Chapter 34 – Temptation

Hua Yueyun’s little red mouth was slightly stretched before she took a sip of the petal tea. Seemingly speechless and enchanted, with a sweet smile hanging on her face, she said to Chen Xiang, “Young master, what say we get down to business over a cup of tea.”

Chen Xiang touched his nose, he suddenly felt a little embarrassed, because he just had a martial art contest with someone. Moreover, he had also refined a set of herbs of the Great Rejuvenating Dan, so he was more or less covered in sweat and dressed very sloppy.

He smiled and said, “Manor Lord Hua, compared to the beauties outside, you are much more beautiful, and I just do not understand why would Manor Lord Hua be so warm towards me. This passion truly made me feel very hot ah!”

Finished speaking, Chen Xiang cursed ‘Yaojing’ in his heart. Soon after, a fire secretly started burning in his lower abdomen.

[TLN: Yaojing (妖精) = alluring woman or evil spirit who is enchanting and beautiful.]

Although on the surface, he was calm, he was actually very restless in his heart. He had seen Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao’s jade like body before, and also had intimate contacts with the little fairy like soft refined dust*, Xue Xianxian. Moreover, he had also seen the remarkably graceful Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. He had to admit that the Hua Yueyun in front of him was indeed like lilies and roses, and that her appearance was comparable to the several beauties he had seen.

[TLN: soft refined dust (轻尘脱俗) I just translated as written but in Chinese it is used to describe a woman in elegant way who is pure and not tainted by any other worldly things. (Not that kind which you are thinking more in good way. :)]

“Young master already has Xue Xianxian, that talented little fairy. How could you think highly of this little miss?” Hua Yueyun pretended to be self-deprecating and on her pretty face a trace of envy was visible.

Chen Xiang no longer excessively looked at this beautiful woman. He drank a cup of petal tea and said, “Manor Lord Hua, let’s get to the point. I want to dispose a Thousand Year Old Blood Spirit Grass, and I think that Manor Lord Hua should give me a satisfactory price!”

When Hua Yueyun heard this, she no longer sexually harassed this innocent young boy. She sat down and poured him more tea and said, “You caught me by surprise. This is a thousand year Blood Spirit Grass, and you are an alchemist. Is it that you don’t know how precious it is? If young master is short on money, then this little miss can lend you some first.”

Chen Xiang was surprised in his heart. He wasn’t clear about why he got her favour. How was he able to make such a mature, stunning beauty act so intimately with him, even lend him some money.

“This woman’s schemes are very heavy, I have to be careful.” Chen Xiang fully realized that the truth was anything but gallant.

“No, I don’t want to owe anybody. If Manor Lord Hua is not willing, then I will find someone else.” Chen Xiang stood up. He did not want to get enticed by this woman again, after all, this was not good for him.

Hua Yueyun sighed lightly, sipped the tea while looking dejected, faintly said, “While in the eyes of others I’m a superior manor lord, but my real identity is nothing but a maidservant of the Danxiang Taoyuan. Just because I was comparatively more beautiful and a little clever, I was sent here to assume control of the Danxiang Herbal Manor.”

So this girl, as beautiful as a heavenly immortal was just a maidservant! For Chen Xiang it was implausible.

“Young master Chen , you are but a rare genius, whether it is strength or alchemy, both are inherent. Even in martial arts sects, it would be very difficult to find someone like you! I want to say openly, I want to pull you into the Danxiang Taoyuan. That way I can obtain rewards from the Danxiang Taoyuan, and you can leave this damned place with meager Spirit Qi.” Hua Yueyun grumbled tenderly and pitifully looking at Chen Xiang.

One martial arts sect recruiting a good seedling. For a sect, that was a good thing but Chen Xiang felt somewhat uncertain, “You mean, after you enroll me into the Danxiang Taoyuan, you will gain some benefits? You do not look like a maidservant, I sense your strength to be at least at 8th level of Mortal Martial Realm!”

