Chapter 247 – Profound Fire Exquisite Tower

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Leng Youlan patted Chen Xiang’s shoulder, laughed and said, “Brother, you’re really awesome!”

Xue Xianxian played with her white hair, tenderly smiled and said, “Good sister, you quickly go and dig. Making you do this kind of delicate work has truly wronged you.”

Leng Youlan open-heartedly smiled, pulled the big sword on her back and ran towards a cave. The other girls also followed her behind; they all didn’t want to remain idle, and they also wanted to contribute. Although they were girls, they could not show any weakness.

“Qianqian, you should also do the same, give it a try!” Chen Xiang said, although he was faster compared to those girls, it would still need some time before the formation would be completed. And even after finishing, there was still a lot of after work left to do.

Wu Qianqian nodded her head. She imitated Chen Xiang and released some small specks of fire from her hands. However, she could only release five specks of fire, unlike Chen Xiang who released many.

At this time, Wu Qianqian realized how frightening the divine sense that was needed in controlling the movements of these specks of fire, and she also realized the exact the amount of heat in order to burn the ground. This made her aware of her own inadequacies, especially the difference between herself and Chen Xiang.

“Brother Xiang, how many top-grade crystal stones do you have?” Xue Xianxian asked.

“How many top-grade crystal stones do you need to lay out this formation?” Chen Xiang asked.

Xue Xianxian furrowed her brows and slightly pondered for a while, before speaking, “Probably three hundred or so. This is the Profound Fire Exquisite Tower formation taught by my teacher. It is very suitable in this kind of mountainous terrain. You can turn this hill into a tower-like structure, and it can be used as a defensive structure. It would need a large amount of flames though.”

Chen Xiang took out a rather large piece of top grade crystal stone and handed it to Xianxian, “This should be enough!”

Xue Xianxian stuck out her tongue, tenderly laughed and said, “Brother Xiang, you are truly overflowing with riches. No wonder Zhu Lao always wanted me to inquire about your things, but also ask me to speak good things about him in front of you.”

These days, Xue Xianxian became familiar with Chen Xiang’s friends, and at the same time, she also came to know some of Chen Xiang’s deeds from them. Not to mention Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and the others were all very interesting too.

However, what made it unbearable for her was, Yao Haisheng actually called her mistress with a straight face. After Chen Xiang came to know, his belly almost burst; he certainly knew Yao Haisheng already didn’t hate him, he knew that it was not wise to do so.

Chen Xiang once again gave many middle-aged crystal stones to Xue Xianxian, they were also used in the large formation. Chen Xiang had no shortage of these crystal stones, and he didn’t feel any heartache giving them away. On the contrary, Wu Qianqian and Xue Xianxian were both very surprised, Chen Xiang’s wealth was simply amazing.

Xue Xianxian carefully cut those top-grade crystal stones, and only after one hour of meticulous cutting was she finished. At this time, she called Leng Youlan and asked her to help her in setting these crystal stones in their designated place. After finishing setting them up, they still needed to infuse these carvings with pure fire attributed True Qi. And with all the crystal stones linked up, the large formation would then be up and running.

What cause Chen Xiang to become surprised was Xue Xianxian actually knew how to use fire. Before, he had only seen her use cold True Qi, but now, he suddenly understood that Xue Xianxian also had fire and ice veins, and Liu Menger was also the same, that was also why she took her in as her apprentice.

Chen Xiang’s master and senior apprentice brother both had yin and yang veins. Liu Menger herself had fire and ice veins, that was why she carefully nurtured Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian. He knew that the rank of Xue Xianxian’s fire and ice veins were definitely not low, and at least, it was heaven level vein, or perhaps, it could even be a divine vein. Otherwise, she would not advance so quickly.

A whole day passed, and the entire hill was completely covered in crisscrossed lines. In between these lines, a crystal stone was placed,.Xue Xianxian had evenly embedded those three hundred top-grade crystals stones in the large formation. It was also the first time for Leng Youlan and her to lay out this large formation.

In the end, both Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were quite doubtful, because the way to lay out the formation they had learned was exactly the same. However, they understood very well the relation of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and the Icewind Valley, that was why they were not that suspicious. Chen Xiang promised Liu Menger that he would not tell Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan about her identity, but now it seemed Liu Menger had been very good to the both of them and also taught them the same things.

“The only thing it is lacking is powerful flames. Elder Brother, your flames are more formidable, and its density is also very high! If your flames filled this large formation, maybe it could make this large formation become more powerful.” Leng Youlan said.

Under everyone’s cooperation, the large formation was finally finished. Tunnels, as well as the underground passage, were dug, while the 4th level True Martial Realm martial artists and above had also fended some attacks of from the Devil Beasts and Human Devils. Although they encountered many problems, in the end, it was all resolved.

Chen Xiang took a leap, jumped up to the hilltop and said, “I’ll give it a try!” Suddenly, on his body, flames emerged, and scorching Qi waves suddenly surge towards every direction. Regarding these kinds of flames, everyone felt extremely surprised, they now understood why Chen Xiang, at such a young age, was a 4th level Alchemist. Relying on this kind of flame, he was truly worthy of his title.

Chen Xiang, with his fearsome divine sense, controlled the overflowing flames and directed them into those tiny indentations inside the formation. His flames, at this moment, were thoroughly compressed, appearing very small. But in truth, a small speck of it could casually burn the whole forest.

Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, using their divine sense, guided Chen Xiang’s flames into those carvings inside. At the same time, they made the flames flow into the embedded crystal stones so that they would fuse together. Otherwise, those crystal stones would explode from the incineration of flames. On that hill, there were a good several hundred thousands of crystal stones, and the thought of them exploding at the same time was extremely terrifying.

At night, in a pitch black wasteland, a small hill was glittering in the red light. The hill was completely covered in fiery red spirit patterns, which appeared very beautiful as well as extremely profound. Chen Xiang, in a steady stream, continued to release many flames, almost consuming his entire Vermillion Bird True Qi. The richness of his True Qi also made everyone feel shocked, especially those who utilize fire.

Chen Xiang’s flames were originally very frightening, and in their opinion, Chen Xiang could not release it for too long. But at this moment, several hours had already passed, and the flames being released by Chen Xiang did not show any signs of weakening.

“Finished!” Leng Yuoulan and Xue Xiang, at the same time, tenderly shouted. Their forehead was sweating profusely because they had consumed too much of their divine sense. Usually, when they were cultivating, Liu Menger was very demanding with them, especially with regards to their divine sense. That was why their divine sense wasn’t lacking.

Many disciples arrived at the same time, and at this moment, there was too much of a difference between themselves and those young and famous disciples. If it was them, they simply could not hold for so long; they obviously knew others had given a lot of effort.

Chen Xiang retracted the flames and took a deep breath. On the hill, those red spirit patterns also immediately disappeared, and even those carved lines had no trace left. This made many secretly amazed, they had personally seen the others lay out a large formation, but all of a sudden, not even a trace was left.

These spirit patterns were originally very mystical, and after the spirit patterns absorbed Chen Xiang’s flames, Chen Xiang didn’t feel surprised by what occurred next.

“If this hill was besieged, what do we do if they broke the large formation?” Zhu Rong worriedly asked. He knew a lot of crystal stones were used, and although the crystal stones were not his, it still made his heart bleed as if it was his.

“Rest assured, this large formation has already been integrated. Unless all its strength has been consumed, or the formation’s base was destroyed by someone who knew how to break the formation, it would not be destroyed. Of course, this large formation is mainly for stalling time, allowing everybody to escape using the underground tunnel. If it is just some underlings, we ourselves will simply finish them off.” Leng Youlan said.


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