Chapter 245 – Finally Gathered

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Originally, Wei Hongdao thought that his strength was equal or even beyond Chen Xiang’s by a wide margin. However, he didn’t expect Chen Xiang to actually have such a frightening blade technique. When this blade strike was coming, he practically saw a large wave with thunder and lightning envelop him.

At this moment, it was already too late to dodge. So, he could only block with his long blade and exhaust all his True Qi.

The blade strike Chen Xiang had used was the Wave Strike of the Dragon Slayer’s Seven Killing Cut. It was incomparably overbearing and contained infinite power. This was the first time he had used this technique and its might had shocked Chen Xiang too.

Although Wei Hongdao’s red long blade was an 8th level spirit weapon, when faced with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this divine weapon, it appeared to be insignificant. During the oncoming cleave of the huge blade, the blade body was wrapped in a layer of transparent and formidable power. It was full of destruction, and it carried unparalleled destructive force as it hacked towards Wei Hongdao’s head.

When Wei Hongdao felt that tremendous True Qi, his heart shivered with fear. As soon as Chen Xiang’s huge blade collided with his red blade, the red blade instantly shattered into pieces. He was already cornered, and in the next moment, an excruciating pain erupted from his body…

The Dragon Slayer’s Seven Killing Cut was originally used to kill dragons. It had tyrannical might as well as a fierce imposing manner. There was no way for a human to withstand it, and trying to do so only had one end – annihilation.

After Wei Hongdao was cut with that terrifying power released by the Wave Strike, he vanished in a puff of smoke along with his blade. Chen Xiang kept his blade, and with a calm look, he left the area.

He was in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm, and only someone higher than the 6th level of the True Martial Realm could make him raise his guard. After all, it was already difficult to find an opponent in the same level as him.

After crossing a few high mountains, when Chen Xiang was halfway up a mountain, he suddenly saw slight movements among the trees not far away from him. Looking carefully, he saw many people running in the forest. In front, the disciples of the Lotus Island and Danxiang Taoyuan were running, while from behind, they were being chased by a large crowd of Human Devils!

It was quite clear that those Human Devil were not manipulated by anyone. Otherwise, they would not be so violent, nor would so many of them give chase to humans all at once.

Chen Xiang rushed down, and with a few jumps, he arrived behind the disciples. After those disciples saw Chen Xiang, for some unknown reason, they heaved a sigh of relief in their heart.

Everyone just saw Chen Xiang wielding both of his palms, striking them continuously. Rumbles relentlessly echoed out, and with each palm strike, the ground would severely tremble. Wherever the waves from his palms went, the ground would split and the trees would be uprooted.

The Shocking Heaven Palm was like fierce winds and mighty waves. As Chen Xiang continuously struck like waves after waves, the majority of those mindless and violent Human Devils were simultaneously hit. Near the place where the Socking Heavenly Palm landed, either both blood and meat flew everywhere, or the Human Devils spat out black blood as their whole body lay paralyzed. As for those who were far away, after having been struck by the Qi waves, the True Qi within their body turned even more tyrannical, and as such, many Human Devils weren’t able to control the fluctuations of True Qi, causing them to be injured from their very own True Qi.

In just a few moments, Chen Xiang had struck tens of Shocking Heaven Palm, and this kind of power, which shook heaven and earth and overturned the mountain and sea, made the Lotus Island’s and the Danxiang Taoyuan’s disciples extremely horrified. If it was them in place of those Human Devils, the result would not be any different.

In their front, the forest already no longer exist, and a large part of the trees had all been destroyed by Chen Xiang’s Shocking Heaven Palm. Those two to three hundred Human Devils were either turned into a bloody pulp from the vigorous palm force or were all torn apart, completely collapsed on the ground.

Chen Xiang frowned. He suddenly felt a great movement from far away, as if ten thousand horses were galloping He reckoned a large number of Devil Beasts were rushing, so he quickly cried, “Walk quickly!”

