Chapter 384 – King’s Descendant

Chen Xiang held a lot of curiosity for the Kings’ Mainland. He thought that if an opportunity presented itself in the future, he would definitely go. And since Wu Kaiming came from the Kings’ Mainland, he was not worried that he would not find it.

“The citizens of the Kings’ Mainland believe that they are very noble. They believe that they are the descendants of kings! To be precise, the descendant of the Mortal World’s first king of mankind, that’s why it is called Kings’ Mainland! The residents of the Kings’ Mainland are really strong. It is vast and has abundant resources. It is not just a mainland that is over a hundred times bigger than Chenwu Mainland, it is also located at the center of Mortal World which is perennially covered by a natural barrier. If someone who doesn’t know the way, tries to go that place, he would simply unable to find it,” said Liu Menger.

Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, after having fought until they were soaked in fragrant perspiration, came up. Only now did Chen Xiang let go of Liu Menger’s hand.

“How formidable are they? If an opportunity presents itself, I will go and teach them a lesson so that they will know that no matter how good they think they are, there is always someone better out there!” Leng Youlan loudly proclaimed. This white-haired beauty’s temper was just like this, nonetheless, she indeed had the qualifications to say as such. After all, she was younger than Chen Xiang and also had divine veins!

“Brother Xiang, are you not going?” asked Xue Xianxian.

Chen Xiang squeezed her face before he wiped the fragrant perspiration on her forehead as he said with a smile, “I’m not going, I can’t waste my time! You two are closely chasing after me, if in a million chance you happened to surpass me, I will lose my face.”

“Brother, you are wrong! If your younger sister and your wife are very powerful, you should be proud! You can rest assured, one day I will definitely make you proud.” While Leng Youlan was speaking, Chen Xiang helped her wipe her perspiration and also sort out her somewhat messy white hair.

Thereafter, Chen Xiang spent some quality time with Xue Xianxian in a room where they kissed for a while because very soon, they were going to be separated for some time.

“Brother is always touching senior sister there, does it feel so good? Why don’t I feel like that?” Leng Youlan while peeping asked Liu Menger who was sitting in the hall.

At the beginning, she wanted to call Xue Xianxian, sister-in-law, however, she felt that she was just a bit younger than Xue Xianxian, that’s why she addressed her as an elder sister. However, when she came to know that Liu Menger was also the Dean of Icewind Valley and also her teacher, she addressed Xue Xianxian as a senior sister.

“You are touching yourself, of course, you won’t feel good!” Liu Menger tried to stop herself from laughing. Her face also turned red, obviously, she was well aware of what Chen Xiang and Xue Xianxian were doing inside.

“Next time when we bath, I will ask senior sister to touch me!” Leng Youlan arrived beside Liu Menger and stared at her chest, afterward, she pointed at her own: “Teacher, yours seems to be a little bigger than mine!”

Leng Youlan would usually speak whatever came to her mind and she was courageous as well. Liu Menger had a headache, her face turned red as she scoffingly said, “Little Girl, how can you be so stupid? We both have the same size, besides, what good would come out by comparing them?”

Leng Youlan stuck her tongue out, her face was filled with doubt as she asked, “Teacher, in the past, brother taught me ‘big white rabbit’, is it not this? Now that I think about it, they are indeed white and big as well! Teacher, why would brother asked me to say so? And after you heard it, why was your reaction so big!?”

Liu Menger was completely rendered speechless by this white-haired beauty. She knew Leng Youlan was not someone stupid, however, she was completely oblivious to these matters, and insensitive too.

“You are not allowed to mention this thing in the future!” Liu Menger said in a low voice. As she recalled the time when she had let Chen Xiang look at her chest, those big, snow-white rabbits, she felt shy in her heart, and her face flushed red as well.

Liu Menger suspected that even if Leng Youlan was naked in front of Chen Xiang, she would not feel shy, which made it difficult for her to understand.

Chen Xiang after having embraced Xue Xianxian, parted ways and returned to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Liu Menger was also going to leave for some time to send Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan back to Icewind Valley.

At present, he was going plant some herbs of Five Element True Elemental Dan, Building Foundation Dan, and Elemental Spirit Dan. The Building Foundation Dan was going to be used for selling, while he would use the other to promote his strength. He didn’t know when the Great Battle of the Three Realms going break out, but he must elevate his strength as soon as possible before the great battle starts.

For now, Chen Xiang did not cultivate. All day long he was busy congealing a lot of Golden Dragon Saliva. This would not exhaust him, as while he was in the process of congealing, he would absorb the Spirit Qi to recover.

After the herb garden had been moved to the ring, Chen Xiang did not need to worry about watering these spirit herbs; he left everything to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. Su Meiyao herself was an alchemist, so naturally, taking care of these spirit herbs was nothing to her. As for Bai Youyou, as she often stayed together with her, could be considered as knowledgeable regarding this. Because of the two taking care of the herbs, Chen Xiang could save a lot of time.

After having stayed in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard for ten days, Chen Xiang went out to inquire about the state of affairs. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming was not at the Extreme Martial Sect. From an Elder, he came to know that all the experts had gone to the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains to seal the rift.

After which they would leave for the Kings’ Mainland and would return after half a year at least.

Since the Herb Garden’s soil became spirit soil, watering the herbs with the divine Golden Dragon Saliva made their growth as fast as grass, which made Chen Xiang wild with joy.

After Heroes Assembly was over, the entire Chenwu Mainland returned to its previous calm. Chen Xiang too holed himself inside the Extreme Dan King Courtyard to focus on planting spirit herbs. In the blink of an eye, three months were over. After having been busy for so long, he finally welcomed the harvest.

“Now, we have a total of 200 sets of Elemental Spirit Dan’s herbs, 150 sets of Five Elements True Elemental Dan’s herbs, and 80 sets of Building Foundation Dan’s herbs!” said Su Meiyao. Chen Xiang mainly planted these, as for the other herbs like White Jade Lotus Seed and Resurrection Grass, he was not in a hurry, so he ignored them.

These days, Chen Xiang was also refining dans. He had refined Building Foundation Dans and Hundred Beasts Dans. He also had many Building Foundation Dans herbs left over from before, while the Hundred Beasts Dans had been almost consumed as he had to feed Little White Tiger and Small Dragon.

“You already have 200 Building Foundation Dans, for now, you don’t need them! And these days you have refined too many Hundred Beasts Dans which are enough to feed those two greedy guys for some time. Next, you should refine Elemental Spirit Dans and Five Elements True Elemental Dans,” Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang would often give some Building Foundation Dans to Yun Xiaodao and the others. However, he would charge them crystal stones. But Lian Mingdong, Lei Xionglin, and Lei Zhong didn’t have any crystal stones, they could only owe. Whereas Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong, and Xu Weilong were descendants from wealthy families, not to mention, they were the key focus of Extreme Martial Sect training, and they also received a lot of resources from their respective family, so they could still afford.

As for his apprentice Xiao Chou, Chen Xiang simply didn’t care about him because Xiao Chou was from Herculean Family who had his own way to increase his cultivation. As for Yao Haisheng, he didn’t need dans, he only needed alchemy materials, and Chen Xiang would also often guide him a little.

“Three months have passed, they should have reached the Kings’ Mainland by now! The King’s descendants, if I have the opportunity, I will definitely go and take a look!” After gazing at the sky, Chen Xiang returned to the private room and began refining Elemental Spirit Dans and Five Elements True Elemental Dans.


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