Chapter 255 – Powerful Devil Beast

Many people inside the hill had been disturbed, one by one, they all came out to look.

Chen Xiang rushed to the hilltop, and what he saw in front of him were collapsed trees along with a three-headed giant wolf as big as an elephant, covered in black fur, and had huge fangs. It was charging towards the hill as if it knew there were humans hiding inside the hill.

Feeling the braving Devil Qi from the three-headed wolf coming in succession, it was evident that this beast was very formidable.

While the three-headed wolf was still far in the distance, it suddenly opened its mouth, and a black Qi suddenly broke out, along with an oppressive pressure.

Chen Xiang hastily shouted, “Everyone hide, open the large formation!”

Everyone also knew the three-headed wolf was very terrifying. As the three jaws full of sharp fangs were pointed towards the hill, black Qi violently surged from its mouth, while the soaring Evil Qi frightened the hell out of everyone.

When the three-headed wolf appeared, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan had already completed the preparation to open the large formation. Seeing the three-headed wolf attacking, they immediately opened the large formation while everyone hid inside the hill.

“Very strong, Extreme State’s strength!” Chen Xiang said with a dignified look.

“Can’t we deal with it if we fight together?” Yun Xiaodao asked in a surprised tone, he knew Chen Xiang was very formidable. Last time, he had seen with his own eyes how Chen Xiang blasted an elder who was in the 9th level of the True Martial Realm.

Chen Xiang shook his head, “Devil Beasts and humans are different, not to mention Devil Beast, ordinary profound beasts too are all very formidable! Extreme State martial artists are also nevertheless the same, the 9th level True Martial Realm and Extreme State are worlds apart.”

The beasts equivalent to humankind’s True Martial Realm were called spirit beasts, and Extreme State were called profound beasts. It was said that the profound beasts were able to speak, and there were some beasts which even cultivated some humankind martial techniques and were equally strong.

The strength of the Devil Beast in front was equivalent to that of a profound beast, moreover, it was also in possession of frightening Devil Qi, not to mention it was a Devil Beast transformed from the mutated ancient three-headed wolf.

“It seems fleeing is our only option!” Chen Xiang heaved a long sigh. If he wasn’t forced, he wouldn’t want to make everyone flee, because they would have to face the unknown dangers of the Southern Wasteland. Although the altar was destroyed, what was there in the depths of the Southern Wasteland, neither he nor anyone knew.

In short, even if the altar was destroyed, it didn’t mean that the Southern Wasteland was safe. Just looking at the rushing three-headed wolf, it was clear that there were a large number of frightening Devil Beasts hiding in here.


Three ear-piercing explosions suddenly rang, but it only caused the hill to shook a little. It was all because of the protection of the large formation, however, the energy of the large formation would be consumed sooner or later.

“This guy’s attack is rather strong, in just a short span of time, half of the energy of the formation had been consumed…” Just as Xue Xianxian finished speaking, yet another explosion rang, and the magnitude of the shock was rather large compared to before.

Chen Xiang fiercely shouted, “Quickly to the tunnel, I’ll stop this guy…”

Once again, there was another attack, and it was again followed by three bangs. The top of the hill had already disappeared, and a very big dormer was opened in everybody’s residence; they were almost finished with this attack.

Everyone, in a neat and tidy manner, quickly entered the tunnel. Chen Xiang, after releasing Vermillion Bird Firewings, suddenly leaped up into the sky and waved the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade towards that three-headed wolf from afar. An azure aura with a strong powerful Qi flashed out from the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and struck the beast with hundreds of thousands of jin of impact.

“Brother Xiang!”


“Elder Brother Chen!”


Suddenly, from below, many shouts came. They all knew Chen Xiang was going to block the three-headed wolf.

“Don’t talk nonsense, you quickly leave with the others, I’ll handle it! Leave quickly!” Chen Xiang shouted, a while ago, his blade strike had struck on the three-headed wolf, however, a layer of black mist suddenly appeared on its body, directly resisting that powerful blow.

