Chapter 29 – Danxiang Herbal Manor

After entering the city, Chen Xiang saw many people were gathering in front of a very long wall. He went over and found that a lot information was put up on that wall. They were either giving some directions or some kind of other informations. On top of everything, there was also a map of the entire city indicating some inns, well-known stores, imperial palace, and marital family addresses…

The map itself was very detailed, Chen Xiang soon found where the Yao Family was on the map. It was located not far away from the Imperial Palace. He also saw where the Xue Family was on the map, currently, the Xue Family was still in the process of moving to King City.

Another thing that had caught Chen Xiang’s attention was that there was information regarding the buying and selling of items, looking for missing persons or items, and recruitment offers for various jobs. This was to help people who were new to King City.

Chen Xiang swept through the myriad of information, to his surprise a recruitment poster was posted by his Granduncle.

“Recruiting alchemist, location is…posted by Chen Luzhong.”

Chen Xiang remembered the location posted and then looked at the map to find it.

“Granduncle moves really fast. He just arrived at King City and has already found a good store!” Chen Xiang could see from the map that the location of the store was quite good, it was situated at the corner of a crossroad and moreover it was a three-story building.

After memorizing the route, Chen Xiang left immediately.

He soon arrived at his destination, but the store was closed and its doors were heavily damaged, there were many slashes with other markings on it.

Chen Xiang tightly frowned and knocked on the door.

“WHO?” A very angry voice came from inside.

“Granduncle, it’s me!” Chen Xiang replied in a low voice, at this point he had already guessed the crux of the matter.

As the door opened Chen Xiang saw Chen Luzhong’s old face filled with anger.

At this time, Chen Xiang clearly saw that the inside of the shop was actually a mess. Broken chairs, and walls cluttered with blade slashes, after seeing all of this Chen Xiang suddenly clenched his fists as they made brittle sounds, his eyes were filled with anger.

“Who did this?” Chen Xiang gloomily asked, he swore in his heart that he would make that person pay ten times for what they had done.

“Come inside, then we will talk!” Said Chen Luzhong.

After Chen Xiang went inside, they went to third floor. On the way up, he could see the extent of the damage done. The walls, floors and roof were all heavily damaged, it was needless to mention the chairs and tables.

The more Chen Xiang looked the more furious he got, but his facial expression was still tranquil, this made Chen Luzhong slightly surprised.

On the third floor, Chen Xiang and Chen Luzhong were sitting on the floor.

“The backyard is still good, I had invited two assistants to the shop but they have been injured, I just went to deliver some dans and spirit coins to them.” Chen Luzhong sighed “This store was bought by me a long time ago. However, when I went out this morning some people rushed in….then it became like this.”

“Who did it? I will immediately make them pay!” Chen Xiang was filled with killing intent. He had already killed the Yao Family Elder and genius, who wouldn’t he dare to kill?

“I also want to go and teach a lesson to that fellow, but they’re one of the shopkeepers of the alchemy force. If we offend them, later on it will be difficult for us to sell dans.”

Chen Xiang said in a cold voice, “Granduncle, you don’t need to worry! Our Chen Family has just entered King City. If we are bullied in front of our gate and yet yield to them, then in the future how will our Chen Family be able to settle here?”

“I also understand this…However, the alchemy forces behind the shopkeeper wants to obtain this store, but I refused. Just after I posted the recruitment notice, he made his move. He wants to make me to retreat in the face of these difficulties.”

Chen Xiang while curling his lips said, “Granduncle, you are an alchemist and surprisingly you are being oppressed by a mere shopkeeper.”

Chen Luzhong smilingly said, “I’m taking into consideration of the overall situation! Our Chen Family has already offended the Yao Family!”

In King City beside the Yao Family there was one more Alchemy Force and that was the Danxiang Herbal Manor. In King City and several other cities they had many branch stores, moreover they had always kept a low-profile, but now they had actually made such a move.

[TLN: Danxiang(丹香) = Pill aroma or fragrance. ]

“Danxiang Herbal Manor? I’ll go and find that shopkeeper! Which one of the five Danxiang Herbal Manors inside the King City does he have a shop?” Chen Xiang stood up while brushing the dust off his bottom. From his facial expression, anyone could clearly guess that he was not planning to give up.

Chen Luzhong knew that today there was no other method to deal with this situation. He was also aware of his nephew’s strength and arrogance, “South side, remember not to murder anyone! In King City murdering anyone is not a good fruit to eat*! I will also go with you.”

[TLN: does not have a good result]

Chen Xiang nodded his head, then with Chen Luzhong left the store.

“Granduncle, what is your current level?”

While being with Chen Luzhong, Chen Xiang could only sense Fire Qi and was unable to sense vigorous levels of True Qi from Chen Luzhong.

“Hei-hei, I’m not a vegetarian, but my strength still cannot be compared to your grandfather.” Chen Luzhong only gave a vague answer to Chen Xiang.

“Little guy, King City has people that can be described as crouching tigers and hidden dragons *, so I dare not to arbitrarily act.”

[TLN= hidden experts.]

Chen Xiang nodded and said, “I understand, listening to what Granduncle has said, you should be very formidable! Unexpectedly you are still willing to admit defeat.”

Chen Luzhong while smiling said, “Later on, you will know sometimes it is even harder to eat a shriveled fruit. As of now no one knows the exact strength of this poor old guy, if someone provokes me, hei hei……..”

Chen Luzhong’s laugh was extremely sinister, even Chen Xiang could not help but shiver. If you hid your strength, you could give your enemy a very nasty surprise, this was actually a very sinister move.

Soon, Chen Xiang and Chen Luzhong came inside a manor surrounded by high walls. This was the Southern Danxiang Herbal Manor. They entered a large two-storey building, inside they came to a place where dans were primarily sold.

“Brat, do not take things too far.” Chen Luzhong said complainingly.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and then shouted, “SHOPKEEPER, QUICKLY ROLL OUT!”

Chen Xiang poured vigorous True Qi into his voice turning it into a roar, the whole building shook slightly due to the roar, everyone present inside was shocked. It was a surprise to them that someone came here to cause trouble, moreover it was just a teenager.

The Danxiang Herbal Manor’s business was generally good, but due to Chen Xiang’s roar, everyone immediately went out and started watching the situation.

Chen Xiang’s roar disturbed all of the Danxiang Herbal Manor’s personnel. A ton of bodyguards immediately rushed to the scene and surrounded Chen Xiang.

These bodyguards were only at the 4th or 5th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, Chen Xiang could judge their strength from the slight True Qi emanating from their body. There were not many like Chen Xiang, who was already at the 6th level of the Mortal Martial Realm strength at a relatively younger age. Therefore, Chen Xiang, compared to these bodyguards, was relatively strong.

Chen Xiang looked around, there wasn’t any trace of Chen Luzhong. Just a moment ago, Chen Luzhong blended into the crowd and had already arrived outside. It seemed that Chen Luzhong did not wish to make an appearance in this matter.

“Do you even know what this place is? You dare to rush here and make trouble!”

At last, one thirty years old or so handsome man came forward. He was wearing white luxurious clothes and an exquisite jade belt was hanging on his waist. With just one glance, everybody could guess his noble status.


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