Chapter 32 – Sect’s disciple

Hua Yueyun commanded some people to enter the store and estimate the damages, then said to Chen Xiang,”If the two of you have some time, you can always come to Danxiang Herbal Manor as guests, we’ll always welcome you two.”

After Hua Yueyun departed, Chen Luzhong held his waist and said while smiling “You think this woman is interesting, right?”

Chen Xiang whispered while his shining eyes were looking at the distant carriage, “This woman schemes are very deep. I sense that she wants to win us over.”

“You’re over thinking Despite being a woman, she could still govern such a large pill force, she had long been accustomed to gnawing the bones till nothing was left. Why would she need to use any underhanded means to win us over?”

Five days quickly passed. The store was brand new and was all done at no cost. Danxiang Herbal Manor had sent people to repair it and as long as there were enough pills and alchemists, the store would soon be open.

Chen Xiang came to King city for two purposes. One was to start the pill store, and other was to participate in the Martial Arts tournament of King City.

King City’s Martial Arts tournament had already begun accepting registrations. Although there were more than two months before it started, Chen Xiang had went to sign up early. Chen Xiang had also learnt some information along the way. Sect’s disciple would indeed appear at the tournament, but they weren’t going to participate in it, rather, they were just here to observe.

For several days, Chen Xiang and Chen Luzhong were very busy refining pills. In order for the business to run smoothly, they had to refine a large number of pills.

“Granduncle, with just the two of us refining pills, this is not the way to go… I don’t know if we’ll be able to continue like this.” Chen Xiang had just refined a Baptizing Marrow Dan, but the herbs he had to buy were from the Danxiang Herbal Manor.

“Young man, you think it is so easy to open up a store? If we don’t have at least five alchemists, it’ll be difficult to sustain. Even after opening the store, we’d have to wait for the customers to come and buy. As I see it, it’ll take at least two to three years before we can run smoothly.” Chen Luzhong’s reply made Chen Xiang stamp his feet anxiously, he couldn’t wait for so long.

In order to attract alchemists, he could only use some precious spirit herbs. Chen Xiang had planned to ripen a batch of herbs so he immediately left the alchemy room but when he arrived inside the store, he saw several people standing inside.

These people were one old man and four handsome teenagers. The breath released from their bodies were very pure which give people a strange feeling. This kind of purest True Qi couldn’t be cultivated out in the mortal world.

“You are………”

“HUMPH, YOU ARE CHEN XIANG?!” That white haired old man shouted, his face both mighty and angry, and also those four teenagers had put on a high and mighty act while looking at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang frowned, clenching his fist and said coldly, “Right. Are you here to make trouble?”

At this time Chen Luzhong also came out, when he saw that old man he also froze for a moment, his body still trembling. Apparently he was very afraid of this old man.

“You… are……” Chen Luzhong was speechless, he actually knew this old man.

That old man spoke, “Right, I am Chen Furong. Fifty years ago, I left the Chen family and entered a martial arts sect, and this time I came back to recruit some sect disciples but I heard some bad news.”

Chen Xiang was shocked inside his heart. This person responsible for recruiting sect disciple unexpectedly was one of the Chen family elders, but this elder seemed to be somewhat discontented with him.

“You dare to be enemies with the Yao family. You should know when I was inside the martial arts sect, the Yao family members had helped me a lot!” Chen Furong glared at Chen Xiang, simultaneously, he released True Qi pressing towards Chen Xiang which made Chen Xiang suddenly feel as if his body weigh ten thousand jin.

[TLN: Jin = Chinese measurement of weight, 1jin = 500g]

Astonishment from Chen Luzhong’s face had faded away and was replaced with coldness, “He is the Chen families once in thousand years born rare good seedling, but you embarrass him for your own selfish reason! This reason alone is enough for you not to have any qualification to be a member of the Chen family!”

