Chapter 253 – Destruction Of The Altar


When Chen Xiang opened his eyes, the altar in front of him was, even more, clearer. After the devil’s divine soul was engulfed by Chen Xiang, that devil was long dead because that devil’s soul was even pulled out of his body.

Chen Xiang closed his eyes, sank into his consciousness and looked at the Divine Soul. He found it was already ten years old, twice as big as before. He could feel his own divine sense rose sharply by many times, and he could clearly sense everything all around him.

“Good, your Divine Soul has finally passed through the Infant Stage and the Early Childhood Stage and entered the Adolescence Stage. The Adolescence Stage is divided into ten layers, and by the time your Divine Soul looked like twenty years old, you’ll cross the Adolescence stage. You still need to work a lot!” Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “So now can I learn more things? Little dragon, what stage is your Divine Soul at? Isn’t your Divine Soul like a little brat?”

Long Xueyi tenderly laughed and said, “My Divine Soul is a great beauty, however, I just came out of my egg. Whenever I take the human form, I could only have this appearance.”

Chen Xiang’s mouth slightly twitched, he already knew that the appearance of this little greedy dragon was only a disguise. Originally, she was a very old woman, regarding her pretending to be a lovely and tender child, he very much held it in contempt.

“Wait till you are out of here, I’ll pass you some more spiritual power!” Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang touched his chin and said with a wicked smile, “Little girl, I want to see your true appearance!”

“I will not show you.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said, “You are too bad, wait till I think its time, only then will I let you see it, or wait till my body grows up!”

Chen Xiang stretched his exhausted waist and walked to the front of the altar. The altar had a staircase with many steps. Chen Xiang estimated that it had about thousands or so. At the top, there was a very big platform, with a large column erected at each of its corners. Each column was carved with many spirit patterns, and in the center of the platform, there was a huge hideous statue, similar to a devil.

The entire altar looked gloomy, daunting and magnificent under dim light. It gave off a kind of strange feeling, making anyone who saw it become fearful.

“This is one big altar. In those days, didn’t those righteous martial artists find it?” Chen Xiang looked at the magnificent altar in front and doubtfully spoke.

“The altar was only built later. It was built by the priest by controlling some Human Devils and Devil Beasts.” Bai Youyou explained.

Chen Xiang slightly suck in a mouthful of air. In order to completely destroy the altar, he had to cast the Heavenly Dragon Seal.

“Devil path bastards, your plan ends here!” A sliver of sneer appeared on Chen Xiang’s mouth before he began releasing a large amount of True Qi. Through the chanting formula of the spiritual power, and using the bizarre Spiritual Energy, his True Qi was mobilized. He instantly transported a large amount of True Qi above the altar.

From all around, True Qi violently surged over. Although the majority of True Qi here was Devil Qi, most of it was still constituted of Spirit Qi. Furthermore, the energy inside it was a lot denser than Spirit Qi, not only was it too tyrannical, it didn’t affect Chen Xiang while casting the Heavenly Dragon Seal. He had cast once before in this place, and it was a lot stronger than he had imagined. Now his Divine Soul had grown a lot, and he was also in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm, so his Spiritual Energy was denser by a wide margin. This caused the amount of Devil Qi absorbed to increase.

High in the sky, within the radius of hundreds of Li, billowing black clouds emerged as a large amount of Devil Qi violently surge over to Chen Xiang’s location. Chen Xiang wanted to cast the powerful Heavenly Dragon Seal in order to thoroughly destroy the altar!

The righteous sect disciples in the periphery all looked at the sky. At the moment, the atmosphere was very depressing, even if separated by a wide distance, they all could sense the bursts of oppressing pressure coming from the altar one after another. They still didn’t know what happened, but during this period, they rarely encountered any massive Devil Beasts’ attack.

On Chen Xiang’s back, a pair of huge fire wings appeared, before he flew into the sky, far away from the altar. As he clenched his fists, blue veins bulged out on his entire arms, while his strong body braved the steaming True Qi.

