Chapter 28 – King City

Chen Xiang would absolutely not leave anyone alive after they tried to kill him, moreover, he could not pass on such a good opportunity to weaken the Yao Family.

“That’s right! On the road of martial arts, one should kill decisively! Otherwise, if grievances are accumulated in the heart, it will easily lead to Qigong deviation. By any means, you should catch up to that fellow and behead him!” Bai Youyou’s words were filled with Slaughter Qi.

Chen Xiang was still flying, this allowed him to feel wonderful in every way. Since childhood, he had always wanted the ability to fly, and now he had it! This was all thanks to the two peerless beauties inside his ring.

“Sister Youyou, how did you become Sister Meiyao’s senior sister? It’s difficult to imagine what kind of person your master is!” Chen Xiang sighed from the bottom of his heart. If the apprentices were already this formidable, then just how powerful was their teacher?

[TLN: Senior sister as in seniors sister apprentice.]

“Our teacher did not have a name, regarding his origins, even we are not clear. Perhaps when you advance to that stage you might even be able to meet him.” Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang was very curious about these two enigmatic girls, but at the same time, he was also very helpless since they were reluctant to disclose the information he wanted to know.

Chen Xiang flew the entire night, furthermore, he chose to fly on the outskirts of the wilderness. After the third night, he could see a carriage in the distance which was slowly moving forward on an avenue. This avenue led to King City since these types of roads were only built near King City.

Chen Xiang stared at that avenue in the distance, he was vaguely able to see large houses and the King City which was not too far away from him. Once the Yao Family members set foot in King City, Chen Xiang would not have the opportunity to enact his revenge.

That carriage had two coachmen and two horse-riding bodyguards. The strongest among them was the Yao Family Elder, and after him was Yao Tianhua. However, both had been wounded by Chen Xiang and the strongest out of the two coachmen and the bodyguards were only at the 5th level of the Mortal Martial Realm.

“When they came to Wohu City, there had been many people with them, but now only one carriage is left!” Chen Xiang muttered as he flew to the front.

“They should have been hiding killers in the caravan. They must have first sent some people back to the Yao Family as messengers, and some of them should have remained in Wohu City to guard the Spirit Dan Hall. As such, only these people are left.” Chen Xiang guessed.

He stopped at the edge of the avenue which was situated near a forest. After resting for a little bit, he put on a black robe and hood, after all, he was going to kill important members of the Yao Family. If they came to know the identity of the killer, a war would break out between the Yao and the Chen Families.

Although the night was dark, a gentle silver white moonlight shone upon the land. This gentle pale aura allowed people not to be engulfed in utter darkness.

Chen Xiang, who was hiding on a tree near the roadside, held his breath and waited for the carriage to arrive. The sound of the carriage was accompanied by the insects chirping at night.

Chen Xiang’s heart was as calm and tranquil as water, but on the contrary, his eyes shone with killing intent, staring at the avenue under the tree.

It had arrived! Just as the carriage was passing by, Chen Xiang’s body sprung like a silent arrow that was released from a bow. At the same time, he congealed out a golden long whip in his hand. Slaughter Qi was emitted by the long whip, accompanied by a violent aura.

The whip was congealed from the metal attributed True Qi, this metal attribute corresponded to the White Tiger. The [White Tiger Divine Exercise] signified slaughter and ruthlessness. To further its progress, one should indulge in endless killing and comprehend the way of slaughtering.

While Chen Xiang leapt towards the carriage, he ruthlessly swung the whip downwards, striking right at the middle of the carriage. With a weapon similar to a two-edged long knife chopping down, the luxurious carriage was splitted into two with a crackling sound. Two people simultaneously jumped out, one of them was the Yao Family Elder, and the other was Yao Tianhua.

“Which gang of bandits do you belong to? We are the Yao family’s…”

The Yao Family Elder had not even finished with his sentence before Chen Xiang swung his whip like lightning four more times, hitting the two coachman and the two bodyguards as they were just about to draw their blades and jump off their horses.

The long golden whip, which contained valiant metal attributed True Qi accompanied by Slaughter Qi, simultaneously struck their upper body. Similar to striking tofu, the four people became separate pieces of flesh and blood. This type of brutal True Qi had not only made the Yao Family Elder and Yao Tianhua panic-stricken, even Chen Xiang could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“You…you are CHEN XIANG!” When the Yao Family Elder saw Chen Xiang, he suddenly shouted, however, Chen Xiang’s whip had already ruthlessly struck down on his body.

The Yao Family Elder was worthy of being a 7th level of Mortal Martial Realm martial artist. Although he was seriously injured, he was still able to gather True Qi in his body and catch the whip laden with White Tiger Slaughtering True Qi.

“You really are Chen Xiang!” the Yao Family Elder said in a high-pitched voice. The expression in his eyes could not conceal his fear. He had not thought Chen Xiang would actually dare to come and try to kill them so brutally.

Chen Xiang remained silent, in his left hand, fire aura flashed while another fire whip was also congealed, and then he opened his mouth and roared, using wood attribute True Qi.

The [Azure Dragon Roar] wreaked havoc on the Yao Family Elder, at this time, Chen Xiang’s Vermillion Bird True Qi whip lashed accurately above the Yao Family Elder’s neck, breaking his head into pieces.

Nearby, Yao Tianhua was already frightened by Chen Xiang. Not only could he cast the purest alchemy flame, but he could also use the metal attribute slaughtering True Qi, and at the same time, he could even release wood attribute True Qi! This was displaying three types of attributes at the same time! To Yao Tianhua’s knowledge, this sort of feat had never been heard of!

Chen Xiang moved towards Yao Tianhua, his eyes flashing with killing intent. He swung the golden long whip in his hand and it lashed towards Yao Tianhua’s neck, and in that instant, Yao Tianhua emitted a panic-stricken cry as his eyes were filled with horror.

As the long whip struck his neck, his head immediately fell down. With a frozen and frightened countenance, Yao Tianhua had died filled with both disbelief and resentment. He had never expected that as the Yao Family genius, his death would actually happen in such a way.

Chen Xiang inhaled a mouthful of air and faintly said, “Originally, at the time when you tried to stab me with your sword, I already wanted kill you!”

After killing the two of them, Chen Xiang removed their storage pouches. They contained some spirit coins and herbs, it still could be considered as a substantial income.

In order to not leave any traces, Chen Xiang tidied up the scene with great difficulty . If one was to arrive where the carriage had been, no one would be able to notice that a one sided massacre had taken place here.

Chen Xiang walked on the avenue towards the tall and prosperous city.

King City was vast and was surrounded by thick walls. Chen Xiang looked at the endless wall and the moat outside of the City. Many people were going in and out of the enormous city gate, and many soldiers stood on the city wall and next to the gate. The lively streets were covered with smooth bricks and were full of pedestrians, such a scene was clearly visible through the gate.

Chen Xiang finally arrived inside of King City. He curiously looked around. Before, he had thought that Wohu City was quite big and lively, but now, he discovered that he was a frog in a well. He did not know just how vast King City was, but he knew that it was many times larger than Wohu City.


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