When Chen Furong heard this statement, he restrained his breath, and looked at Chen Luzhong to determine his power level. As he was unable to see his power level, he contemptuously said: “What good seed? This little devil? Just casually grab anyone inside my sect and they will be much stronger than him. My four apprentices behind me will be able to win very easily against him.”

Just as Chen Furong last words fell, Chen Xiang’s stature moved similar to lightning. Azure aura started to surge into his fist, with flashing lightning aura and carrying vigorous and tyrannical lightning power, struck towards the teenager.

This sudden fierce attack left that teenager simply no time to dodge. His chest was ruthlessly hit by Chen Xiang’s fist. Blood spilled from his mouth and was forced to retreat couple of steps before coming to a stop.

“Just so-so!” Chen Xiang faintly said.He completely saw through Chen Furong, he now knew that the Chen family elder had no loyalty towards the Chen family. In order to befriend the Yao family, he was even dealing with his own clansman.

Chen Xiang’s sudden action made Chen Furong unceasingly shocked and angry. He had only heard of Chen Xiang’s strength but never witnessed it, but now it seems it was indeed amazing, even capable of slightly injuring a martial arts sect disciple.

“This is the strength of a martial arts sect disciple?” Chen Xiang said in contempt while glancing at the four teenagers, which in turn made the four teenager extremely furious.

“If you did not sneak attack me, you wouldn’t even be able to touch me.” The teenager while wiping his bloodstain mouth angrily retorted.

“So how about we have a little fight?”

Chen Xiang kneaded his fists, while on his face the intention to fight could be seen.

“Let’s fight!” The teenager’s heart was filled with anger, only by fighting would he be able to vent his anger that resided in his heart.

Chen Furong did not try to stop them, he retreated to one side blankly. This left a little space open, at this time, the teenager and Chen Xiang both rushed towards each other.

The teenager’s steps were very light, it was similar to superficially treading only using the tip of the toes. Not only was it fast, but he carried himself with a strong momentum.

“Mortal martial realm level-6!” Chen Xiang judged the teenagers strength immediately.

The teenager saw Chen Xiang motionlessly standing there, his whole body full of openings. When he saw Chen Xiang trying to guard from his steps, he was secretly proud of himself. He leapt into the sky, both his feet continuously sent out flying kicks, suddenly, after images were overflowing from the top of the sky and surged towards Chen Xiang. Vigorous True Qi shook the air with a loud noise, obviously this teenagers kicking method was impressive.

Chen Xiang didn’t imagine this kind of attack and at that moment, he simply couldn’t escape the countless leg shadows. He didn’t think this little weak looking teenager would know such an overbearing kicking technique.

“Deng deng deng”

Chen Xiang’s body in a blink of an eye flew and kicked a dozens of times. Afterwards, he fell on top of a wooden table which destroyed it immediately.

“Humph! You are also just so-so!” The teenager in said in disdain. Just as he finished, Chen Xiang jumped into the sky and stood straight, beating his clothes like nothing ever happened.

The teenagers as well as Chen Furong were completely astonished.

“You…..I truly kicked your body a moment ago, but how can you afford to withstand my powerful True Qi? I had at least kicked your body ten or so times, on each kick I poured very powerful True Qi.” That teenager with a serious complexion said. Only few people among the same level were capable of remaining safely unharmed under his kicking method.

Chen Xiang lightly smiled and said, “That move of yours was really good, but it was still average!”

While speaking, Chen Xiang dashed towards the teenager and with his fists, strikes similar to giant axe cutting mountains, were continuously struck out. Every fist strike had momentum similar to a giant river’s flow, bursting out a flurry of explosions. Each fist transformed into ferocious tiger heads, shocking the air, as if ferocious tigers were roaring in anger.

Uninterrupted and quick, Chen Xiang’s fist made countless afterimages similar to violent storm striking towards the teenage. The reaction of the teenager was very quick. Wind revolved around his body before it was covered in a layer of golden brilliance, which was metal attribute True Qi and he released a True Qi cover to protect himself.


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