Chapter 37 – Generous Remuneration

Everyone stared blankly. Originally, they had thought the stone would turn purple. Instead, Chen Xiang’s fists blasted it into smithereens! Not even the strength measuring stone was able to withstand his violent attack.

Before, there were those who had turned the strength measuring stone into blue or purple, they had already been considered leaders of the younger generation. But now, Chen Xiang had smashed the strength measuring stone, it was pretty clear that his strength had surpassed those individuals!

Chen Xiang also hadn’t expected this kind of result. Since he had broken the strength measuring stone, he feared the Yao Family would ask him to compensate for it.

“Did… did I pass? I did not intend to smash it, I just wanted to use my strongest strike for this test. I did not expect my luck to be so good, it suddenly shattered all of a sudden!” Chen Xiang scratched his head and grinned.

Everyone was looking at him with contempt. Smashing that stone with luck, only an idiot would believe that bullshit!

“Passed!” The person in charge thought that if this result wasn’t considered a pass, then no one would be able to pass.

An additional stamp was added to Chen Xiang’s sheet, giving him the right to participate in the King City Martial Arts Tournament.

Chen Xiang let out a deep breath. It seemed as if the Yao Family was not going to ask compensation for the destruction of that strength measuring stone.

However, this was definitely not Chen Xiang’s full strength. He only used his fire and wood attributed True Qi while the other True Qis had not been used. If all five elements of True Qi had been fused, his blow would have been many times more powerful!

He had been practising for many days just to perfect the fusion between fire and wood attributed True Qi so they would complement each other, transforming into a more powerful True Qi. This was one of the main reasons Chen Xiang was almost unmatched when compared with those at the same cultivation!

After returning from registration, Chen Xiang immediately started refining dans. Even at such a young age, the dans refined by him were better than many of the old alchemists, this was what Chen Luzhong said.

In these past few days, he had been learning a lot of alchemy skills and experiences from Su Meiyao, and subsequently shared them with Chen Luzhong. He had benefited a lot from this, but he thought they were from Chen Xiang’s own discoveries, so Chen Luzhong admired his nephew more and more.

Ten days passed quickly. In this small courtyard of his, six fist sized golden fruits were shining. As the sunlight shone on them, a very attractive golden glow glittered. Just being near them, one could feel the intense Spirit Qi emitted by the Metal Spirit Fruit.

“This is a High-Grade Profound Level fruit, ah! I wonder what it tastes like!” Chen Xiang forcefully swallowed his own saliva. If those old alchemists came to learn about Chen Xiang’s thoughts, he would definitely be beaten into a pulp. Eating a Metal Spirit Fruit was simply recklessly wasting precious natural resources!

After Chen Xiang cautiously picked up those six shining golden Metal Spirit Fruits and placed them inside his storage pouch, he left the store in a hurry. He quickly arrived in the vicinity of the Danxiang Herbal Manor. Close by, there was a place completely specialized for seeking alchemists. Before heading there, he had already prepared a notice to affix.

“Chen Family’s Dan King Hall, recruiting three alchemists capable of refining High-Grade Mortal Level Dans, Remuneration: Metal Spirit Fruit…”

Above, Chen Xiang wrote his name and address. Although he had six Metal Spirit Fruits, he was going to leave some for his own use. After all, this Metal Spirit Fruit had great utility for refining the Building Foundation Dan.

Chen Xiang returned to the store and patiently waited. He knew that many alchemists would be attracted by the reward and come here. After all, a Metal Spirit Fruit was a priceless High-Grade Profound Level spirit fruit, every alchemist would yearn for them! So of course, this kind of reward would definitely be able to attract many alchemists.

Chen Xiang did not have to wait for long before someone came and asked for him. However, to his surprise, it was not an alchemist but someone he was already acquainted with, it was the Danxiang Herbal Manor Lord, Hua Yueyun!