There were seven disciples from the Danxiang Taoyuan and six from the Lotus Island, besides a few who were injured, the rest of them were all fine. They didn’t recklessly fight to the death with those Human Devils, but instead, they only chose to flee. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been alive until now, they all knew that they did not come here to fight to the death, rather, they came here to survive.

All the way, everyone was running. Chen Xiang, with them, was quite close to the depths of the wasteland. In here, the Devil Beasts were rather large in number, and all of them were quite powerful. Plus, having so many people in the periphery of the wasteland would produce large movement, very easily disturbing some powerful fellows in the depths, and this was something Chen Xiang didn’t want to happen.

Everyone has been found, however, the Beast Martial Sect and the Proud Sword Sect’s disciples were not only ungrateful, they even chose to attack Chen Xiang, and thus, they were all annihilated by him. However, it was not more than ten people, and those devil sect disciples had more casualties.

After continuously running for three days, Chen Xiang finally brought the disciples of the Danxiang Taoyuan and the Lotus Island to the meeting point.

After coming here, Chen Xiang noticed many corpses laid on the ground, and all of them were either of Human Devils or of Devil Beasts. These past few days, all of them has been very vigilant, and although their face was filled with worry, after seeing Chen Xiang arrive, they finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Everyone had the very same look; all of them could not bear to smile, because they were all aware that they were in a very precarious position, especially against those powerful Devil Beasts.

Chen Xiang, after seeing a large head of a wolf, immediately knew that these Devil Beasts weren’t controlled, and they came from the depths.

“Are all of you all right?” Chen Xiang asked.

“We’re all right. Fortunately, we were all together, otherwise, we would have been eaten by those pack of wolves.” Leng Youlan said. When thinking about those frightening Devil Beasts, a terrified look once again appeared on her face.

The ground was completely covered in traces of fierce battle. All of them were forced to act together, and only then was it killed. Such a deed was certainly marvelous, and even for Chen Xiang, perhaps it would have been difficult to complete, unless he borrowed Long Xueyi’s strength.

“We have already buried a lot of corpses. Younger Brother Chen, you didn’t know but, we were besieged by a few groups of Devil Beasts and Human Devils. However, their corpses didn’t have anything valuable, and we didn’t really make money this time.” Zhu Rong complained, his face was completely filled with a look of fatigue, as though the battle against the pack of wolves happened very recently.

The disciples of the righteous sect were only forty, but the devil sect’s disciples were much more than them, and most of them could even control these Devil Beasts and Human Devils. Thinking of this point, many of them secretly started to get worried; they were all anxious if they would be caught and used as a sacrifice.

Observing everyone’s complexion, which was filled with dread and without the least bit of morale, Chen Xiang knew that it was no good, so he shouted, “Who can create an array? A Defensive Array!”

Seeing no one replied, Chen Xiang sighed in his heart, but at this very moment, Xue Xianxian said in a small voice, “Brother Xiang, I can a little bit. However, a lot of crystal stones are required for an array, high-grade and top-grade crystal stones are a must.”

Leng Youlan also came beside Chen Xiang and said, “Brother, I also know a little bit, what type of array should I draw?”

After thinking it through, Chen Xiang was able to understand that both Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were personally taught by Liu Menger. Liu Menger was a Grand Refiner, and with regards to array spirit patterns, she was of course proficient. Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan being able to understand them was not strange.

“I don’t have high-grade crystal stones, but I have a few top-grade crystal stones.”

Everyone was secretly shocked. Before, when they were fighting against the Human Devils and Devil Beasts, both Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan had shown quite a lot of power. Both of them were rather formidable. Their attacks were overbearing and brutal, causing many men to feel ashamed. And now, they would have never expected both of them to call Chen Xiang as ‘brother’, and it even seems that their relationship was also quite excellent; this made many of them feel somewhat jealous.


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