Chapter 385 – Sweet After Sweat

The herbs of dans like Elemental Spirit Dan and Five Elements Spirit Dan were rare. Usually, just eating a single dan would allow the martial artist to save a lot of cultivation time, least of all Chen Xiang who stuffed dans like he was eating beans.

And of course, all of this could be credited to the divine exercises he had that enabled him to produce Dragon Saliva which could accelerate the growth of many precious spirit herbs, only because of this could he acquire so many dans.

Now, Chen Xiang reckoned that in the past, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were very strong. They may have been experts of the Heavenly Realm because Su Meiyao also knew Dragon Saliva Exercise.

For many people, alchemy was very tedious as they had to observe the alchemical furnace for a long period of time which could even last for good several months. Nonetheless, as far as alchemists were concerned, even though alchemy was tedious, they would feel gratified when they had successfully refined a dan.

Even if it was Chen Xiang whose speed of refining dan was extraordinary would still feel happy when he was successful in solidifying the dan.

Since the time when he had learned the Refining Simulation Technique which was a high-rank alchemy technique, his rate of success had increased. Now he could ensure a 100% rate of success in refining Elemental Spirit Dans and Five Elemental Dans which were very difficult to refine!

The herbs of Elemental Spirit Dan grew the fastest, so he had the most of them which amounted to 200 sets in total. Out of which, he intended to refine only half of those. The Five Elements True Elemental Dan’s herbs were comparatively easier to grow, as such in three months, he had grown 150 sets, of which he intended to refine 50 sets. If he was successful in refining them all, it would amount to 500 Five Elements True Elemental Dans!

As for 80 sets of Building Foundation Dan’s herbs, he planned to refine them in the future. Currently, he had many Building Foundation Dans, furthermore, they didn’t have any obvious effect on his cultivation.

Chen Xiang’s current alchemy skills had gone up a notch as compared to the alchemy competition in the Fragrance City. Now, he could refine three Elemental Spirit Dans with one set of herbs, whereas, when he refined for the very first time, it was only one dan.

At that time, he was using Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, whereas now, he was using Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, which was obviously easier.

Now, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had sorted the herbs inside the ring which saved Chen Xiang a lot of time from processing the herbs.

After half a month had gone by, Chen Xiang was in the private room where he was gasping for air; apparently, he was too tired, but his face was beaming with joy.

“Challenging the limit, sure enough, is pretty exhausting. I’m really tired from refining 100 sets of Elemental Spirit Dans and 50 sets of Five Elements True Elemental Dan in these fifteen days!” Chen Xiang having stretched his body, directly entered the land of dreams.

The Five Elements True Elemental Dan and Elemental Spirit Dan were very different from Building Foundation Dan. They were very difficult to refine. Furthermore, Chen Xiang was also using Refining Simulation Technique while he was refining, which was a lot more taxing on his divine sense. It was a form of training for him. He had been refining continuously for fifteen days during which he had never taken any rest. He was much more tired as compared to continuously fighting for fifteen days.

After having woken up, Chen Xiang took out two huge jade boxes, one of which had 300 Elemental Spirit Dans, while the other had 500 Five Elements True Elemental Dans.

The Elemental Spirit Dan was exquisitely carved and had a bunch of flames flickering at the center. Whereas the Five Elements True Elemental Dan was completely transparent.

Chen Xiang thought that it was still not as spectacular as Building Foundation Dan which shone with dazzling azure brilliance. A few hundred together would definitely strike a brilliant visual impact.

“Sigh, I can not eat them. It seems I have to ask teacher for help!” Chen Xiang bitterly laughed: “I really don’t want to go.”

“It’s not a big deal, after a few more times, you will get accustomed to it, besides, it is good for you.” Bai Youyou said.