Chen Luzhong was also quite confused. He didn’t know anything about Chen Xiang using the Metal Spirit Fruit to recruit alchemists, otherwise Chen Luzhong would already have been jumping around.

Hua Yueyun got down from the horse carriage and directly rushed into the store. This time, she didn’t wore a veil on her face, and with her snow white long skirt she appeared both elegant and noble.

Chen Xiang immediately asked after noticing the resentment on her still elegant and beautiful face, “Manor Lord Hua, what happened?”


With a low snort, Hua Yueyun asked with a serious face, “Did you really offer Metal Spirit Fruits as remuneration for recruiting alchemists?”

Chen Luzhong was stunned for a moment, quickly looked at Chen Xiang. He nodded his head, spread his hands and asked, “What’s the problem? Is it not allowed?”

Seeing this, Chen Luzhong was stunned and uttered a shriek. Immediately after, he shouted, “YOU BRAT, YOU ACTUALLY HAVE METAL SPIRIT FRUIT BUT YOU’RE USING IT FOR REMUNERATING ALCHEMISTS!? ARE YOU CRAZY!?”

One could only come across Metal Spirit Fruit serendipitously because they were very rare. Ordinarily, people who obtained a Metal Spirit Fruit would keep it for themselves, while maybe just selling its peel and the seed.

Cough Cough!

Chen Xiang coughed and took out two shining golden fruit, he placed them on the table. Suddenly, a bizarre Spirit Qi drifted out from them which even made Chen Luzhong and Hua Yueyun shocked!

Neither of them expected Chen Xiang to have two Metal Spirit Fruits.

“You…you…you…” Chen Luzhong was completely speechless as he pointed at Chen Xiang, .

Hua Yueyun took a deep breath. After all, she was from a large sect and had already seen much of this world. However, it was still inconceivable for her that Chen Xiang was actually in possession of such a treasure at such young age.

Thousand Vein Fruit, Hell Spirit Grass, Thousand Year Beast Dan, and now the Metal Spirit Fruit. All of these materials were very precious and rare, yet Chen Xiang was somehow still able to acquire them!

At this moment, Chen Xiang took out another Metal Spirit Fruit making both of them shudder once again. Chen Xiang just chuckled and said, “Granduncle, I know you like to remain hidden, so I’ll give these three Metal Spirit Fruits to you for safekeeping. One is for your own use while you should use the other two for the remuneration for requiring alchemists. When those alchemists come, they will all be screened by you.”

Looking at the three shining golden fruits on the table, Hua Yueyun nibbled her tender lips and an indescribable complexion was visible on her face. In her opinion, Chen Xiang was a rare seedling in the field of alchemy, and even had a great chance of advancing to the True Martial Realm! However, she just wasn’t able to entice Chen Xiang into joining Danxiang Taoyuan.

Chen Luzhong’s hands were trembling as he carefully received the Metal Spirit Fruits. After forcefully restraining his excited heart, he said, “You brat, where did you get this?”

Chen Xiang randomly fabricated a story, “Last night, while I was practising in the mountains, I came across a hidden place with an entire tree, so I moved the whole thing back here.”

“A Metal Spirit Tree will usually bear five fruits. It seems you’re quite rich now!” Hua Yueyun’s enchanting myriad eyes gently winked at Chen Xiang, which was indescribably charming. Chen Xiang tilted his head and avoided her charming gaze, he asked, “Manor Lord Hua, what did you come here for?”


“I wanted to see if you truly had the Metal Spirit Fruit. That being said, this approach of yours is too high profile! It’s very troublesome. Previously, the Yao Family didn’t pay an ounce of attention to your Chen Family’s Dan King Hall, but now with you using the Metal Spirit Fruits to entice alchemists, they definitely won’t allow you to open your shop smoothly!”

“Who dares stop us!? I’ll kill them!” Chen Luzhong roared out in a majestic voice. He had just received a Metal Spirit Fruit, and give him some time, and he would be able to refine it into a dan and breaking through his current bottleneck would not be difficult.


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