Chapter 252 – Devil Soul

While holding his chest, the red light disappeared from his pupil and was replaced by the azure pupil filled with dismay. The priest retreated and spoke with a look of disbelief, “How… how do you know this supreme sacred technique, impossible… you’re from the righteous sect, moreover, you are fighting against us, impossible…”

He even said impossible a good several times, before his body gradually turned black and transformed into black mist, drifting into the air.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh, what made him suspicious was the ‘sacred technique’ from the priest’s mouth.

“Sister Youyou… this guy spoke of sacred technique, what’s going on?” Chen Xiang asked as he took out the long bone spear. At the moment, it was snow white in color, shinning like white jade bone, wrapped in black spirit patterns. It appeared incomparably bizarre and evil, giving off a peculiar charm.

“Don’t ask too much! Just know that it is very formidable, that’s enough.” Bai Youyou said, she didn’t want to tell him too much.

“Dear brother, the reason why you cannot use the devil techniques in front of others is also because of this very reason. Senior sister already violated the rules to teach you those powerful devil techniques. When you use them, you need to be careful, don’t fail senior sister’s expectations!” Su Meiyao exhorted.

Chen Xiang, in his heart, heaved a light sight. In his mind Bai Youyou’s elegant face, carrying a strange charm, suddenly appeared. Very complex emotions surged in his heart; he knew Bai Youyou definitely had a lot of secrets, and Su Meiyao was also the same. However, it was Bai Youyou who worried him the most, because she cultivated in the Ruthless Devil Technique. It could make one not recognize their own friends and relatives, eventually leading to their own demise. If this devil technique was dispersed, then she would turn into a cripple.

What Chen Xiang was certain of was Bai Youyou was an important figure in the Devil Domain. Now she was being hunted down by many strong martial artists, and once she dispersed her Ruthless Devil Technique, then she would be devoid of any strength to resist. Because of this, he knew that he must redouble his effort to elevate his strength, and become a lot more powerful in order to protect this cold but warm on the inside woman.

The reason why he could arrive this step was all because of his encounter with Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, these two peerless beauties. To help them recover their pinnacle strength, he still has a long way to go.

The powerful priest, because of suffering the sudden attack of the Penetrating Heart Devil Eyes, didn’t have the chance to dodge as his heart was struck by Chen Xiang, causing him to eventually die. Now there was no one to halt Chen Xiang’s steps to the altar again. He should immediately destroy the altar in order to stop the incoming devastating disaster of the Chenwu Mainland.

“The devil techniques I taught you is the same as those Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Techniques, the Dragon Slaying Divine Martial techniques were created by the Dragon Family in order to deal with the dragons, and the Devil Techniques are also the same, they were created to deal with the powerful devils of the Devil Domain. You need to make good use of them.” Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang walked enough for half an hour before he saw a high platform filled with rich Devil Qi. Above, there was a very hideous looking huge black figure, which appeared very frightening. After arriving here, he sensed a power surging into his body, giving him a headache.

He retreated a few steps, however, the excruciating pain still rampaged in his mind while he let out low-spirited howls.

“What is going on?” Chen Xiang said while moaning.

“There is a very powerful divine sense intruding into your mind.” Long Xueyi replied in a serious tone.

Chen Xiang was astonished. He hastily stepped back, and at this time, he suddenly heard a grim laughter in his mind, “Haha, brat you’re too tender! I’ll soon be able to control you and make you go to your companions and bring them here. Although the priest is dead, as long as there are enough humans, the altar could still be opened!”

“Don’t you want to destroy the altar, ha ha…” That voice hideously laughed.

Chen Xiang realized that it was this guy who had been controlling the Devil Beasts and Human Devils to continually attack them. Although he was sealed, his divine sense was nevertheless so powerful, and it still could cause him this kind of harm.

Chen Xiang felt that he was losing control of his body. A violent consciousness surged onto his mind, making him think only of killing; he knew it was all due to that guy’s divine sense.

“This guy is someone with a Devil Soul, which is equivalent to the Divine Soul! Among the devil path, it is very rare, and many times rarer than those of the righteous path.” Su Meiyao exclaimed, however, she was not surprised. On the contrary, she was a bit excited.

Chen Xiang knew Su Meiyao and the others definitely had some way, however, why did they not tell him yet something he could not figure out.

“Wait!” Bai Youyou said in a light tone. There was a slight trace of gentleness in her voice, making Chen Xiang’s heart feel warmed, easing down the pain a lot at the same time.

However that consciousness was too strong, and he already could not control his body. At the moment, his body was running very fast.

“Chen Xiang, use the Engulfing Devil Skill to engulf this guy, quick!” Bai Youyou suddenly shouted, causing Chen Xiang, who was in pain, to become shocked. Chen Xiang hastily operated the devil technique; although it was not the True QI, the engulfing principle remained the same.

The divine sense which entered his body began to gradually weaken. Through the Engulfing Devil Skill, it surged into his consciousness; although it was the divine sense of a devil path martial artist, it was still nonetheless pure. As long as one cultivated Shinto, the divine sense they needed was pure.

Unconsciously, Chen Xiang’ gradually regained control of his body. He sat cross-legged down on the ground and began engulfing in madness. At this time, he could hear that sound from before, but now it was shouting in fear, “This is Engulfing Devil Skill, how can you know this… Ah… no… let me off, I’ll be your slave… Ah…”

Hearing this sound, Chen Xiang engulfed even more fiercely as the Divine Soul in his consciousness quickly started growing. His divine had been improving twice as much. That very pure divine sense, after entering his consciousness, was directly refined as he operated the Nine Turn Dragon God Technique and turned into his own divine sense.

“You bastard would like to occupy father’s body, now it is too late for you to regret!” Chen Xiang hideously laughed and said. He now understood why Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou didn’t tell him in advance that he could engulf the divine sense a while ago. Otherwise he would exercise his skills to reduce the pain, and by that time, the divine sense would be scared off, which would do more harm than good.

Although he was not aware of his actions, he had invited the Devil Soul to his consciousness, and this made it easier for him to trap and engulf him. He released his own divine sense, and in a steady stream, he engulfed the power of the devil soul.

“This guy is still inexperienced. But it was unexpected that while he was sealed, he was still able to cultivate his Divine Soul. However, you still cheaply took advantage!” Long Xueyi mischievously laughed and said. She knew how formidable Chen Xiang’s Engulfing Devil Skill was, that was why from the beginning, she was not worried.

The devil who was being engulfed was still unceasingly screaming as if begging for mercy. However, Chen Xiang kept on engulfing; he planned to finish him off.

In the devil path world, the Divine Soul is called the Devil Soul, but equally, it was also called Shinto. In the Devil Domain, it was even rarer. And in the righteous world, only the dragons could cultivate in Shinto. It was seldom seen in humankind, but still, there were some.

Chen Xiang cultivated the Divine Soul to his utmost, and he only lacked a large amount of energy. Before he had eaten the Elemental Spirit Dan, which allowed him to soar by leaps and bounds, and now that he engulfed a young Devil Soul, it would allow him to advance even faster.

Bit by bit, time passed, those cries became increasingly weaker. With regards to the devil, Chen Xiang simply would not keep his hand. Furthermore, a while ago, the devil wanted to control him to make him open the altar.


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