Chapter 31 – Manor Lord, Governor

Chen Xiang had successfully refined three Baptizing Marrow Dans and placed them in his mouth, then immediately started to operate the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise]. While assimilating the potency of the pills, he also started to absorb the five elements of Qi in between the heaven and earth. Furthermore, he also casted the [Dragon Saliva Exercise], while creating the accelerating growth catalyst for the spirit herb in the due process, the ‘Dragon Saliva’!

The next morning, the sun had just started to rise and King City was already very noisy. The Danxiang Herbal Manor news had already been spread among the whole city. This was just a small issue and as long as nobody was killed, it was just a simple matter for the Governor. But yesterday, his own son was beaten. If the Governor wasn’t going to intervene, then he would become a laughing stock to everyone.

Therefore, the entrance of Chen Luzhong’s store was already surrounded by many guards. On the avenue, two luxurious horse carriages were respectively driving directly towards the store.

These luxurious horse carriage stopped just before the entrance of the store. There were many guards around the carriages but only one carriage belonged to the Danxiang Herbal Manor whereas the others belonged to the Governor. Both parties were here for the same purpose and that was to find Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was still training in his room but with his keen senses, he was able to hear the commotion at the entrance. He immediately woke up and carefully listened to the voices.

“Manor Lord Hua, I did not expect that you would personally come here regarding my son’s issue. I know my son has really caused trouble for you, but please do forgive him.” From the black horse carriage, only a man’s voice could be heard and this voice belonged to the famous Governor of the King City of the Southern Martial Empire, Hua Gaoyun.

“Well, your son this time brought a lot of troubles for the Danxiang Herbal Manor! I didn’t come here for him, I came because I couldn’t sit idly and do nothing while someone has come to trouble my Danxiang Herbal Manor.”

A sliver of anger could be felt in this beautiful voice. Chen Xiang couldn’t help but be surprised. Danxiang Herbal Manor’s lord turned out to be a girl!

After tidying himself, Chen Xiang left his room through the backyard and entered the store inside where Chen Luzhong was already present.

“Grand Uncle, how come you didn’t hide this time?” Chen Xiang asked in a whisper. Meanwhile, he heard a knock.

“Shouldn’t I worry about you brat? The Governor and Manor Lord are not people you can mess with.”

After opening the door Chen Xiang and Chen Luzhong saw the bold and powerful soldiers standing outside. Of course, the most striking were the two horse carriages.

“What do you want?” Chen Luzhong asked while laughing.

From the two carriages inside, two people gott down. The one with the robust body was the Governor. He had a very small beard on his middle aged face, wearing a golden robe and adorned with shiny gold ornaments.

The other was Danxiang Herbal Manor’s Lord. A girl with a graceful figure and a gentle smile, wearing a blue skirt, face covered with a white muslin, revealing a pair of youthful and pretty eyes. When she saw Chen Xiang and Chen Luzhong, those clear like water eyes suddenly glittered with a slight shimmer.

“Was it you who injured my son?” Hua Gaoyun swept past Chen Xiang with his two eyes as he asked.


On Chen Xiang’s face there was no fear. Although he was facing two noble figures of King City, he was still very calm. He could see that Hua Gaoyun’s strength had reached the 8th level of mortal martial realm. He was not only fearless, but also wanted to have a contest with him.

At this time, a group of people from the crowd rushed out and pointed at Chen Xiang as they cursed. And it was evidently clear from their covered body in gauzes, these people were the bodyguards wounded by Chen Xiang at the manor

“Manor Lord, this is the guy who rushed into our Danxiang Herbal Manor and wounded us and the shopkeeper.” One bodyguard while grimacing in pain said.

Hua Gaoyun coldly smiled then turned to the Manor Lord and said, “Now that it is confirmed, Manor Lord Hua, how do you say we dispose of him!?”

The next words of Manor Lord Hua made surprised everyone.

“The partakers who damaged this store are hereby expelled from the Danxiang Herbal Manor. Although the young master indeed caused trouble with our manor, but it was all because we Danxiang Herbal Manor’s people were wrong earlier, therefore we are not investigating. Hua Yueyun, take this opportunity to apologize to the young master and also, the Danxiang Herbal Manor will compensate for the young masters losses.”

Danxiang Herbal Manor’s lord went as far as to apologize to a person! Hua Gaoyun was not the only one who was shocked. Chen Xiang and Chen Luzhong were also puzzled, but their impression of the Manor Lord had improved at this time. As Su Meiyao had said, this Danxiang Herbal Manor’s lord is indeed a person with a clear distinction between right and wrong.

“Although Manor Lord Hua let you off, I will not do the same! Catch him. This person caused trouble in King City, and injured many people. Be sure to deal with him ruthlessly.”

Hua Gaoyun was not as easy as soft and gentle woman.

Hua Yueyun slightly sighed and said, “Governor Hua, these two present before your eyes are alchemist, are you really going to make enemy with alchemists?”

Hua Gaoyun was shocked, as well as those bodyguards and the soldiers too! That Young man and the old man before their eyes were alchemists, it should be known the identity of alchemists were very rare in the Southern Martial Empire. Particularly the old alchemist, they were generally in a formidable family at a very high position and garnering respect. How would he appear here and moreover in such a poor condition?

Chen Xiang and Chen Luzhong from the start, never said a word. They calmly stood there, fearlessly.

Chen Luzhong said: “Governor Hua, this old man had bought this store many, many years before. Your son wanted to buy this from my hands, but I did not sell it so he took advantage of my absence and brought people to destroy it. If you don’t believe me, you can go in and take a look!”

“Mister, you should be the hall lord of Wohu City’s Spirit Dan Hall and this young master must be the famous genius of the Chen family.”

Chen Family genius. Was he not the one who trounced against both the Yao family genius and elder? Famous throughout the whole Southern Martial Empire, Chen Xiang? He actually came to King City, moreover together with Spirit Dan Hall’s lord. Everyone had long known that Spirit Dan Hall’s lord was treated as ante and lost to the Chen family!

“Now, I am not a hall lord, just an old servant of this brat.” Chen Luzhong laughed, but his words scared the hell out of everybody.

Spirit Dan Hall’s lord was a relatively well-known figure in Southern Martial Empire and had now become a mere servant of someone. If they didn’t hear this from his own mouth, people would never believe it.

Hua Gaoyun eyebrows were continuously moving up and down. The other two were alchemists and he didn’t think that his own idiot son would have a dispute with alchemists, that’s definitely not a wise move.

Chen Xiang looked at Hua Gaoyun and coldly said: “Governor Hua, your son tried to seize our Chen family property. If it would have been someone else, I would have definitely slain him! You should know if one’s family property is threatened, it is a very serious issue!”

Chen Xiang’s words were filled with slaughter Qi, the majority of the crowd couldn’t help but have shivers run down their spines. The Chen family wasn’t a martial artist’s

aristocratic family inside King City, but they still had inheritance from many years back, their profound heritage still could not be overlooked.

Hua Gaoyun wrinkled his brows, his face filled with anger, yet he couldn’t even attack. If he did so, he would have to consider the retaliation from the Chen family. Although his and the Yao family relationship was pretty good, it was only a relationship for mutual benefits.

“Let’s go!” Hua Gaoyun coldly shouted. He swallowed down the anger inside his heart and embarked on his carriage to leave.

TLN: There is no relation between the Governor and Manor Lord, their surname Hua are not the same, both have two different character and sound, Chinese is phonetic language so each character may seem similarly written but there sounds are different.

Hua Gao Yun (华高云)=Huá Gāo Yún

Hua Yue Yun (花月芸)=Huā Yuè Yún


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