Chapter 378 : Kings’ Mainland

Suddenly, a white beam of light appeared in the center of the stone room. When Chen Xiang arrived beside it, he found two things suspended inside the white beam.

One was a black disc that was as big as a palm, the other was a map.

As Chen Xiang took them in his hands, he noticed there were a lot of text on the black disc. The disc appeared to consist of many rings that were placed one after another to form a whole circle, and these rings could be rotated!

“This Luo Tian Door is a very powerful magical equipment that would not only allow you to shuttle to another mainland, as long as you have enough strength, you could even shuttle to another world, and even enter the Heavenly Realm! However, that is under the premise that you have enough strength. As I see it, your current strength is just about enough for you to run around the mortal world. If you want to travel to another world, you would have to step into Nirvana Realm first.”

Wu Canghong’s words astounded Chen Xiang so much that his eyes were almost about to come out. Even in his wildest dreams, he could never imagine that such an inconspicuous thing was actually so formidable that it could allow someone to cross the world, and even shuttle to other mainlands easily.

“First, you need to pour a drop of blood on it so that the magical equipment recognizes you as its master. Afterward, you can turn the various rings on the Luo Tian Disc! The direction, space distance, elevation, and other parameters are marked above it. After you have determined the parameters to the location where you want to shuttle and utilize the Luo Tian Door, the disc will then open a portal. As long as you enter it, you will reach your destination!”

Chen Xiang immediately gulped a mouthful of saliva. This magical equipment was truly heaven-defying. It was an extremely powerful space magical equipment, one that was very useful to him. This made him incessantly wild with joy. Not only could he easily leave the mainland, he would eventually be able to leave this world.

“The data of many places are already stored inside the Luo Tian Door. They are all major mainlands in the mortal world. After your blood has merged with it, you can sense them! Don’t worry, I have set the door to shuttle to a very safe place. After you arrive there, you will definitely be safe.” Wu Canghong said with a smile.

Quickly, Chen Xiang expressed his gratitude, “Senior Wu, thank you for giving me such a powerful magical equipment. With this equipment, many of my future troubles will be greatly reduced.”

Wu Canghong smiled and said, “You don’t have to thank me. In the Heavenly Realm, this thing isn’t that useful. But in the mortal world, it is quite formidable, so I thought to look for a suitable person to pass this thing on! The other item in the light is a map that leads to a mysterious realm.”

A map of a mysterious realm! Chen Xiang was pleased in his heart. Generally, a lot of good stuff could be found inside a mysterious realm. If he could go there, he would definitely make a big score.

“On the back of the map is a diagram of the formation that opens the mysterious realm. You need some people to arrange the formation and release its strength. This will allow you to open a small entrance to the mysterious realm, which should be enough to let a human to go in and out. On the front is the route map! The things stored inside the mysterious realm are extraordinary, all of them are rare martial arts books left behind by us 100,000 years ago, and some of them even have our cultivation experience recorded! However, they are all useless to you. After all, you have the all powerful Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise. This divine exercise covers and contains everything.”

Chen Xiang nodded and said, “Yes, but I still want to learn other powerful martial techniques as well.”

The martial techniques inside the Divine Exercise of Four Symbols could not be used too much. Although their application slowly increased along with his strength, he still felt like it was not enough.

“I just have a single suggestion. Give this map to those guys above who are still holding the assembly, let them find the mysterious realm. Some of the martial techniques inside are also the inheritance passed down by their sects’ ancestors. At that time, they could take their own sect’s martial techniques. That would be the best! This way, their trip would not be in vain, and you can also put forth a condition to them, that they can’t catch you.” Wu Canghong said.

Chen Xiang’s eyes lit up, that was indeed a good solution. At that time, the Extreme Martial Sect can also get many martial techniques. Then, he could ask Gu Dongchen for techniques, and he was sure that he would be able to get them.

“Entering the mysterious realm is still a little dangerous. If you let these guys go, you just have to wait and you will still get your Extreme Martial Sect’s martial techniques.”

Chen Xiang looked at the map, asked, “Senior Wu, in the past, how many sects were there?”

“I don’t know about the other mainlands, but the Chenwu Mainland had eight major righteous sects. If I had to guess, some of the sects might have disappeared in the midway, or emerged in another way! For example, a sect disbanded for quite some time and then reappeared with another name to continue their martial arts inheritance. Of course, if they had conflicts with other sects and were destroyed, then consider them finished.”

According to Chen Xiang’s knowledge, several of the sects on Chenwu Mainland were established after the Great Battle of Three Realms such as the Danxiang Taoyuan, Icewind Valley, True Martial Sect. These sects didn’t have a long history like the Extreme Martial Sect.

The mysterious realm was located on the Kings’ Mainland. Chen Xiang felt that the Kings’ Mainland would definitely be marvelous, just from its name, it was clear that it was incredibly formidable. “Senior Wu, in which sea domain is the Kings’ Mainland located in the mortal world?” Chen Xiang asked while looking at the map.

“Forget which sea domain, the Kings’ Mainland is an independent existence! The citizens of the Kings’ Mainland rarely have contact with the outside world, they didn’t appear even during the last Heroes Assembly! Presumably, they didn’t appear this time too, so there isn’t any table for them.” Wu Canghong sighed and said.

“So to say, they didn’t participate in the Great Battle of Three Realms?”

“They have, they sent many powerful people, like… like me, I am from the Kings’ Mainland.” Wu Canghong smiled and said.

Chen Xiang asked in a surprise, “Are the people of Kings’ Mainland strong?”

“But of course, it was the only mainland which hasn’t suffer any damage during the Great Battle of Three Realms. In regards to the martial arts inheritance, no one can compare with the Kings’ Mainland.”

“If you have decided, I will then send you above, allowing you to make a deal with them! If they don’t want to, you can think of some way to escape! Oh, that’s right! You can’t reveal anyone about what happened here. If they ask, you can just say it was from a senior of the Kings’ Mainland.” Wu Canghong said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, “I have decided. Senior Wu, will your spirit thought still remain here in the future?”

“No, I am already a person of Heavenly Realm. I should not manipulate the matters of the Mortal World. After you leave, this wisp of my spirit thought will also dissipate.” Wu Canghong said.

Chen Xiang was a little disappointed. He had thought of coming here once in awhile to discuss Shinto with Wu Canghong. But he knew there would be opportunities in the future, after all, they could still meet in the Heavenly Realm.

“Although I will not be here, you can still come here to cultivate anytime. I think this place should be the safest place in the Chenwu Mainland.” Wu Canghong said with a smile, “I’m going to send you above now, I reckon those guys will definitely jump from fright.”

Above the stone room, Gu Dongchen was enthusiastically speaking when suddenly he saw Chen Xiang rise up from the center of the room. Gu Dongchen let loose a shriek of surprise, his face paled as if he had just seen a ghost.

The stone tables were arranged on the square field in a way that they would form a circle. At this moment, everyone was looking at Chen Xiang who stood in the center. Their appearances were not much different than Gu Dongchen!



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