Chapter 382 – Deep Sea Treasure

The larger the response from the Emperor Crystal, the richer the load. Chen Xiang closed his eyes as he sensed all the veins around him through the Emperor Crystal.

Very soon, an image of a seabed appeared in his mind. It was located on the other side of Lotus Island, and there was something excluding a brilliant white aura. No doubt, those were crystal stones. However, what was totally out of Chen Xiang’s expectations was that there were so many mountains under the sea!

“There are actually so many crystal stones! It seems that the people on Lotus Island don’t know the location of the top-grade crystal stones. I guess they can only sense the location of the crystal veins!” Chen Xiang was wild with joy. He transformed into a fish and swiftly swam towards the location.

The Lotus Island was huge. If one looked at it from the sky, it would bear resemblance to a giant lotus. As Chen Xiang swam along the shore of Lotus Island, he could hear hustle and bustle coming from above. However, he currently had no plan to embark on exploring the rest of the island; he only wanted to take advantage of Lian Yingxiao’s absence and grab a few top-grade crystal stones.

Lian Yingxiao was extremely powerful. Chen Xiang worried that if some problem occurred in the crystal lodes, he would be discovered by Lian Yingxiao. It would be troublesome if Chen Xiang were to be captured.

Besides, Lian Yingxiao, who was far away in the Extreme Martial Sect, probably never would have imagined that Chen Xiang would appear in the vicinity of the Lotus Island overnight! Even if Chen Xiang traveled at his fastest speed, this would still be an impossible feat.

Although Chen Xiang had a pretty good impression of Lian Yingxiao, he believed that these crystal lodes formed naturally. As long as they were discovered by him, it was for him to take. Moreover, the folks on Lotus Island are unable to extract these top-grade crystal stones anyways, so Chen Xiang did not feel the least bit sorry.

“Smelly Dragon, it’s your turn!” At a very quick speed, Chen Xiang arrived near a crystal vein. At this moment, he was still under the sea.

Long Xueyi said, “It’s strange, these crystal veins should have people working on them right? How come there isn’t anyone here?”

“Are they already finished with this vein? Then why did they leave the top-grade crystal stones?” Chen Xiang was perplexed. After Long Xueyi had determined that there was no one around, he reverted back to his true form and took out the Emperor Crystal once again to check the location of the top-grade crystal stones.

With the help of the divine power of the Emperor Crystal, a scene gradually appeared in Chen Xiang’s mind. Inside some of the mountains on the seabed, there were faint specks of white light.At the bottom, there was a huge glaring ball of light. Chen Xiang reckoned that this was precisely the top-grade crystal stone. Moreover, there was such a vast amount.

From the scene Chen Xiang acquired from the Emperor Crystal, he could see that there was indeed an abandoned crystal lode under the seabed. All that remained was the top-grade crystal stones which were hidden deep under the seabed and a few high-grade crystal stones which were not discovered by anybody.

“Let’s get to work, I’ll tell you the location!”

Chen Xiang told Long Xueyi the coordinates with his divine sense, only to see a flash on his right arm before a white light shot out. It was none other Long Xueyi who turned into a beam and shot into the mountain under the sea. At this moment, Chen Xiang had dove so deep into the ocean that he was unable to withstand the pressure. Moreover, it was very dark in here; it would be truly difficult to mine crystal stones here for a long period of time.

However, he knew that Lotus Island definitely had some special methods otherwise Lian Yingxiao would probably not be so rich.

“If you have many top-grade crystal stones, you can lay out a Tianyuan Array for cultivation. This array can gather a large amount of Spirit Qi which thereafter is converted into True Qi, and this True Qi can be poured into anyone. This method can accelerate the cultivation speed! I think your teacher should be able to it. You can ask him later,” said Bai Youyou.

Chen Xiang nodded and continued to sense everything around him as he took out the Emperor Crystal again. He was trying to find another vein.

