Chapter 35 – Metal spirit fruit

At this point, Chen Xian wanted more and more to experience what it felt like to be in a sect. But, even those who were in the 8th and 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm were only Outer Sect’s disciples. From this, it was clear how competitive it was, let alone to enter the Extreme Martial Sect.

“Extreme Martial Sect has really harsh conditions, can I even become a true disciple?” Chen Xiang muttered.

“Sure, you have Yin and Yang divine veins, and being personally taught by us two sisters, as long as you work hard, in the future you will definitely become strong enough to even reign over an entire region.” Bai Youyou said resolutely and decisively, as she was very confident in Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang waited for a while, before Hua Yueyun returned. This time, she wore a purple robe and skirt, not like before, as she was now looming with temptation, which made Chen Xiang feel somewhat disappointed.

“These are the things that you wanted along with the leftover spirit coins.” Hua Yueyun placed the spirit coins and some herbs wrapped in paper on the table.

Chen Xiang didn’t bother checking and directly received them inside his storage pouch, thus showing his trust in Hua Yueyun, which made Hua Yueyun secretly happy in her heart.

“Have you registered to participate in King City’s martial arts tournament? This Southern Martial Empire is under the jurisdiction of the True Martial Sect forces.” Hua Yueyun asked because she was obviously concerned about Chen Xiang.

After some thinking, Chen Xiang said, “I will participate, but I’m not going to join the True Martial Sect. I’m just participating for the True Elemental Dan!”

Looking at Chen Xiang leaving, Hua Yueyun shook her head and lightly sighed, disappointment was evident in her pretty eyes. Previously, she was able to make this kind of callow teenager submit to her with just a few words. However, now, not only did she talk a lot, she was also rather enticing while she spoke. Yet, in the end, she still wasn’t able to persuade Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang sold the thousand year Blood Spirit Grass for four hundred thousand spirit coins, and then with a hundred thousand spirit coins, purchased a lot of mature spirit herbs. Among these spirit herbs, the most precious of all was the Metal Spirit Fruit’s seed.

[TLN: here in the end I translated as seed but the actual translation would be fruit nuclei (果核) well basically seed. :)]

Metal Spirit Fruit was a high-grade profound level spirit fruit, and was as precious as the Thousand Vein Fruit. Reportedly, it would only appear once every thousand years. Whether it was the pulp or the peel, they were of great usage, especially in refining high–grade dans. Adding some of it during the refining could allow an increase of the quality of the dans, and also increasing the chance of congealing the dans.

Chen Xiang had just purchased a Metal Spirit Fruit’s seed, and it would be used for planting a Metal Spirit Tree. The seed was also used in alchemy, but no one had ever thought of growing a tree from it, because it needed an exceedingly long time to grow. Even if someone were to grow one, they’d still have to wait a thousand years, before the tree would bear a fruit for the first time.

But this wasn’t the same for Chen Xiang. These days, he had accumulated a lot of Dragon Saliva. Continually irrigating the seed with it, he would be able to produce the Metal Spirit Fruit quickly.

Chen Xiang was in the small courtyard. He planted the seed, before he took out a jade bottle filled with the Dragon Saliva. Now he needed to nurture the seed, so there was no need to dilute the Dragon Saliva with water. He just had to directly drip it on the Metal Spirit Fruit’s seed inside the soil.

Just as he poured a drop, a large amount of Spirit Qi suddenly surged and permeated into the soil. Immediately after, a small bud grew out. After seeing that it was this effective, Chen Xiang continued dripping the Dragon Saliva on the soil.

With each drop, a large amount of Spirit Qi violently surged deep into the ground leading into the Metal Spirit Fruit’s seed inside. The Dragon Saliva itself contained an abundant life force, and now, it would allow the small tree to absorb a large amount of Spirit Qi, which would accelerate its growth.

Chen Xiang now understood why Su Meiyao had always repeatedly urged him not to reveal anything about the [Dragon Saliva Exercise]. Otherwise, it would be very troublesome. It was only now, that he deeply felt the formability of this heaven defying divine exercise. His heart grew more and more excited. Give him some time, and even growing a ten thousand year old spirit herb, would be like taking a walk in the park!

After exhausting a bottle of the Dragon Saliva, the Metal Spirit Fruit’s seed had grown into a human sized small tree; this was only in half a day worth of time!

“Ugh, there’s still no fruit!” Chen Xiang complained as he was somewhat dissatisfied.

