Chapter 251 – Penetrating Heart Devil Eye

When Chen Xiang saw his own giant blade about to cut the priest into two, he felt a sudden piercing pain in his eyes. God knows how, but the priest’s hand had suddenly twisted behind his back and blocked Chen Xiang’s blade strike with the bone spear. At the same time, a fierce impact came from the bone spear and traveled through the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to Chen Xiang’s wrist, which almost made him lose his grip on the blade.

The priest blocking this attack was no small matter, it was totally out of Chen Xiang’s expectations and caused him to be incomparably surprised. One must know that strike of his was carrying hundreds of thousands of jins, plus the bizarre power of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade behind it. For all devil path fiends, it would surely have been a fatal blow, yet it had just been blocked by such a thin looking bone spear.

While Chen Xiang was still in shock, the priest fiercely turned around and once again sent a huge skeleton claw over, enveloping Chen Xiang. This attack was filled with the thick stench of blood, a noxious aura overflowed, unleashing a primal terror present in every human soul.

Seeing that claw, Chen Xiang subconsciously reached out to detain the priest’s wrist. A thin True Qi circulated in Chen Xiang’s five fingers which contained a very strong destructive force. This was the [Profound Aura Finger], most things pinched by it would be easily mashed like tofu.

This time around, Chen Xiang spent a very condensed amount of True Qi to cast it compared to past occasions. It was a lot more formidable, after gripping the priest’s wrist, he vigorously squeezed. However, things didn’t go as he had expected. His five fingers indeed sunk into the flesh of priest’s wrist, but when it was about to reach the bones, Chen Xiang felt a surge of power that resisted the [Profound Aura Finger]’s special destructive force.

At the same time, the bone spear in the priest’s hand thrust over. A desolate red light thrust straight at Chen Xiang’s chest. The priest’s face was filled with pride along with a fierce-looking smile, he and Chen Xiang were not far away, there was simply nowhere to run. Chen Xiang was once again clawed by the priest, but this time it was simply too late to dodge the attack.

The bone spear stabbed into Chen Xiang’s chest, but it did not go any further. A strong and tyrannical shockwave erupted, pushing Chen Xiang a hundred step away from the source of the impact.

Chen Xiang took in a small mouthful of air. If not for blocking the blow with the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor a moment ago, perhaps his heart would have just been pierced through by that long bone spear.

The Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor was the god’s armor from the ancient times. One could say it was simply indestructible, not only would it not allow any blade or spear or any weapon whatsoever to harm its user physically, it could also dissipate half of the impact force.

“This guy is far stronger than you, you could barely keep up with his speed! How about you use my power?” Long Xueyi asked.

“At this moment, there is no need. Your power needs to be left for the most crucial moment. We still haven’t reached that point!” Chen Xiang firmly rejected Long Xueyi’s assistance.

As the priest saw Chen Xiang still standing there as good as before, he could not understand why he could not even harm as much as his opponent’s hair despite putting all his strength behind the attack.

From Chen Xiang’s body, water vapors suddenly surged out just before few thick water vines suddenly emerged under the priest’s feet, tightly binding him in place. Chen Xiang released this water vine by using the majority of his Black Tortoise True Qi and divine sense.

At this very moment, Chen Xiang’s figure instantly appeared in front of the priest. He had cast the Water Vine in order to seize this chance, the priest had simply been too quick, if Chen Xiang attacked head-on, it would be either dodged or blocked, only this way would he have the opportunity to attack.

The priest was very calm, even if he could not move. He firmly stood there and raised the bone spear, thrusting towards Chen Xiang. He had already expected this to happen, so at the very same moment the bone spear’s thrust arrived, many scales suddenly emerged out from his palm, directly grabbing that thrusting bone spear. At the same time, he raised the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.

