Chapter 242 – Nine Turn Dragon God Technique

This time, he had engulfed the True Qi of many people, and among them, there were two from the 5th level of the True Martial Realm. It was the first time Chen Xiang had engulfed so much at once, and at this point, his entire body was bearing the brunt of the tyrannical True Qi. With his huge divine sense, he could still suppress it, but he must quickly refine it, otherwise, it would be dangerous.

Chen Xiang was now in the 2nd level of the Immortal and Devil Body and was also cultivating Shinto, that was why his overall strength was so strong. Otherwise, Bai Youyou, a moment ago, would have prevented Chen Xiang from engulfing their True Qi. Furthermore, it was fortunate that the ones he had engulfed were righteous people. Although their True Qi was tyrannical, compared to devil sect disciples, it could be considered modest.

“If you want to cultivate Shinto, don’t use the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise to cultivate the divine sense. Use the Nine Turn Dragon God Technique!” Long Xueyi said, “There is a lot of True Qi left within your body, you have enough to cultivate your divine sense.”

Chen Xiang was hiding within the hollow of a tree while operating the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise to refine the True Qi he had engulfed. Hearing Long Xueyi’s words, he hastily asked, “Is this Nine Turn Dragon God Technique powerful or not?”

“Nonsense, of course, it is formidable! Only dragons from our Imperial Dragon Family know how to cultivate it! The Dragon Slayer Divine Martial Skill are many, but only ten of them can be considered the strongest. Your Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise is one of them, and this Nine Turn Dragon God Technique is the main exercise of our Imperial Dragon Family. We use it to cultivate Shinto!” Long Xueyi, seeing someone was suspicious of her Imperial Dragon Family’s Exercise, proudly explained.

Chen Xiang was elated in his heart, “You little girl, why have you not given it to me early on?”

“Fart, do you think this Nine Turn Dragon God Technique can be casually passed on to you? Only after considering for a long time did I decided to pass on the contents of the first turn. But just from the first turn, you can cultivate till the Nirvana Realm.” Long Xueyi said in a tender voice; she had spent some time with Chen Xiang, and although she often bickered with him, she already knew his character. Moreover, she also had some feelings for Chen Xiang.

“By passing the Nine Turn Dragon God Technique to you, I’m violating the rules of the Imperial Dragon Family. If they came to know it, I’ll be in trouble.” Long Xueyi exhorted, “That’s why not in a million chance could you let any other dragon know.”

“Rest assured, I understand!” Chen Xiang solemnly said, “If because of this matter you get punished, I’ll definitely not let those dragons succeed.”

“Humph! Even though you cultivate powerful Dragon Slayer Divine Martial Skill, you are looking down too much on my Imperial Dragon Family.” Although her mouth said so, in her heart, Long Xueyi felt sweet. Someone concerned about her made her feel very warm.

After a short while, in Chen Xiang’s mind, there was now a lot of information. The Nine Turn Dragon God Technique’s content was too much. Just the first turn was already unbearable. Fortunately, it was transferred through the divine sense, otherwise, god knows when he would be finished learning it.

Dragon God: it refers to the dragon cultivating Shinto, eventually becoming a powerful god. The exercise of cultivating Shinto was very profound. Under the heaven, perhaps only dragons, this kind of lifeform, could create this kind of powerful and profound exercise.

Chen Xiang very quickly comprehended it, and in accordance with the cultivation method, he directly operated the True Qi within his body. A large amount of True Qi in his body circulated in all his limbs and bones, washing his meridians, bones, and muscles, making his body stronger. At the same time, it produced pure True Qi and spiritual power, the True Qi entered his dantian, while the spiritual power entered his consciousness.

Operating the Nine Turn Dragon God Technique and the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise at the same time didn’t cause any conflict, that was why the refinement of those impure True Qi became very quick. This made him feel as if he was flying, especially when looking at the Divine Soul growing in his consciousness, he felt very comfortable.

