Chapter 246 Working Together

Chen Xiang selected a hill, and then explained his plan to everybody. His plan was to dig some cave inside this hill and hid inside there. He was planning to have them wait for the rest of the next two months there, and in order to ensure safety, he suggested to also dug another tunnel inside, which would be connected another side. If it still could not turn the tables against their attackers, then they could escape from that tunnel.

“We will also arrange a large formation, so if we encountered a powerful guy, then we can just open the formation. That way, we can resist for some time while everybody escapes from the other tunnel.” Chen Xiang said.

Everyone here had received the help of Chen Xiang, so they had no objection, and they very much supported Chen Xiang.

“Ok, for the start, everyone should divide the labor and work in cooperation. Those who are in the 4th level True Martial Realm and above should go and patrol, lest we are raided. Xianxian and Youlan will proceed to layout the formation, and as for the others, they should go and dig the tunnel. There is no need for the female disciples to dig, just go help in arranging the large formation.”Chen Xiang said.

Zhu Rong curled his lips and said, “Younger Brother Chen, you can’t be lazy, you also have to dig the tunnels with us.”

Yun Xiaodao nodded his head and said, “Yes, Elder Brother Chen you need to be fair!”

The 4th level or 5th level True Martial Realm disciples were here to protect them, which would allow the others to dig at ease, that was why there was no objection.

Chen Xiang curled his lips, “Hei hei, I’m already in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm, so I don’t need to dig!”

Everyone was shocked, all of them always thought he was in the 2nd or 3rd level of the True Martial Realm, and the reason he could exert such as a terrifying strength was because he was relying on a powerful blade and a mysterious martial skill. However, according to Chen Xiang, he was already at the 5th level of the true Martial Realm; they thought that wouldn’t that mean his strength was now comparable to a 6th or 7th level True Martial Realm martial artist?

“True or false?” Zhu Rong was somewhat in disbelief, he knew that Chen Xiang, at the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm, could very well imitate the strength of a martial artist in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm.

Yun Xiaodao, as well as everyone else, was also staring at Chen Xiang in disbelief. Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, who had been very trusting to Chen Xiang, felt that Chen Xiang’s sudden increase of cultivation was inconceivable.

“Have you heard of Wei Hongtao? A while back, I have finished him off in the forest.” Chen Xiang smiled and said.

Wei Hongtao was an infamous young martial artist in the devil path sect. In the 5th level of the true Martial Realm, he was able to kill a 6th level True Martial Realm martial artist.

“I, with a single blade strike, beheaded him. If you don’t believe, does any of you dare to try?” Chen Xiang laughed and said.

Hearing that he beheaded Wei Hongtao with a blade strike, everyone gulped a cold lump in their throat. Before, they had heard a very large commotion coming from the forest, and they, of course, knew that it was Chen Xiang’s deed. But hearing it from Chen Xiang himself, now they couldn’t help but believe it.

After knowing Chen Xiang’s accurate strength, everyone felt a lot more at ease. In here, there were several alchemists, and with their help, they could recover quickly.

“Brother, are you not going to search for the disciples of the Beast Martial Sect and the Proud Sword Sect?” Leng Youlan asked.

Chen Xiang sneered, “No need to search for them. Those ungrateful bastards have been chopped by me. I, in order to save them, wrestled with a powerful Devil Beast, and finally I was seriously injured, but those guys coveted my treasured blade, and in turn, they came to kill me. Fortunately, I still had a little bit of strength left.”

“Brother Xiang, were your injuries serious?” Xue Xianxian hastily ran over, held Chen Xiang’s wrist; she very much wanted to check on Chen Xiang’s injuries.

“I’m completely fine. Not to mention that because of them, I have entered the 5th level of the True Martial Realm.” Chen Xiang squeezed her face, smiled and said.

Yun Xiaodao coldly snorted, “Those guys can go to hell, after we leave this damned place, let’s inform the Dean, they’ll destroy the Beast Martial Sect and the Proud Sword Sect.”

