Chapter 33 – Hua Yueyun

The teenagers True Qi shield was also very intrepid, as it was even able to withstand Chen Xiang’s crazy lightning fist strikes. Even so, Chen Xiang still didn’t pay any attention to it. Suddenly a trace of fiery red Qi started to mix with his green True Qi.

Till now Chen Xiang was only using wood attributed Azure Dragon True Qi, but now he started to add fire attributed Zhu Que True Qi. As both True Qi fused and superimposed on each other, their combined might was more than just double.

Chen Furong’s pupils’ contracted as Chen Xiang’s True Qi colour changed because one person possessing two types of True Qi was rarely seen!

The golden True Qi shield covering the teenager’s body slightly vibrated before Chen Xiang’s fists shook his firm True Qi shield.

Chen Xiang’s fists, with an explosive roar, suddenly gushed out scorching hot flames with lightning blowing inside the flames. An all around powerful and oppressive aura like wave violently surged, completely shaking everything.

Chen Xiang’s fists bombarded again while lightning and fire were flashing inside.

“Hong hong hong…………….”

Chen Xiang’s fist were quick as always. In a blink of an eye, tens of fists struck on the teenager’s golden True Qi shield sending out thunderous roars. Loudly shaking the ground, and soon after, spreading to the whole pavilion in all four directions.

With madness, continuously striking out fist while bursting continuous roars, watching this level of crazy attack, Chen Luzhong Chen Furong, as well as those teenagers watching were in awe. They did not think that the young Chen Xiang’s True Qi was vigorous to this degree, madly able to cast out such fierce True Qi attacks.

The golden Qi shield covering the teenager’s body covered already started to dim down. He was beaten back by Chen Xiang, and his body was numbing in pain as his golden True Qi shield was shaken by Chen Xiang’s crazy fist strength.

“Break!” Chen Xiang heavily shouted. While jumping, on his fists lightning and fire burst out as they struck towards the teenager’s body like a meteor. Directly breaking the teenager’s golden Qi, the teenager flew out and crashed through the wall falling on the avenue outside as a mouthful of blood surged out before he fainted.

Chen Xiang’s gaze swept past the other teenagers and coldly shouted, “Would you also like to come?”

The three teenagers couldn’t even speak. At this time,they were unable to calm down. Fear was clearly visible on their face. The level of slaughter Qi emitted by Chen Xiang was similar to a Great General who was perennial engaged in slaughtering.

“Let’s go!” Chen Furong was speechless. Chen Xiang’s strength also made him deeply shocked, he could see Chen Xiang’s martial skill was very strong and frightening.

“Wait, he is one of the big sect’s disciple. Although we exchanged some pointers, as I was not careful and wounded him, I have to heal him to avoid the jealousy and hatred of the sect.”

Immediately after Chen Xiang took out an alchemy furnace, he sat down cross-legged while taking out some spirit herbs from his storage pouch.

Chen Xiang actually wanted to refine a pill!

“Certainly you can directly heal him. Why bother!” Chen Furong impassively said.

Chen Xiang while sneering said, “You can try and see if ordinary pills will heal him. He was injured by my fire and lighting True Qi. If he doesn’t have the corresponding pill, his wounds will have a hard time healing.”

After speaking, Chen Xiang began to pour flames inside the furnace, meanwhile Chen Furong carried the teenager from the avenue. He determined that the teenager was seriously injured as he probed the wounds. Moreover, lighting and fire Qi had entered the body from the wounds, and these lighting and fire were not common lightning and fire.

Half an hour passed. Chen Furong and his apprentices had been silent, patiently waiting, and they also wanted to take a look at Chen Xiang’s alchemy technique.

Chen Xiang opened the furnace lid while a pill aroma wafted out. It only took half an hour to refine the healing pill! This was too damn fast! This made Chen Furong and the three teenagers extremely scared.

“This is a Great Rejuvenating Dan, Middle-Grade Mortal Level Dan!” Chen Xiang handed out a pink dan to Chen Furong. He did this so that the Chen family senior wouldn’t hate him as well as change Chen Furong’s opinion about him.

Middle-Grade Mortal Level Dan! Chen Xiang only took half an hour to refine it! As Chen Furong received the dan, he immediately determined that it was genuine. At this time, he had to admit that Chen Xiang was someone with an immeasurable future.

“Do you want to start a business by selling dans? Here, there is not only the Danxiang Herbal Manor, but also the Yao family. With just the two of you refining pills, this store will surely fail! This idea is simply too naive, I will make the Chen family stop you. This is simply a waste of money! Chen Xiang here is a tip, it is best if you go and apologize to the Yao family!”

Chen Furong after dropping this sentence, left with the teenagers.

With Chen Furong gone, Chen Luzhong said with a sigh, “This guy has always been very selfish, therefore he left the Chen family a long time ago. I simply did not imagine that he would have received the Yao family’s grace and actually came here to deal with his own clan member. If your grandfather was here, he would have punished him.”

Chen Xiang asked as he cleaned the floor, “Granduncle, great sect’s disciple all have this level of strength?”

Chen Luzhong shook his head and said: “They are just Outer Sect disciples. If it would have been an Inner Sect disciple or a True Disciple, then you would simply have no chance of winning! Chen Furong should have a relatively high position among outer sect’s disciple.”

Chen Xiang was shocked. He had estimated that Chen Furong’s strength was at least at the 9th level of Mortal Martial Realm, and he was only an Outer Sect disciple! Then what is the level of Inner Sect and True Disciples?

“I have to go look and hire some alchemists.” Chen Xiang said. He already had some plans about how to proceed.

“Most of the alchemists inside the King City have already joined other forces. In order to find some will be somewhat difficult.” Chen Luzhong sighed because alchemists were very rare and so, many forces fought over them.

Chen Xiang said while he rolled his eyes: “I have to go to Danxiang Herbal Manor. I’ll look for that woman to discuss about some business.”

Soon after Chen Xiang put down the broom, he ran out of the store towards the biggest Danxiang Herbal Manor located in the central region of the King City. This was also the headquarters of all the Danxiang Herbal Manor located in King City.

The Danxiang Herbal Manor headquarters was a giant manor. Chen Xiang entered inside while indicating his identity. Immediately after, he was received with warm welcome. One maid took him through many halls and courtyards inside the manor eventually coming to a colourful and gorgeous garden, and amidst the garden was a small house.

The aroma wafting from the flower beds made Chen Xiang feel somewhat refreshed. Then from inside the house, came an enchanting and gentle voice, “Young master Chen , please come in! I knew you would come visit.”

An attractive laughter sounded out and Hua Yueyun words slightly stunned Chen Xiang. In his heart, he subtly cursed ‘vixen’, then pulled himself together and walked forward.

Chen Xiang came to a small hall full of exquisite aroma. Inside the hut he saw an enchanting woman with a graceful posture and beautiful appearance was preparing some tea leaves.

Previously, Hua Yueyun had covered her face with a veil so Chen Xiang wasn’t able to see her face, but now that he saw. It was much more beautiful than he had imagined but this time, she was wearing a white transparent gauze skirt. You could partly see her jade lotus like arms, as well as her sultry and slender legs. Her pretty waist was visible through her thin veil, as well as her milk white ample bosom with a deep ravine.

This was butt naked temptation. If Chen Xiang didn’t have extremely good control over his mind against stunning beauties, he probably would have already been under their control. This left him puzzled about why such a stunning figure was here.


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