He kept on chanting the spell increasingly quicker. He kept on chanting paragraphs without stopping, continuously gathering the Spirit Qi. The True Qi and Spiritual Energy in his body insanely used his physical strength and consciousness; he was exhausting himself rather quickly.

Suddenly, the land slightly trembled. To be precise, it was the entire Southern Wasteland which trembled, and even if one was outside the Southern Wasteland, they could still sense it. What was even more frightening was, after the trembling, rounds after rounds of mournful wailings reverberated, as if wild shrieks and howls were coming from hell itself. It was very scary.

“The sealed devils in the Southern Wasteland are all lamenting!” Bai Youyou sneered and said, “Once the altar is destroyed, they would never rise ever!”

“Why?” Chen Xiang asked, at this moment, he was still gathering power, “If the Three Realms intersect, the Devil Domain’s people can arrive. Can’t they save them?”

“They cannot. The altar and the souls of these devils are linked together, once the altar is destroyed, then it means their soul will also be destroyed. Their soul was bound to the altar during its establishment, moreover, the altar also need their strength! However, some guys are still there who did not establish soul relations with the altar.” Bai youyou said.

The Southern Wasteland seemed to have fallen into hell. Desolate screaming, continuous quaking, and billowing dark clouds were all over the sky as Devil Qi insanely surged towards Chen Xiang’s direction. This caused the righteous sects disciples to become very anxious.

“Almost!” Chen Xiang took in a long deep breath and once again started chanting another paragraph of the spell. Suddenly, a huge mass of Black Qi transformed into a huge hideous black dragon claw on top of the altar.

This dragon claw was rather enormous, not to mention a single altar, even if there were ten altars, it would envelop them all. Looking from far away, it was as big as a city.

Chen Xiang frowned tightly, he felt his divine sense was disappearing very quickly. All the gathered Spiritual Energy was released out before that black dragon claw had come into existence. Even scales were present around it, and its sharp claws could not be clearer, like a true dragon claw.

“Destroy! Heavenly Dragon Seal, release!” Chen Xiang shouted as the huge black dragon claw fiercely took a dive. At the same time, a burst of pressure accompanied with explosions spread in all directions, blowing Chen Xiang into continuous retreat.

The giant claw pressed upon the altar as the group of devils suddenly burst into desolate and mournful wailings. At the same time, an earth-shaking explosion burst out.

After the altar was struck by the huge Heavenly Dragon Seal, it was as though the land, which was like a calm lake, was suddenly hit by a stone, sending out rounds after rounds of ripples.

However, instead of water, clouds of dust and a hail of stones blew towards the endless horizons by the storm. Wherever it went, the ground was razed, and pieces after pieces of forests, whether it was a large or small mountain, were all torn into pieces from the powerful shock wave. Explosions rang non-stop as if the sky itself was falling down, and it was already the end of the world.

Chen Xiang’s True Qi and divine sense were almost exhausted. Only a few Vermillion Bird True Qi was supporting him in releasing those powerful fire wings, letting him float in the air. But because of the fierce winds, he still tumbled around into a confused and disoriented state.

“Is the altar destroyed?” Chen Xiang could not see anything. His body, along with some debris, were blown into the sky by that fierce wind. All around was all dark fragments of stones and wooden splinters. He also had not expected that the Heavenly Dragon Seal would actually be so powerful.

“Destroyed! All of this was caused by the Heavenly Dragon Seal and the altar. The altar had a very vast power in it, and after it burst open, it turned out this way!” Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang also thought it was more reasonable, otherwise, his attack would be comparable to a Nirvana Realm martial artist’s attack. One should know that no matter how formidable he was at the moment, he could still not be compared with Nirvana Realm martial artists anyway. As long as any Nirvana Realm martial artist wished, they could press him to death with just one finger.


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