Chapter 383 – Temporarily Not Going

The top-grade crystal stones which were deep under the seabed happened to be out of the huge barrier of light, so Long Xueyi did not need to enter inside the light barrier.

Chen Xiang, from the induction of the Emperor Crystal, reckoned that the top-grade crystal stones were almost the same size as that of the crystal stones which he had acquired before and were equivalent to 50,000 normal top-grade crystal stones, or worth 500 million middle-grade crystal stones!

Chen Xiang decided that he should come often at the vicinity of Lotus Island in the future in order to find the other crystal veins. At that time, he could also play with Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou at the beach. He felt that it was an extremely good day today.

Chen Xiang waited for about two hours before Long Xueyi returned. She sounded a bit tired: “The crystal stones were very deep but I still got them. I am going to take a break now!”

“Thanks a lot!” Having taken a look after Long Xueyi handed him the storage pouch, Chen Xiang noticed that his estimate was indeed right; the size of the top-grade crystal stone was approximately equivalent to 50,000 normal top-grade crystal stones.

Chen Xiang continued looking for the crystal veins; for him, they were never too many. After all, these top-grade crystal stones were extremely advantageous to him. He could use them to lay out a formation to help him cultivate. However, if he used this kind of method to increase his cultivation, he would have to ask Huang Jintian to help him consolidate his foundation, and that would be extremely painful, but on the other hand, his efforts would be hugely rewarded.

After two days, Chen Xiang was already quite far away from Lotus Island, yet he didn’t find any crystal lode. In the vicinity of the Lotus Island, there were only two veins. If he continued looking, he would need to venture deep into the sea.

“Let’s go back! You already have enough top-grade crystal stones and I think even the Lotus Island won’t have so many!” Bai Youyou said.

The top-grade crystal stones were very hard to acquire. Even though there were many crystal veins, they were hidden very deep under the ground which made it very difficult to sense them, unless you had the Emperor Crystal. However, the Emperor Crystal was countless times rarer than the top-grade crystal stones. The only reason Chen Xiang could get it was all thanks to Long Xueyi, this Little Dragon Beauty who had an extremely powerful divine sense.

Now, Chen Xiang knew why the dragons in legend had so much treasure. It was all because the dragons cultivated Shinto which made their divine sense formidable, through which they were able to sense the treasures that exuded even a weak energy!

Chen Xiang went back to the very same forest where he arrived from the Luo Tian Door. He recorded the coordinates of this place so that it would be convenient for him in the future and he would not need to judge the distance to set the coordinates.

He opened the Luo Tian Door once again, and the moment he stepped inside, the Luo Tian Door disappeared while Chen Xiang appeared in the forest outside the Tianmen City.

He had never imagined that this trip to the Lotus Island would bring him such a huge harvest. If he had been strong enough, he would have checked farther into the sea, and he would have been able to find much more.

The sea domain farther from the land was dangerous. There were various powerful spirit beasts in the sea, powerful beasts like Profound Beasts. Chen Xiang who was only in the True Martial Realm was just an insignificant existence in the endless seas.

If one wanted to travel to other continents, they would generally form a team of 9th level True Martial Realm martial artists and use the safe routes to travel. And the map marking these routes could be bought. So a majority of the time, one could safely cross the seas. However, if one wanted to blindly wander in the sea, he must at least had the strength of Extreme State!

During these two days, the entire Extreme Martial Sect knew that Chen Xiang was the apprentice of Huang Jintian which surprised all the disciples of Extreme Martial Sect. This information proliferated to the entire Chenwu Mainland like a storm.

Especially Yao Haisheng and Xiao Chou, these two apprentices of Chen Xiang who were now peers of Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, and Elder Dan! Now many thought of taking Chen Xiang as their teacher, however, they knew that Chen Xiang would not so easily take anyone as his apprentice.

“Young Martial Uncle, so you weren’t inside the Extreme Dan King Courtyard!?” Gu Dongchen immediately flew over when he noticed Chen Xiang enter the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. Now that Chen Xiang’s identity had been disclosed, Gu Dongchen and the others would have to call Chen Xiang as martial uncle even if there were others present.

This also made Chen Xiang extremely happy. He smiled and said, “I was out of the city. Now, what are you going to do next?”

“First we will seal the rift at the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains, thereafter, we will annihilate all the demons and devils, and finally we will depart for the Kings’ Mainland. Do you want to go with us?” Gu Dongchen asked.

Chen Xiang said while shaking his head, “Forget it, the whole trip will take a lot of time!”

“But of course, our Chenwu Mainland is at the edge of eastern seas. We are very far away from the center of the Mortal World. A one side trip will at least take us three months, while the entire trip will take half a year.” Gu Dongchen said,

Chen Xiang found it incredibly tedious to travel half a year on the sea. He shook his head and said, “I am not going. I will use this time to cultivate. As far as I am concerned, this trip is a waste of time.”

Gu Dongchen nodded: “I guess, that’s alright. If we could find the method to arrange the ancient teleportation array at the Kings’ Mainland, it would be a lot better. Rumor has it that 100,000 years ago, various continents had a network of teleportation array that extended to everywhere on the Mortal World; it was very convenient. However, in order to prevent demons and devils disperse to every part of Mortal World, many teleportation arrays were destroyed, and eventually, we even lost the method too.”

Chen Xiang had also heard of this. However, even if the teleportation arrays were still there, a large number of top-grade crystal stones would be needed to teleport, which ordinary people could not afford; only Chen Xiang could have so many of these things.

Chen Xiang arrived at the Divine Weapon Shop of the Tianmen City.

“Sister Menger, are the two girls also going to the Kings’ Mainland?” Chen Xiang, lying beside the window, watched at Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan who were having a competition downstairs.

“They are not going, it’s a waste of time. So I will send them to the secret land of Icewind Valley where they will focus on cultivation! The two have a very strong determination, they don’t want to lag behind you.” Liu Menger smiled and said before her jade-like hand was quietly pulled by Chen Xiang.

When Liu Menger saw that Chen Xiang was secretly trying to caress her hand, she lightly snorted: “What about you?”

“I’m also not going. We, little guys, are not like you.” Chen Xiang said.

“It seems that I will be going alone, sigh! I will be very bored on the journey! However, maybe I could get some powerful martial exercise, so I still have to make the trip.” Liu Menger also didn’t want to go; she seemed to be a little disgusted of the Kings’ Mainland.

Chen Xiang said in a low voice, “How about you take Hua Xiangyue’s help? If not, you can ask my martial nephews, they are stronger than you. You have to be careful as you still have to cope with your Nirvana Tribulation.”

“Alright, I really hate to go that place! I have been there. There is a disgusting guy there! I will ask Xianyue to come with me.”

Chen Xiang said with a laugh, “Who made Sister Menger so beautiful that you could easily evoke every men’s desire to conquer you!”

“You got a big mouth!” Liu Menger spat and said.

“Sister Menger, did the Divine Weapon Sect exist 100,000 years ago?” asked Chen Xiang.

“No, it did not exist at that time. However, the era during which my ancestor established the Divine Weapon Sect, he was a well-renowned figure.”

Chen Xiang once again asked, “How about Danxiang Taoyuan? According to her, it was she who had founded the sect!”

Liu Menger laughed and said, “Don’t believe her lies, Danxiang Taoyuan is a lot older than her! Otherwise, she would not be going to the Kings’ Mainland. If she truly had founded the sect, why would she even care about the martial exercises and records in the Kings’ Mainland Mysterious Realm.”



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