Chapter 254 – Devil God’s Command

The quicker the storm came, the faster it left. Now, a larger part of Chen Xiang’s body was buried in the soil. Only from above was his chest revealed. He was also somewhat dizzy.

“Little fool, quickly wake up, hahaha, it’s morning.” Long Xueyi merrily started laughing.

The Southern Wasteland was originally dark, however, now it was like clear sky after the storm. One could see the hot sun hanging in the sky, and they could also the blue sky, as well as the blossoming white clouds floating above. The fragrant air suddenly surged into the Southern Wasteland, and as Chen Xiang opened his eyes, he could not help but shout.

“Where am I?” His body shook as he struggled out of the soil before he saw himself standing on a high mountain, a recently formed mountain at that.

He swallowed a few true Elemental Dans and quickly recovered True Qi he had consumed. More than an hour passed, and he had already recovered 80%. He released the Vermillion Bird Firewings to look for a direction, then he fluttered them and quickly started flying.

The terrain of the Southern Wasteland had already changed, Chen Xiang could no longer recognize any roads. The forests no longer exist, but they would grow out later on. Because the altar had completely disappeared, not much of the Devil Qi was left now. The entire Southern Wasteland was originally sealed, but now it could once again see the light. The Devil Qi covering the Southern Wasteland, along with the destruction of the altar, instantly disappeared. In here, most of the devils were already dead.

Soon, Chen Xiang found the hill where they had laid out the array. As it was in the periphery, which was far away from the altar, it wasn’t affected by any destruction.

From the sky, Chen Xiang looked at the few people on the hilltop. One was Hao Dongqing, another one was Yao Haisheng, and the other three were all 4th level True Martial Realm disciples from other sects.

Chen Xiang descended from the sky, landed on the hilltop, laughed and said, “The altar is taken care of, now we do not need to worry.”

“You brat is too strong. You actually came up with so many movements. I think the entire Southern Wasteland is gone!” Hao Dongqing laughed and said.

Chen Xiang arrived at the hall inside the hill, and he saw that everyone else was there. The movement was way too huge, and they already suspected it was Chen Xiang’s work. This kind of power, in their opinion, was already equivalent to a Nirvana Realm martial artist’s, but Chen Xiang was only in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm.

“Hei hei, the energy inside the altar was rather strong, that’s why there was so much movement.” Chen Xiang laughed and said, Xue Xianxian took out a handkerchief as she wiped out the dust on Chen Xiang’s face. Chen Xiang’s whole body was covered in soil, and it was like he had just walked out of the quagmire.

“Brother, that means we are not in any danger anymore, right? These Devil Beasts and Human Devils are gone!” Leng Youlan said.

“Not sure! You obediently stay here.”

“Humph, these devil path bastards only know how to hide. When it’s time to leave, we will find them and kill them all, and we will let them know we, righteous sect disciples, are not so easy to bully. They even plotted against us and actually wanted to sacrifice this missy…” Leng Youlan became increasingly angry as she spoke. If she came to know where the devil path disciples were hidden, she would have already taken out her giant sword and rushed out.

Chen Xiang and Xue Xianxian showed a smile. Leng Youlan’s character was hot like that, even though she was an Icewind Valley’s disciple.

“I thought that after the altar is destroyed, we could get out, but we have not seen the way out yet!” Zhu Rong sighed, their location was very close to the canyon, and yet the canyon had still not appeared.

Everyone was also like that, because after the altar was destroyed, the changes in the Southern Wasteland were just too earthshaking, and it made many of them think they could immediately go out.

When Chen Xiang flew over, he also didn’t see the canyon. He knew there was still an array in the Southern Wasteland, which was being manipulated by those tycoons of the devil path.

“You brat who has destroyed the altar, we will remember you!” In the sky, a voice was suddenly transmitted, with a message that was directly conveyed to Chen Xiang and the others inside the hill.

“Devil God’s command has been issued, you just wait for us!”

That sound once again came, which made everyone feel a little worried. Chen Xiang had destroyed the altar and removed a lot of devils, but now who exactly was speaking?

Chen Xiang shook his head to the crowd, indicating he also didn’t know whose sound it was.

“During this time do not go out, continue to stay here. There is a large formation here, so this place is a lot safer.” Chen Xiang said.

Chen Xiang also rested for a while. These days, he was too tired from running about.

“That sound from a while ago should have come from the Devil Domain. Only if someone had blasphemed the Devil God will the Devil God’s command be issued. It is something issued by the Devil God’s believers. There are many Devil God’s believers, and some of these devils have terrifying strength, you do not have to worry for now, because the Devil Domain’s residents still can’t come over. However, once the Three Realms converge, you will be in danger, the Devil God’s believers are a bunch of madmen.” Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, closed his eyes and began resting. He was currently alone in a stone room. Others also knew he was tired, and they did not bother him at all. With a rapt attention, they just looked for any movements all around them.

Since the altar was destroyed, it was very calm. Only a month was left before they could leave. Chen Xiang reckoned that these remaining devil sects’ disciples were also like them, hiding somewhere. Once it was time to leave, many of them would go all out to compete.

Although the devil sect disciples had arrived here three years ago, they could still not replace those who had died. Those who had signed up all had their portrait taken, and it was exactly for this kind of situation.

After Chen Xiang had engulfed the True Qi of the disciples of the Beast Martial Sect and the Proud Sword Sect, he had still not cultivated rather well, before engulfing a Devil Soul. Now in his private room, he was cultivating with a calm heart these days. He wanted to lay a solid foundation, so as not to leave hidden dangers for the future. By that time, it would be very troublesome for him.

After entering into the 5th level of the True Martial Realm, he knew that those True Elemental grains would not be so easy to light up in the future, and compared to the amount of True Qi compressed in the True Elemental Grains in the past, it would require a lot more. There was no way he could just rely on True Elemental Dans, and even though the Building Foundation Dans had very good effects, it would rather be wasted on him. It was still alright to use them when he was in the 2nd or 3rd level, but now that he was in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm, using them would only be a waste. If it was given to those 10th level Mortal Martial Realm martial artists to use, maybe some of them could cultivate into the True Martial Realm.

Chen Xiang decide that after he went back, he would sell the Building Foundation Dans in exchange for a large wealth, then leave to collect the other required herbs for the Five Elements True Elemental Dan. Only by relying on the Five Elements True Elemental Dans, could he quickly elevate his strength.

He was now already in the 5th level of the True Martial Realm, and increasing his level so quickly all of a sudden was also not good. He decided to improve in other regards; he was thinking of getting a 5th level Alchemist’s token, then move on to learn weapon refinement, as well as get familiar with the spirit patterns.

After learning the spiritual power, he knew the formidability of the spirit patterns. He already had an idea to carve spirit patterns on the dan surface, but it was just that he was not yet proficient in spirit patterns, so it would still take time for him to learn.

“Roar…” Suddenly, a deafening roar came over, which shook the entire hill. Chen Xiang’s complexion changed, he knew some powerful beast had arrived.


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