Shortly thereafter, Long Xueyi came up and stuffed a storage pouch in Chen Xiang’s hand before she attached herself to his arm. At present, there were still some crystal stones left, however, they were all high-grade crystal stones, and scattered around. If he wanted to get them, it would take a long time and he was too lazy to get them. The main target of his trip were top-grade crystal stones.

“What a big crystal stone, I could cut it into at least 50,000 pieces!”

Chen Xiang sucked a cold lump of air. Currently, he was not in dire need of money, what he needed were some precious spirit herbs. Whereas these rare and precious spirit herbs sometimes could not be bought with money.

50,000 top-grade crystal stones would be equivalent to 500 million middle-grade crystal stones. However, generally, no one is willing to exchange the top-grade crystal stones.

Now he knew why Lian Yingxiao was so rich. The total value of crystal vein was far more than just this top-grade crystal stone. He decided that if an opportunity precedes itself in the future, he would definitely swindle Lotus Island ruthlessly.

Chen Xiang once again turned into a fish and swam within in the deep sea. From time to time, he would take out the Emperor Crystal to check whether there was a crystal vein nearby or not. Bit by bit, Chen Xiang increased the range of his search around the Lotus Island.

“There are many people in front of us! Strange, they seemed to be under the sea!” Long Xueyi suddenly said.

Chen Xiang hastily took out the Emperor Crystal. Soon, an image which was full of white brilliance appeared in his mind. Before, the image in his mind had always been pitch black, but now the pitch black image was exuding multitudes of white brilliance. Wherever there was white brilliance, it was the location of crystal veins, he was sure they were definitely mining the crystal vein, moreover, at a huge scale.

“I’m gonna be rich!” Chen Xiang was incessantly excited. He turned into a fish before swimming towards the front.

After two hours, much to his surprise, the seabed was surprisingly exuding a faint white light. Upon looking carefully, he found that it was a huge shield of light that had enveloped a huge part of the seabed. On further peering through the shield of light, he saw that there many people and building inside.

“Is this the secret of deep sea mining of Lotus Island?” Chen Xiang was secretly astonished. He hadn’t imagined that the residents of Lotus Island would actually build a city under the sea. Whereas the seawater could not enter the light shield, moreover, many powerful martial artists were also guarding inside.

“This should be a large array, the deep sea resources are certainly more abundant than the land, not to mention, the area occupied by the sea is larger than that of land. It is no wonder that the Lotus Island is filthy rich. If my guess is right, they should have some ability to find the crystal lodes in the sea and the strength to mine the crystal stones under the seabed,” said Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Since they can not mine the top-grade crystal stones that are deep under the seabed, let’s not let them go to waste!”

The top-grade crystal stones are hidden deeper, even on the land, it is extremely difficult to find them, needless to say about them under the sea. However, Long Xueyi could directly penetrate the earth and enter the deeper parts of the seabed.

“Little Beautiful Dragon, have you rested enough?” Chen Xiang asked. He knew that Long Xueyi would get exhausted whenever she dug deeper, moreover, she would spend some time digging. However, with the gradual increase in her strength, she seemed to be getting a lot faster.

Every day, Chen Xiang would give many Hundred Beasts Dans to her. Whenever these dans were eaten by spirit beasts, the effect was equivalent to a hundred times that of True Elemental Dan. Moreover, spirit beasts were unlike mankind, they did not need to worry about any instability in their foundation, so, Long Xueyi and Bai Zhenzhen, that Young White Tiger could unscrupulously eat dans.

“I have rested enough, let’s start!” Long Xueyi mischievously smiled. As long as she got to eat dans, she was happy to help Chen Xiang. Especially, after accompanying Chen Xiang for so long, she gradually felt that she could not part with Chen Xiang, and she too did not want to leave.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. You should really see if WW could get a deal with 17K to host this and move there. Your translations are excellent. I’m sure they’d be happy to have such quality.

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  2. This chapter didn’t get in NU, i think you might be interested in knowing that.

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