Although Chen Xiang didn’t want to go, to quickly improve his strength, as well as to eliminate all future sequelae, he could only bite the bullet and go to Huang Jintian at the forbidden area. Even though Huang Jintian was insane, he had a very rich experience in regards to cultivation. He could arrange a training program which would allow him to take many dans and advance by leaps and bounds without any drawbacks which would consolidate his foundation as well as make his body stronger.

This could be considered sweet after sweat!

Inside the pit, Chen Xiang, while biting a chicken leg, asked, “Teacher, the Herculean Family’s little rascal has worshipped me as a teacher, you don’t have any objections, right?”

“Wow, awesome! You have actually taken a guy from the Herculean Family as an apprentice, of course, I don’t have any objections! You brat can always do something unexpected, just like me in the past.” Huang Jintian said with a jovial laugh.

“Hei hei, if am not like this, then I will not be worthy of your elder apprentice!” Chen Xiang laughed and said.

Now, when Huang Jintian recalled how Chen Xiang made a fool of Lan Hai and the others, he suddenly started laughing maniacally and also kept on patting Chen Xiang while praising him.

After Chen Xiang arrived at the forbidden area, Huang Jintian was surprised. Huang Jintian believed that Chen Xiang must have fled far away. However, when he came to learn about as Chen Xiang narrated about everything, he understood and also supported Chen Xiang’s decisions. This way, he had resolved the contradictions between them. If not, it would have been very dangerous for Chen Xiang, as Chen Xiang would have been stared at by a bunch of Nirvana Realm martial artists who were far stronger than him at present.

“Teacher, have you ever been to the Kings’ Mainland?” Chen Xiang curiously asked. He was suddenly interested in this continent.

“I have gone once, all the guys there are indeed abnormal. They are ridiculously strong! It’s true, their bragging of having the King’s Vein is not at all false! From my research, the guys with the King’s Vein are just like the Herculean Family, furthermore, they are more formidable than the Herculean Family, because it is very difficult for the Herculean Family to cultivate True Qi which is also the reason for the population of Herculean Family to be poor. However, the guys with the King’s Vein are many.” Huang Jintian seriously said. Anyone who was strong by his standard was definitely not weak.

Much to Chen Xiang’s surprise, they were stronger than the Herculean Family which made his heart pound crazily! Now, having awakened his strength, Xiao Chou was very strong. Even Chen Xiang was not 100% sure that he could defeat Xiao Chou. How would he fare against the martial artists of the Kings’ Mainland?

“Isn’t Little Bald from the Kings’ Mainland? Why do I feel he is very weak, moreover, also very old.” Chen Xiang doubtfully asked.

“Haha, you say Little Bald is weak! Little Bald is formidable, as for why he is older, it is because there was some problem with his King’s Vein. But, when there was no hope of him having any breakthrough, his King’s Vein had been awakened! After his King’s Vein had been awakened, his strength had advanced by leaps and bounds. All of a sudden, he had jumped to Nirvana Realm, afterward, he met your senior brother. I don’t know what your senior brother had cooked for him, later, he worshipped your senior brother as teacher and joined the Extreme Martial Sect.”

“Little Bald is someone with a gentle temperament, he rarely takes any action. When there is no need for him to act, he would be too lazy to move. If he, who had crossed eighth Nirvana Tribulation took any action, then, hei hei.” Huang Jintian didn’t continue. Chen Xiang could easily understand. Someone with King’s Vein was far stronger than any ordinary martial artists of the same level, just like the Herculean Family.

“Kid, you didn’t just come here to talk to me, right? Just so you know, I knew you could escape, I also don’t need to waste my strength to come out. Quickly speak, what did you come here for?”

Chen Xiang looked at Huang Jintian with surprise. He didn’t expect, Huang Jintian could actually come out!

Chen Xiang didn’t say anything, he just took out two jade boxes and opened them. When Huang Jintian saw the Elemental Spirit Dan and Five Elements True Elemental Dan inside, he cried in astonishment. His gaze was completely transfixed on these dans.


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