Chapter 381 – Seaside

As Chen Xiang, who grew excited after watching the Luo Tian Door appear, stepped into the door, he appeared in another forest as though he had entered a room.

This piece of forest was very bright because the leaves in this forest were not at all dense, moreover, at the hilltop, the night sky was full of stars which were exceptionally bright.

“The Luo Tian Door had disappeared! In that case, if I want to return, do I have to open it once again?” after Chen Xiang came out, there was no sign of any gateway. Wu Canghong had never said anything about this.

“You have also exhausted too much of your True Qi. It seems if you want to cross to another continent, you are far from enough. It should not be a problem to traverse to a nearby place, but for a far away place, it’s no good,” said Su Meiyao.

After having tested the mystique of Luo Tian Door, Chen Xiang immediately flew into the sky and gazed at the distant sea under the illumination of stars. He was very excited as he spread open the wings and flew away.

When he was in the air, he took off his clothes and directly dived into the sea.

Chen Xiang found himself to be an insignificant figure in front of the endless sea. He knew the sea was vast. Even when he was faced with countless powerful figures, he had never felt that he was an ant-like figure.

Gazing at the countless stars in the sky as he floated on the water, Chen Xiang  muttered, “I wonder whether I could fly to the distant stars. Are there people living on these stars?”

“Don’t think too much about it! Just enjoy!” Su Meiyao said with a laugh.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips as a smile crept over his space: “I am getting all bored up here alone. Why don’t you come out and take a bath with me!”

“Fat chance!” Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said. However, she and Bai Youyou still came out but they stood at the beach. Long Xueyi followed them out too as they stepped on the soft and delicate sand on the beach.

Watching the two come out, Chen Xiang swam towards the shore as a lascivious smile spread across his face. At present, he only wore a pair of pants, whereas, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou both wore a knee-length white skirt that was revealing their snow white, beautiful pair of calves. The two’s jade-like legs stepped on the beach while they held each other hands and felt the gradually rolling sea waves as they stroll on the beach.

What spell bounded Chen Xiang was when he looked at the current Bai Youyou, she looked a lot more beautiful as compared to the past. Although she still had an ice-cold appearance, her pair of pretty eyes added a particular charm. It gave the misconception that a beautiful flower which had been sealed inside the ice had suddenly thawed, like her indifferent and noble bearing along with a peculiar chill which was accompanied by her stunning appearance came alive in the warm sunlight.

“Hey, quickly look there!” Chen Xiang suddenly shouted.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou immediately looked, only to see Chen Xiang suddenly wave his hand as a huge tide of water covered them, soaking their tender bodies.

When the naughty Long Xueyi saw this, she hurriedly ran into the water and with her power, splashed water over Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. On one hand, she was playing, while on the other, she was emitting a naughty laughter.

“Little Rascal, quickly stop!” Su Meiyao tenderly scolded. She did not show any iota of weakness, no matter whether her clothes had been soaked by the water, she walked into the water and started splashing water at Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi.

“Senior Sister, quickly help me!” Su Meiyao shouted in a tender tone.

Bai Youyou was slightly taken aback, but she still walked up to Su Meiyao and just like Su Meiyao, using her both hands splashed water at Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi.

At this quiet seaside, Chen Xiang and the three girls were having fun. Also when Chen Xiang saw the happy smile on Bai Youyou’s face, and heard Bai Youyou’s gentle laughter, Chen Xiang felt gratified in his heart.

Having played for a long time, everyone was completely soaked. Long Xueyi seemed to not like this as a white brilliance radiated from her body before she had changed into a set of white clothes.

Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were still in the water along with Chen Xiang. They were completely wet. Their graceful figure was perfectly visible, which made Chen Xiang’s blood rushed to his head, especially when he saw their snow-white skin across their wet dress; Chen Xiang could not help but peer glances at them.

“Little Rascal, you did this on purpose!” Su Meiyao gently snorted.

Although Bai Youyou’s entire body was wet, she was instead smiling at Chen Xiang as she said, “Thank you, Chen Xiang, this made me so happy!”

“Sister Youyou, how are you going to thank me?” said Chen Xiang as a lascivious smile crept over his face. Su Meiyao was well aware that Bai Youyou was changing and that was all because of Chen Xiang, which she had never even dreamt of. Of course, this was a good thing. She was also grateful to Chen Xiang.

Bai Youyou’s face turned slightly red, however, her lips still carried a sliver of smile as she tiptoed and kissed Chen Xiang’s cheek. Although it was only a peck, it still blanked Chen Xiang’s mind; it was as if time has stopped for him.

He had never expected that Bai Youyou would actually thank him in such a way. Since the beginning, he was just joking. Bai Youyou chuckled when she saw the dull-witted look on Chen Xiang before she returned inside the ring.

Su Meiyao lightly slapped Chen Xiang’s cheek as she gently laughed and said, “Little Rascal, wake up!”

Chen Xiang regained his senses. The charming figure that stood in front of him was especially enticing, especially, with the thin wet clothes sticking on her body!

In his heart, Chen Xiang secretly agonized. He couldn’t help but recall the time when he hugged Su Meiyao. Su Meiyao returned to the ring with a scoff, which made him extremely disappointed.

After having played around enough, Chen Xiang sat down on the beach wearing nothing, gazing at a white speck of light far away, asked, “Is that the Lotus Island?”

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, having changed their clothes, sat next to Chen Xiang, gazing with him at the vast sea, at the horizon where the sea met with the sky.

Whereas, Long Xueyi had piled up the sand into a dragon on the beach.

“It should be. Don’t you have the Emperor Crystal? How about you give it a try and check whether you can sense any crystal lode!?” said Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “You rarely accompany me, let’s wait till dawn!” now, he truly wanted to hug the two beauties beside him, but he dared not.

So, they enjoyed the sea breeze, chatting on one side, while on the other, waiting for the break of dawn.

After they had watched the beautiful sunrise, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou once again returned to the ring, while Long Xueyi too had finished piling the sand into a vivid giant dragon, which was instead ravaged by Chen Xiang.

“Little Rascal, I hate you!” Long Xueyi threw sand at Chen Xiang, however, a smile was still hung on her face.

Chen Xiang took out the Emperor Crystal after Long Xueyi returned to his body. However, the Emperor Crystal did not show any reaction. At this point, he turned into a fish and swam towards the Lotus Island.

Because Long Xueyi was here to monitor everything around him, he did not need to worry about some huge fishes. Not to mention, Long Xueyi also had the ability to drive away or attract animals, which made him feel safe.

After Chen Xiang turned into a fish, his speed also became very fast. He had long wanted to use the Emperor Crystal to find lodes in the sea near the Lotus Island. He was planning to go all out.

When he was close to the giant island, Chen Xiang returned to his human form and took out the Emperor Crystal. Just as the Emperor Crystal appeared in his hand, there was a big response.


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