The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade shook. Qi fluctuations swept through all four directions, setting off bursts of fierce wind one after another. Dense clouds rolled high in the sky, azure lightning flashed one after another followed by rolling thunder. At this moment, there was a high sea wave carrying the unstoppable momentum behind Chen Xiang, who was currently standing on the crest of the sea wave. The insane strength form the wave slammed down onto his giant blade.

The bone spear was being tightly gripped by Chen Xiang, even though his palm was covered in the scales of Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, he could still feel the violent power in the bone spear. So long as he slacked off even a little bit, his palm would burst open. That being said, he didn’t need to persist for too long, because his giant blade was already slamming down on the priest.

Wave Strike, it was one of the moves in the Dragon Slayer’s Seven Killing Cut. Combined with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and the Azure Dragon True Qi, it had turned into an even more terrifying blow. Once this move was used, it was like a giant Tsunami that came out of nowhere, filled with the destructive power of nature that could wreck the earth.

“Ah…” As the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade hacked down, the priest gave a mournful blood-curdling, hair-raising scream. The ground itself went up and down like a sea from the downward cleaving motion of Chen Xiang’s blade.

Chen Xiang originally wanted to hack the priest in two, however, a strange power prevented him from doing so and instead made his strike miss his target, merely cutting off the priest’s arm that held the bone spear.

Nevertheless, Chen Xiang still felt extremely excited. He vigorously strummed the bone spear and quickly threw off the arm clasping it, before throwing the bone spear into his storage pouch.

“This guy’s weak point is his heart. If you had not missed, your blade could have cut through his heart.” Bai Youyou suddenly said.

Chen Xiang’s eyes lit up, but at this time, the priest let out a hideous scream. Breaking his foot free from the water vine, before swooping towards Chen Xiang. What made Chen Xiang feel surprised was that the arm that had just been cut off a moment ago actually flew on its own, sticking itself at the same place where it was cut off.

Soon fusing back together, Chen Xiang was surprised yet again as he hacked out a few blade strikes again and again. Each blade blow set off fierce winds, the powerful Qi spewed out from the giant blade and bombarded the priest’s body, giving off thunderous explosions. However, from the beginning to the end, the priest was unshakable from the lightning strikes, as if the attacks didn’t cause any harm to him.

In just a few moments, Chen Xiang had hacked out several powerful strikes, yet the priest still arrived in front of Chen Xiang. When he was about to hack down again, the priest suddenly grabbed the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade’s tip, in the very same way Chen Xiang had grabbed the bone spear a few moments ago.

Chen Xiang found his blade being grabbed with a deathly grip, he simply couldn’t move. This kind of power made him feel afraid, he knew he had angered the priest. After all, he was a devil that had been bred by the rich Devil Qi in here for many years. If Chen Xiang could truly strike the priest, perhaps his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade would have already cut the priest into two. The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was specially forged for dealing with fiends, but Chen Xiang could not do anything to the priest, from this, it was evident how wide the gap between their strength was.

The priest’s arm suddenly turned into a huge skeletal claw, braving with endless desolate Death Qi, even denser than before. The Devil Qi of the Southern Wasteland insanely converged into the priest’s body as he constantly grew stronger.

Seeing the skeletal claw about to grab him, Chen Xiang still remained reluctant to let go of the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. He knew the instant he did so, it would be snatched. At this critical moment, a fierce flash ran through Chen Xiang’s eyes, as two red beams shot out, penetrating the priest’s heart. The torrential imposing manner of the priest suddenly quivered, and the originally gathering terrifying power immediately dissipated, drifting into the sky.

Chen Xiang was elated in his heart, he retreated a few steps and still did not dare to approach that powerful guy again. Now he knew the priest was very strange, with an emotional outburst the priest’s power could become much higher and he could even quickly engulf the inexhaustible Devil Qi around him to elevate his own strength.

The priest’s weak point was truly his heart. However, his body was very strong, and even the powerful Qi burst out from several blade strikes could not harm him. That being said, the [Penetrating Heart Devil Eye] easily pierced through his chest.


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