had suffered serious injuries.

“You forgot what my Dean had said? If you took action against me, then your sect would be destroyed by the Extreme Martial Sect.” Chen Xiang coldly shouted as he frowned. A blade-like sharp glint flashed through his eyes, making Gan Jiujian and the others somewhat hesitant.

“So long as no one from us speaks about it, who will know we have killed you?” Gan Jiujian shouted, “Don’t be afraid of him, he is just putting on airs. He is seriously injured! Everyone, let’s kill him together, then we will divide his treasure.”

The wealth on Chen Xiang was also an attraction to many, and many people knew he was overflowing with riches. Chen Xiang, while looking at the greedy look on their faces, felt incomparably cold. His desire to kill them was soaring in his heart.

“Attack!” Gan Jiujian shouted as he rushed greedily towards Chen Xiang. He knew that the blade in Chen Xiang’s hand was very excellent. With a casual wave, it actually had cut off his proud spirit weapon.

Those ten men rushed over to Chen Xiang, including two 5th level True Martial Realm martial artists. As for the rest of them, they were either in the 3rd level or 4th level of the True Martial Realm. Their overall strength could be described as good, and they originally believed that even if Chen Xiang wasn’t injured, all of them together would be able to defeat Chen Xiang. It was just that they would need to pay a bigger price.

“Haha…” Suddenly, Chen Xiang burst out into an insane laughter, which made Gan Jiujian and the others to suddenly halt their steps. Chen Xiang’s laughter was hair-raising, and they could not help but feel jittery as a shiver ran down their spine. Chen Xiang’s insane laughter was like that of a devil, drowning their hearts in fear.

“Ungrateful things, what’s the difference between those devils and you?” Chen Xiang’s countenance turned incomparably hideous. He stared at them with bloodshot and wide-open eyes as his voice turned completely malevolent.

“Don’t be afraid, he is seriously injured…” Just as Gan Jiujian’s voice fell, a white light suddenly flashed from Chen Xiang’s arm. Drawing up the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade from the ground, he fiercely brandished it horizontally towards those ten figures not so far away.

A white powerful Qi from the huge blade shot out and transformed into a huge white semicircle, which passed across those ten figures. In the next moment, Gan Jiujian and the others suddenly spat out blood and fell down on the ground one by one; all of them had a look of horror, fear, and disbelief.

A moment ago, Chen Xiang had relied on Long Xueyi, and that was equivalent to one shot of Long Xueyi’s complete strength. It was also his hidden card, and unless it was an extremely dire situation, he would never use it.

Long Xueyi’s True Qi was very mysterious. When it permeated into their body, it destroyed their viscera from the inside.

“Haha… Didn’t you want to kill me? Why are all of you lying on the ground?” Chen Xiang laughed and said. From his body, more and more Black Qi surge out, and a bizarre power enveloped Gan Jiujian and the others.

“You… what are you going to do?” Gan Jiujian screamed. All of them had suffered serious injuries, but the True Qi within their body was still there. They could still attack, however, they felt as though their True Qi was out of control, hastily leaving their body.

Chen Xiang’s complexion turned gloomy. Black Qi emerged from his eyes; he had cast the Engulfing Devil Technique, causing the Black Qi to jump and soar while absorbing the other’s True Qi. It was the second level of the Engulfing Devil Technique, and now there was no need for him to touch his target’s body. He could directly engulf his opponent’s True Qi, however, the premise was that the other party was injured.

“True Qi… The True Qi within my body is leaving me!” A man shouted in shock before he suddenly let out a shriek as a bright fog broke out from his body and drifted over to Chen Xiang. The others were all experiencing the same; the True Qi within their respective body was flowing out and fluttering towards Chen Xiang, assimilating into Chen Xiang’s body as he continued to spew out those Black Qi.

“Devil… Chen Xiang you big devil! You are actually using this kind of vicious devil technique on us… The righteous sects will not let you go…”

“Too long, I saved you, yet not only were you ungratified, you even took advantage of my injury to kill me! How can you still think yourself as righteous sect’s people? What’s the difference between how you act and the devils? I just want you to pay blood with blood, that’s all!” Chen Xiang glared at that Proud Sword Sect disciple before two beams fiercely shot out from his eyes, penetrating that man’s head to death. This was the Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, and it was also Chen Xiang’s first time using it on a human.

A martial skill which could engulf other’s True Qi, not to mention those from the devil path, even among the righteous path, it was a skill sought after. Gan Jiujian clenched his teeth as he glared at Chen Xiang, his heart was filled with regret. Originally, there was no conflict between him and Chen Xiang, and moreover, Chen Xiang had even given him a chance last time. However, because of his arrogance, his fate had suddenly turned for the worst.

Not long ago, Chen Xiang had saved them, and Chen Xiang had even blocked the Black Armored Crocodile so that they could escape, making him suffer some injuries. When Chen Xiang needed help the most, they actually did even worse than pigs and dogs, they actually wanted to kill Chen Xiang and seize his treasure. In truth, they were the devils.

Gan Jiujian felt the True Qi in his body was slowly disappearing. With each passing moment, he felt increasingly regretful; if they were not hostile to Chen Xiang from the beginning, then they could have become friends with Chen Xiang. However, in this world, there was no dan for regret.

“Chen Xiang… You waste, you bastard…” A Beast Martial Sect’s disciple cursed, but before he could even finish with his cursing, two beams shot out from Chen Xiang’s eyes and penetrated his head.

Very quickly, the pure and vigorous True Qi from those ten disciples were absorbed by Chen Xiang. However, in Chen Xiang’s opinion, their true Qi had too many impurities, so he still needed to refine it. But before it, he had to first slaughter all of them.

“Gan Jiujian, the outstanding young disciple of the Proud Sword Sect, you, dying in my hands, can be counted as your blessing.” Chen Xiang, seeing Gan Jiujian’s face which was covered in fear and remorse, mercilessly waved the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil in his hand, beheading Gan Jiujian.

Seeing the blood spilled, all those people lying on the ground were frightened. They knew that the next one to die would be them. Feeling that death was so close, they felt nauseous. Only now did they knew how precious life was. All of them had become True Martial Realm martial artists, many mortals, in their eyes, were akin to ordinary existence. But at this moment, all them were no different from those mortals; they were inevitably going to die.

One by one Chen Xiang beheaded them with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. Whenever the blade in his hand fall, a head would be separated from the body. Whenever blood violently shed, those disciples who were still breathing would feel their heart stop as endless fear engulfed their body…

The sky was completely dark, while the ground of the ghastly forest was littered with corpses. Blood was dripping from the blade in Chen Xiang’s hand as if an execution from hell had just occurred. Chen Xiang heaved a long sigh and released some flames. After burning off the corpses, he quickly left, seeking for a place to refine the True Qi he had absorbed.


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