Hua Yueyun was slightly taken back, “Young master Chen has good eyes. To tell you the truth, after entering the Danxiang Taoyuan, I’ll only get the reward once you become a True Disciple, because, many geniuses are unable to enter the True Martial Realm. I’ve personally seen many of those geniuses.”

Chen Xiang said with a smirk, “You have been fooling a lot of people!”

Hua Yueyun pouted her little mouth, “I’ve never lied to them, which is why they voluntarily went to the Danxiang Taoyuan. Moreover, it was not harmful for them.”

Chen Xiang shook his head and said, “I do not want to enter the Danxiang Taoyuan, I want to enter the Extreme Martial Sect!”

Hua Yueyun said with contempt, “Extreme Martial Sect? Young master Chen, you know amongst the eight major faction, the Extreme Martial Sect is the most difficult to enter. Extreme Martial Sect, no matter how talented you are, as long you cannot pass through their tests, you will be rejected from the gate!”

Chen Xiang gaze became sharp, said, “This is challenging!”

Hua Yueyun wrinkled her nose and with an angry ‘humph’ said, “Fool, you’ve me leading you into the Danxiang Taoyuan and you don’t want to enter, you’re hell bent going into that bloody Extreme Martial Sect. You’re going to regret it later!”

“Regretting is still my issue, thanks for Manor Lord Hua’s concern!” Chen Xiang slightly smiled to her.

Hua Yueyun nibbled her red lip, looking at Chen Xiang with resentment, she murmured, “Don’t call me something like Manor Lord Hua, I’m just a maidservant.I cannot stand this title. Since you know who I am, don’t be so flattering………just call me Yueyun, or I will not sell any dans to your Chen Family.”

Just a moment ago, she could eternally enthrall someone with her peerless charm, and now, she turned into an angry little girl which made Chen Xiang laugh involuntarily, “Yueyun, now can we talk about that thousand year old Blood Spirit Grass?”

Hua Yueyun drank two cups of tea, and after dispersing the anger in her heart, she said, “Chen Xiang, since you insist on selling, I’ll not urge you! You’re really a fool. Not only do you want to sell this precious spirit herb, but you also want to reject my invitation to enter the Danxiang Taoyuan….Xue Xianxian, this heavenly pampered daughter, why does she fancy an idiot like you?”

Speaking of which, Hua Yueyun’s pretty face full of anger had a totally different kind of charm. Looking at her, Chen Xiang secretly admired her in his heart. If Hua Yueyun came to know about this, she would certainly fly into a rage.

“If you are in urgent need of money, if you want, I can lend you some. Although I’m just a maidservant, I have a lot of spirit coins and I can also freely mobilise spirit coins of the Danxiang Herbal Manor.”

“Woman, you’re getting really long-winded. Give me a price! I don’t want to owe you.” said Chen Xiang while curling his lips..

Hua Yueyun spat and said, “Four hundred thousand spirit coins.”

Chen Xiang was satisfied with this price. He nodded and said, “And I would also like to buy some of the spirit herbs.”

Chen Xiang took out a list as well as the thousand year Blood Spirit Grass. Hua Yueyun sighed after taking the thousand year Blood Spirit Grass, “If you enter the Danxiang Taoyuan and become a True Disciple, I can be your maidservant…at that time I will be yours forever.”

Chen Xiang’s eyebrows rose. That was a very big temptation, but he refused, “Xianxian, this little girl will be jealous.”

Hua Yueyun stuck her tongue out and said, “Talking to this fool is like talking to a dead person. Wait for my return.”

Looking at that writhing charming waist of Hua Yueyun as she left, Chen Xiang let out a deep breath. This time Su Meiyao laughingly said, “This is a formidable little Yaojing! If she is capable of making you a True Disciple, that is indeed a very good thing! You should know that inside those martial arts sects, a True Disciple’s status is very high.”


Bai Youyou said, “Simple, because True Disciples are in or above True Martial Realm. Although those martial sects are very big and have numerous disciples, True Disciples are not many, and True Disciples basically represent the strength of the whole sect.”


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