The three-headed wolf was much stronger than Chen Xiang had imagined. After nine continuous blows from it, the large formation was broken off. Originally, when the formation was laid, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan had said that it could resist the attack of an Extreme State martial artist for a while.

“Quickly leave!” Chen Xiang started shouting, a hint of anger was evident in his voice.

Although Xue Xianxian and the others were very reluctant, seeing Chen Xiang’s furious appearance, they could only clench their teeth and step deep into the tunnel.

Everyone’s heart was heavy, they all knew that the three-headed wolf was very strong, and they were very worried about Chen Xiang. If they didn’t enter the Southern Wasteland, many people would still misunderstand Chen Xiang, however, now all of them had nothing but admiration for Chen Xiang. They all held him in deep respect! To say Chen Xiang was a hero was not an exaggeration, what Chen Xiang had done after entering here was all for the entire Chenwu Mainland.

At the same time, the three-headed wolf opened its three huge jaws, forming three black energy balls filled with destruction. Two of which were shot towards that broken off hilltop, but the other was shot towards Chen Xiang.

Its speed was actually as fast as light! But although Chen Xiang was in the air, his speed was still fast as he fiercely swooped down, dodging that black ball filled with Evil Qi.

After the hill was struck by the black ball, it only shook for a while, but after the second blow, it immediately disappeared!

Only after taking such frightening attacks successively was the large formation completely destroyed. It could be seen how fearsome the large formation was, and Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan laying out this kind of formation with their current strength was already good.

Chen Xiang had just dodged the black ball, but he knew that with that kind of fearsome power, if he was just a little bit slow, he would have definitely been finished off. He was completely sure of it! Even if a 9th level True Martial Realm martial artist was struck, he would instantly vanish in a puff of smoke. The three-headed wolf before his eyes was truly too fearsome.

Long Xueyi, with her divine sense, knew that everyone was already deep inside the tunnel, so she told Chen Xiang, which made Chen Xiang suddenly heave a sigh of relief.

“This guy seems to be coming at you!” Long Xueyi said.

“But why did he attacked the hill?” Chen Xiang asked, “We have been concealing our whereabouts well, how did this guy find us?”

Long Xueyi didn’t have to answer, because they heard a grim laughter coming from far away, “Chen Xiang, don’t think that if you hide here, we will not know. You have ruined our good work, we will definitely make all of you die here!”

“This Devil Beast is from the ancient period and came from the Devil Domain, and just news of its appearance would make everyone cower in fear! You have already seen its strength a while ago. Haha…”

Hearing these words, Chen Xiang immediately understood, the three-headed wolf was intentionally released by them. Furthermore, it was being used by these devil sect disciples. At the moment, he couldn’t help but start to worry, if there were many of this kind of beast, wouldn’t it be very dangerous?

“You cannot escape! You have underestimated us, ha ha…” The man said while grinning, before entering the forest.

The tunnel led to a very far away forest. Now, Chen Xiang just wanted to lead the three-headed wolf away, lest the three-headed wolf attack them from the distance. Regarding Xue Xianxian and the others, he was not very much worried, as long as they all work together against the enemy, their overall strength would be strong enough.

The three-headed wolf wagged its tail. With its six huge red pupils, it was watching Chen Xiang, waiting for any of his movement. From time to time, it would lick its huge fangs with its black tongues.

Seeing one of the tongues suddenly stretched out, Chen Xiang fiercely brandished his blade, and in the blink of an eye, he had already cleaved it ten times, shooting out ten powerful spiral Qi. One after another, it landed on the black Qi cover released by the three-headed wolf.

Those ten powerful spiral Qi landed almost at the same time. As they blasted out with continuous impact, they even broke the Qi cover of the three-headed wolf, before the remaining two powerful spiral Qi struck on the middle of beast’s head.

The three-headed wolf suddenly let out a howl as it fiercely opened its three jaws. Very quickly, it gathered three black balls again and shot all of them at Chen Xiang.


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