– Humph! –

“You should be content. If it was under normal circumstances, it would have taken at least five hundred years to grow into this size. You will need to collect at least one more month worth of Dragon Saliva to allow this tree to bear fruit.”

As long as it bore a fruit, Chen Xiang would be able to grow several Metal Spirit Fruits. At that time he would announce this to the entire nation: ‘Recruiting alchemists, with Metal Spirit Fruit as a reward’. With such an easy task, it might even lead to a dogfight between the alchemists.

“Brat, you should now start collecting herbs for refining a Building Foundation Dan. You have Yin and Yang divine veins and cultivate divine exercises, so entering into the True Martial Realm is not a problem, but if you want it to be fast and stable, this dan is a must!” Bai Youyou said.

Building Foundation Dan, a Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, mainly used for a stable foundation and enhancing the body. It also increased the purity of True Qi, and if taken before entering the True Martial Realm, advancing would be much easier.

Chen Xiang, while curling his lips, said, “I can only refine Middle-Grade Mortal Level Dan, but Profound Level Dan… ya! Even when I’m at the peak of Mortal Martial Realm, I’m afraid I still wouldn’t have the ability to refine it!”

“Ignorant little devil, as long as you’re able to refine a High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, you’ll be able to refine the Building Foundation Dan! Only because the herbs of the Building Foundation Dan are very rare, it is categorised as a profound level Dan. But, the difficulty of refining it isn’t all that great. Humph!” Bai Youyou said coldly.

Chen Xiang now had the Thousand Vein Fruit and also a thousand year Beast Dan. With these three rare spirit herbs, refining the Building Foundation Dan was possible. Because he practiced [Dragon Saliva Exercise], as long as he had a seed, he could infinitely grow the spirit herbs. At that time, he could have as many Building Foundation Dan as he wanted. Buying the seeds wouldn’t be an issue, since the Building Foundation Dan could be sold for many spirit coins.

Thinking of this point, Chen Xiang was extremely excited. Of course presently he had to elevate his strength. With stronger strength, came also an increase in the ripening of the Dragon Saliva, moreover refining high-grade dans required stronger flames.

At night, Chen Xiang disguised himself and left King City. He went to a distant mountain forest, with relatively dense True Qi, which would allow him to speed up his cultivation.

Chen Xiang closed his eyes, and with the help of his Yin and Yang divine veins, he sensed the rich Spirit Qi within a radius of tens of Li. When he operated the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise], the Spirit Qi immediately surged into his body. Chen Xiang then refined them into five-element True Qi, compressing and storing them in the five locations inside his dantian.

Before dawn, Chen Xiang had already woken up. Cultivating in a place with rich Spirit Qi, not only would it allow him to cultivate more True Qi, it would also help him in gathering more Dragon Saliva. This was also one of the reason he came to these outskirts.

Chen Xiang was as energetic as a dragon and as fierce as a tiger. Suddenly, in the middle of the forest, he started boxing. In this dim forest, criss-crossing green and red light constantly flashed, transforming into tiger heads, striking out at the empty air, while bursting out roars. Each of his fists emitted fierce winds, while the soil on the ground was curled up like the waves of the sea. Intermittent sounds bursted out as his fists struck the trees, while dismembering the trees, which could be encircled by two people, in the process.

This was the high-grade spirit level martial skill [Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist]. Chen Xiang had the [Divine Exercise Of Four Symbols], but presently he could only learn some of the common martial techniques, although its power was good, it was still insufficient.

Only if one was familiar in casting martial techniques would it be useful during a battle. By now, Chen Xiang was able to smoothly perform the [Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist]. He now felt pleasure in releasing the vigorous True Qi from his body, while casting the martial techniques. As he struck out, his vigorous True Qi transformed into a formidable and ingenious power, which also made him feel more comfortable.

Many trees broke as his punches landed on them, one by one, blasting them off from the ground and forming many pits, Chen Xiang sighed as he thought. He was only at the 6th level of the Mortal Martial Realm and had this level of strength. An ordinary person, in his eyes, were already similar to ants, as even for someone at the same level, it would be difficult for them to resist his violent [Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist].

“If I enter into the True Martial realm, how powerful will I be?” When Chen Xiang thought about this, his mind couldn’t help but surge with an inexplicable excitement. He had a very strong desire for more and more power, which boosted his morale.


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