Once the other sect’s disciples heard their conversation, they were completely astonished. Prior to coming here, Gu Dongchen had stated that whoever dared to make a move on Chen XIang, their sect would be completely finished. After they leave, a reign of terror was definite. Gu Dongchen had already cut the Dean of the Beast Martial Sect before, and now it was not difficult to extinguish the Beast Martial Sect. Not to mention the Proud Sword Sect was not on well-terms with many other sects, and they even had a history of colluding with devil path sects, because they wanted to seize the crystal stone mine of the Extreme Martial Sect; this caused a rift between both of the sects.

In the hill, a relatively big stone room along with many smaller stone rooms were dug out. The entire hill was made of hard black stone; it was very difficult to dig. However, when encountered a concentration of attacks, it wasn’t able to withstand much longer.

The escape passage lead to a forest far away, which was only decided after discussing with many people. The opposite of this forest was precisely that canyon which disappeared, and the trees in that place were relatively bigger. The ground was also hard; all of it was made of very hard stone. If they encountered a group attack, then they could use the lush trees to resist.

Among the forty people, only seven were girls, and no more than thirteen were in or above the 4th level of the True Marital Realm. They made a big part of the group, that was why only twenty were now digging the tunnels. But even if the stone was hard, for True Marital Realm martial artists, it was a piece of cake. Using their vigorous True Qi and spirit weapons, it was not too difficult to dig up.

Leng Youlan and Xue Xiang lead the five girls to the array. This kind of careful work could only be finished better if it was done by girls.

Chen Xiang, from time to time, was watching at the creation of the array. The females also had to do hard work, they had to carve very fine lines on the ground and on the rigid stone wall. Also, there was no room for mistakes. Furthermore, both Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan would release some Cold Qi on the ground to make some markings for the other girls to dig. After they were done marking the ground, they would also participate in digging.

“Qianqian, your flame is very formidable, and you can easily create fine lines. If this goes on, then we would be finished quite early.” Xue Xianxian exclaimed, she saw Wu Qianqian, with just a finger, draw on the rigid ground, as if it was in an ordinary mud. Although there was no flame on Wu Qianqian’s jade-like finger, the heat it released could still be felt.

“Haha, my flames are only formidable! I’m still not like you, Xianxian, not only do you know how to create arrays, you’re also so formidable.” Wu QIanqian laughed and said.

Leng Youlan said, “Qianqian, you flames are marvellous. I also use flames, but I’m unable to use flames like you!” She by infusing the flames in her spirit grade dagger, very carefully started carving some lines on the ground.

The other girls were doing marking the ground in unison; all of them were either using their own spirit weapon or True Qi.

“Are the carvings here correct?” Chen Xiang walked over and asked.

“En, but it still needs a very long time to finish. The top of the mountain, the foot of the mountain, and the circumference of the entire mountain should also have some carvings.” Xue Xianxian replied.

“This old lady was originally not cut out for this careful work. However, the Dean insisted on passing it to me.” Leng Youlan lightly snorted, she seemed anxious to draw the big sword on her back and ruthlessly hack it on the ground.

Chen Xiang slightly smiled and said, “Youlan, then you can go dig the caves. Leave the rest to me.”

“You alone?” A girl asked. This girl was the True Martial Sect’s disciple, You Yandie.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. They only saw him wave his arm before many small specks of flame accurately fell on those drawing on the ground. Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan had spent most of the day in carving these marks; they were now covered in frost and it was very easy to identify them.

Once Chen Xiang’s divine sense was transmitted, those small specks of fire suddenly landed onto the ground. Afterward, they began to move, burning the ground, as easy as burning ice. Not long after, many lines appeared very quickly and easily, and this made all those girls extremely surprised. Everyone, without any exception, looked at Chen Xiang in admiration.

Once those small fire specks were extinguished, Chen Xiang would then wave his hand again, releasing more of those small fire specks.


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