Chen Xiang secretly decided that after he refined all the engulfed True Qi, he would give Long Xueyi some True Elemental Dans. After all, she sacrificed so much for him, and against the rules of her clan, she even passed him the powerful Nine Turn Dragon God Technique.

Ten days passed, and in Chen Xiang’s dantian, two hundred fifty True Elemental Grains were now illuminated. One must know that the more True Elemental Grains he lit up, the difficulty to lit up more would increase. It would require even more True Qi to be compressed in order to illuminate these True Elemental Grains; this would also make his true Qi incomparably vigorous.

He had engulfed ten people’s True Qi, and after refining the dregs in these True Qis, the leftover True Qi was just ordinary. After its integration, Chen Xiang made a continuous breakthrough and finally strode into the 5th level of the True Martial Realm.

“You brat, it’s best that you don’t get infatuated with this way of increasing your strength!” Su Meiyao softly snorted and said.

“Yes, if this continues, you foundation would become unstable, and it will greatly affect your future.” Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. In cultivation, one most steadily advance. One was required to let some True Qi precipitate, and only under repeated use of this True Qi could they solidify their foundation. Otherwise, in the future, his True Qi would be very weak.

A lot of sludge overflowed from his body, after quickly taking a bath, gave Long Xueyi five hundred True Elemental Dans, made Long Xueyi sweetly smile again and again.

“If I encounter the Black Armored Crocodile again, father will absolutely not get so battered and exhausted again!” Chen Xiang, while clutching the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, felt the rise of heroic spirit in his heart. He could not wait to find a Black Armored Crocodile and try his strength again. However, he had more important things to do; because of cultivating for a few days, he had already been delayed for some time.

He still needed to find the disciples of the True Martial sect, the Lotus Island and the Danxiang Taoyuan to warm them about the devil path sect’s conspiracy. At the same time, he also needed to ask them to converge with everybody in order to deal with the devil sect disciples.

Chen Xiang looked all around for a while, walking about in a circle. Very soon he quickly found the way to the next ambush point. He immediately started running; he had been cultivating for a few days, and in these few days, many things could have happened.

He ran for a while before he saw many traces on the ground and the trunk of some trees.

“These are of black wolves! And there are also some human footprints.” Chen Xiang, while observing the ground, speculated that someone was attacked by a pack of wolves. However, during the fight, they could only escape, and these black wolves were in hot pursuit.

Looking at the footprints on the ground, Chen Xiang’s complexion changed, “The footprints of these wolves seem to be a bit bigger, furthermore, so many of them were chasing at the same time. It seems that they are not being manipulated. Are they Devil Beasts themselves?”

The true Devil Beasts were much more formidable than those controlled by a puppeteer.

Chen Xiang immediately gave chase along the footprints, he knew that it was not far away from the ambush point. Before, with his battle against the Black Armored Crocodile, they had caused a huge ruckus, definitely disturbing the devil sect disciples at the nearest ambush point. He believed that the next ambush point would not have any devil sect disciples.

Following those footprints, Chen Xiang, in his heart, was secretly surprised. There were some scratches on many trees in the front, and there were also a few trees which had been bitten off. According to his estimation, those being hunted were hiding in the trees, however, these wolves very quickly bit off these trees.

“At most, ten puppets can attack together. However, they will not be so fierce. But these true Devil Beasts are so frightening, and they are also in such a large number!” Chen Xiang was secretly worried. Currently, he had already arrived at this kind of ghastly place, and of course, many of those Devil Beasts were much more powerful. He did not hope to see any righteous disciples dead; if he could save them, then he would definitely do his utmost to save them.

He quickened his pace, and soon he saw blood on the ground. This kind of blood was certainly from those Devil Beasts because it was different with human blood. Human blood would quickly dry up, but the Devil Beasts’ blood would remain sticky on the ground.

“Junior brother, be careful!” A girl’s shout came, which was then followed by a sound of battle, Chen Xiang immediately disappeared and rushed ahead with his fastest speed.


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