Chapter 249 – Priest

The trees in front of Chen Xiang were being torn down one by one with tumbling stones and sand flying around everywhere. The very earth shook, it was as if tens of thousands of horses were galloping towards him.

However, it was not horses but rather Devil Beasts, far larger than any horse. From its howl, Chen Xiang could tell it was a very large wolf type Devil Beast.

Behind Chen Xiang’s back, a large bundle of flames suddenly emerged. It formed into a huge pair of wings across his back, making his figure appear like a monstrous fire bird.

Chen Xiang had released the [Vermillion Bird Firewing], the flame’s temperature was so high that all the nearby tree spontaneously combusted as a raging forest fire spread everywhere. The sudden sea of flame combined with the billowing smoke, from a faraway place, was a spectacular scene to behold.

The wings on Chen Xiang’s back became larger and larger. Currently, Chen Xiang had released all of his Vermillion Bird True Qi. He was preparing to use these wings to meet the impact of those hundreds of thousands of Devil Beasts charging towards him. If he wanted to escape, that would have been simple. But he could not escape, otherwise, these Devil Beasts would trample over his companions behind him.

As Chen Xiang’s body was overshadowed by the billowing pillars of flame, he stared at the oncoming wave of Devil Beasts. Blue veins bulged as he clenched his fists, and along with an insane howl, he moved those hundred zhang long firewings.

With a single flap of those huge wings of flame, a fierce wind erupted as the surroundings were burned to the ground. The stones and soil on the ground turned red hot from the intense heat and the surroundings were covered in raging flames. With that single flap of those huge wings, everything in front of them was swept away.

The dim wasteland had been illuminated in a fiery red light. The originally quaking ground settled down, only to be replaced by miserable beastly roars.

After Chen Xiang whipped those huge [Vermillion Bird Firewings] together, an incomparably scorching hot Qi Wave was produced, followed by the instant incineration of everything in its path. The entire stampede of Devil Beasts was submerged in flames.

These were flames released by someone possessing the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit. Extremely Yang and unbending, these type of flames were unbearable to evil creatures, innately suppressing them. As long as they touched these flames, an excruciating pain would spread throughout their whole body as each cell was burned into ashes. For them, these were the flames from the afterlife, judgment flames specialized in punishing evil.

Just a short span of time passed, and those huge firewings on Chen Xiang’s back had already disappeared. His whole body was drenched in sweat, even though he was the one who used the technique, he still felt the scorching heat from all the flames he had released. The environment in front of him was still burning with billowing flames, and those Devil Beasts were struggling. It was like a scene of eternal damnation from the scorching punishments of hell.

Chen Xiang ate some dans for restoring True Qi. Holding the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he entered the sea of flames, which all avoided him like they had a collective conscious to avoid burning him.

After entering the sea of fire, Chen Xiang would brandish his blade and behead any struggling Devil Beasts in his path. The flames had burned for so long, yet a few Devil Beasts still struggled to stay alive, their endurance was extraordinary.

These were all the larger black and red wolves, far stronger than the ones Chen Xiang had encountered before. He speculated that these wolves still had the ability to rapidly reproduce after turning into Devil Beasts, and were also very strong, otherwise there would not be so many of them.

Chen Xiang walked in the direction of the loudest roar. As a monstrous giant black wolf struggling, rolling and howling as it was burned by flames came into his view. Its powerful limbs were being slowly incinerated by the flames, causing it unable to stand.

“It seems that my flame grew along with my cultivation. It could actually burn this kind of big beast.” Chen Xiang slightly smiled before he slashed his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil blade, cutting that humongous wolf in half with a powerful azure Qi.

In the sea of fire, even Chen Xiang didn’t know how many wolves he had beheaded. He only knew that the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was still not completely satisfied. Although he was tightly clasping the blade, the blade was still slightly trembling. From the contact between the blade and his hand, Chen Xiang could feel the soaring battle thirst from the blade.

“There is a powerful guy in the vicinity!” Long Xueyi shouted, “The sky is also covered in a very evil aura, one filled with violence and blood. It seems a powerful guy is waiting for you up ahead, he should be the strongest opponent you have met since you entered this wasteland.”

Chen Xiang turned serious, as he swallowed a True Elemental Dan, quickly adjusting his state. He wanted to be in peak condition to face this upcoming powerful threat.

Passing through the sea of flames, the world around Chen Xiang suddenly quieted down. Before long, all those miserable howls had already disappeared, as those wolves had all been beheaded by Chen Xiang. To be precise, many more were burned to death by the flames, smoke was still blowing from that severely burnt forest, a fiery light pierced the sky, brightly illuminating the wasteland. However, the Southern Wasteland was not hot at all. In fact, it had turned even a little bit colder, the chilly winds became denser, the Devil Qi turned even more tyrannical, it was very strange.

Chen Xiang carried the huge blade on his shoulder. With the Azure Dragon making its battle intentions clear, shimmering in a cold and solemn aura on the blade body, along with the constant overflow of an imposing manner filled with a majestic aura. Combined, this made Chen Xiang look like he was an evil devil terminator.

Chen Xiang halted his steps and took in a mouthful of air. Suddenly, a man appeared in front of Chen Xiang. This man had a very skinny build, with all his limbs were completely covered in white cloth. His face was very dark, very cold, like that of a dead man. However, the red light could be seen from the pupil of his eyes, making others feel strange. In his hand was a very long bone spear. The snow-white bone spear was actually wrapped in mysterious black encryptions and appeared to be a good weapon.

Feeling the intense Devil Qi spewing out from this man’s body, Chen Xiang concluded this man must be a Human Devil, and also a very formidable who had retained its spirit wisdom.

“What are you going to do at the Altar?” That man asked. This voice was stiff as well as cold, devoid of any emotion whatsoever, it was very creepy.

Facing such a man, the normal reaction would be becoming alert and maybe frightened, but Chen Xiang just grinningly smiled and said, “First of all, me going to the altar is none of your business. However, if you really want to know, I can tell you. I’m going there to take a piss!”

Chen Xiang’s reply made that man’s stiff face twitch. From those red eyes, a bloody light flashed through, making Chen Xiang momentarily smell thick Death Qi surrounding him with the iron smell of blood.

“I’m that altar’s guardian! I am also its priest, you have blasphemed our sacred altar! I will use your blood, your heart, your soul and offer it to the Devil God.” Although that man’s voice was stiff, it sounded very excited, when he spoke of Devil God, his high-pitched voice was full of respect and humility, completely in conflict with his earlier emotionless speech.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang was somewhat surprised. He sneered and said, “I’d like to see if you even have the ability to stop me.”

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, he saw a red light flash towards him. In that split second, he fiercely leaned his head to the side, just to see a small amount of his hair drifting away in the cold bitter wind. At that very moment, the long bone spear with many spirit patterns was resting on the side of his cheek. Feeling the Cold Qi gushing out from the bone spear, a chill ran through Chen Xiang’s back.


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