Chapter 380 – Luo Tian Door

Currently, they still could not leave for the Kings’ Mainland because a rift had appeared in the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains. They needed to close that rift, and only then could they leave.

“100,000 years ago, our Sacred Light Temple also must have left some inheritance, we also need to go to the Kings’ Mainland.” A golden light shot over from far away as a group of people dressed in golden robe flew over.

The Sacred Light Temple’s members had still not left, they had been paying attention to everything happening here from far away. They saw everything clearly—from Chen Xiang suddenly fleeing to his sudden appearance. However, they had never imagined that Chen Xiang would actually be such an idiot that he would hand over the map.

Chen Xiang was not stupid. He knew he needed a lot of time for him to step into the Nirvana Realm. If he became enemies with these tycoons of other mainlands now, it would not be the slightest bit beneficial for him. It was impossible for Huang Jintian to forever remain inside the Extreme Martial Sect and protect him. Liu Menger, Gu Dongchen, these tycoons would also someday leave the mortal world. He did all this in order to have a way out.

He was not lacking martial exercises. Now that he had handed over the map to these tycoons, he was able to forge a good relation with them. If in the future, he became a high-level alchemist, these powerful tycoons would often be in touch with him. As long as he had good relations, even though he would not be the strongest in the mortal world, he would still be welcomed everywhere.

Lan Hai looked at Chen Xiang, but saw Chen Xiang speak with a smile, “Now, the map is not mine, I cannot take any responsibility. However, if inside the mysterious realm, there isn’t any inheritance left for the Sacred Light Temple, I think that there is no need to give it to someone who would go against their words and obligation.”

The Sacred Light Temple, enslaved numerous mortals in order to amass many resources, bringing harm to many people and even leading them to death. The Sacred Light Temple’s way of conduct was completely hated by other sea domains.

“Qin Zejun, I ask you to restrain yourself a little, if you do something too much again, I think it will become necessary to teach you how to follow the law of martial arts way before the start of Great Battle of Three Realms.” Gu Dongchen coldly said.

“Humph!” Qin Zejun had realized that because Chen Xiang had handed over the map, the conflict between the other three sea domains and the Extreme Martial Sect seemed to have been resolved. If the Extreme Martial Sect joined hands with the experts of other three sea domain to deal with their many mainlands of eastern seas, he would have no choice but surrender a portion.

The Sacred Light Temple had still not conquered the entire eastern seas and yet he was about to be nipped out. Had it not for the critical moment, he, Qin Zejun would definitely have not let it go just like that.

“You don’t have to teach me, I also have the qualifications to go the place marked on the map!” Qin Zejun said.

“That’s a given, but after entering, you can only take your own things, if you tried to fight for others’ inheritance, then don’t blame me for being impolite.” Lan Hai said.

After the Sacred Light Temple’s people came, they continued to discuss how to deal with the rift together. Chen Xiang absently listened to them. In the final run, he only knew that these experts, in order to quickly leave for the Kings’ Mainland and acquire the martial arts rare books, had decided to jointly lay down a seal to block the rift, then join forces to extinguish all those small Evil Demons that had arrived here.

After the meeting, Gu Dongchen, with the crowd of experts, left for the Extreme Martial Sect and held a banquet. But Chen Xiang didn’t have spare time to participate. He chatted for a while with Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan before returning to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

Although many things had occurred during the Heroes Assembly, in the end, it all ended very peacefully. Furthermore, everyone had come to an agreement that they would fight alongside the Extreme Martial Sect against the invading demons and devils.

In the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Chen Xiang hid in the private room and took out the Luo Tian Door. Although it was a disc, it could open a space entrance, that’s why it was named as Luo Tian Door.

After putting a drop of his blood and getting recognized as its master, when Chen Xiang poured his divine sense into the disc, he was immediately able to read a lot of detailed contents stored inside. Moreover, he also saw a map which was very big and had various mainlands of the mortal world marked on it, on each mainland, there were several safe footholds that were available for Chen Xiang to choose.

Chen Xiang found a fair share of markers on the Chenwu Mainland, the closest was in a forest near the Heroes Mountain. As long as he went there, he could open a gateway to various continents in accordance with the recorded data in Luo Tian Door.

The Luo Tian Door was so formidable and yet even Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had never heard of it. Chen Xian had to use it very prudently, if he did not want to let others know about it. And naturally, he would not go and tell everyone that he had such a thing.

At night, the Extreme Martial Sect was hustling and bustling; it was very lively. At the banquet, everyone was drinking to their heart’s content as the sounds of their merry laughter resounded in the Extreme Martial Sect. And as far as the powerful experts were concerned, they were truly in a good mood. Although they didn’t acquire the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, they got the map which marked the location of ancient inheritances!

Yet Chen Xiang was nowhere to be found amongst this hustle and bustle. Chen Xiang had told his friends that he was a little tired and he was going back to take a rest.

After Chen Xiang returned to Extreme Dan King Courtyard and got recognized as the master of Luo Tian Door, he disguised himself before quietly leaving the Extreme Martial Sect. Even if he didn’t use the 72 Transformations, his concealing technique was superb.

Chen Xiang could not hold his curiosity; he wanted to try the formidability of Luo Tian Door. Whenever he thought of shuttling through various continents in the mortal world via the help of Luo Tian Door, he would grow incessantly excited.

Far away in a forest outside the city where it was very dark, Chen Xiang sat under a tree and took out the Luo Tian Door.

“How far do you think the seaside is from here? I want to see the sea!” asked Chen Xiang. He found that even after so many years, he had never seen how the sea looked like.

“In that case, you consider the vicinity of Lotus Island. Wait a minute, let me help you find a good place to disembark,” said Long Xueyi. She too wanted to see how formidable the Luo Tian Door was.

Chen Xiang asked with a surprise, “Smelly Dragon, how are you even going to find it? Or are you planning to go there and check yourself?”

“Of course not! There is a high-level technique called the ‘Wandering in the Ninth Heaven’ in Shinto which could allow my divine sense to leave far away from my body, moreover, its speed is as fast as the speed of light. Even for me, it is very difficult to use because it consumes my divine sense very fast.” Long Xueyi said.

“When will I be able to use that?” Chen Xiang incessantly thirsted for this technique.

“When you Divine Soul is at the very least on the 10th level of the Adolescence Stage. Now, you are just only at the 1st level, you still have a long way to go!” Long Xueyi replied.

The Divine Soul grew very slowly which tormented Chen Xiang a bit. Now, as long as he could refine many Elemental Spirit Dan, he could start cultivating Divine Soul.

“Found it, it’s a hilltop inside a forest, it should be completely safe. Just set the disk on the grounds. As for the coordinates, I have already told you,” said Long Xueyi.

Although Chen Xiang couldn’t use the ‘Wandering in the Ninth Heaven’ currently, it was all good as Long Xueyi could. Now, this would allow him to conveniently use the Luo Tian Door!

“Hahaha, this father is invincible!” Turning the rings on the disks, Chen Xiang set the coordinates in the Luo Tian Door. At this moment, his hands were actually shaking; apparently, he was very excited.

“Alright!” Chen Xiang shouted in excitement. As he fervently poured his True Qi into the disc, a door wrapped in white brilliance slowly appeared before his eyes.

“Is this the Luo Tian Door?” Chen Xiang observed the door with a glittering white frame that had appeared before him. At this point, he had also stopped supplying his True Qi to the disk.


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