Chapter 386 – Training Plan

Huang Jintian remembered that not long had passed since the last time Chen Xiang came to him with many dans. In addition, the dans are far more than the last time.

“Elemental Spirit Dan, I have seen this thing only once and the guy who had it treated it like a treasure. I had never imagined that you would actually have a basket of it. Brat, where the hell did you get these?” Huang Jintian having picked up a dan, whereupon he meticulously observed it, “Moreover, it’s a top-grade quality dan, and it should be just refined out, right?”

Chen Xiang scratched his head as an idiotic grin appeared on his face: “Of course, it is refined by your very own apprentice. Teacher, I want to quickly become stronger, I don’t want to die during the calamity.”

“Of course I know this, or else why would you come to me! When I took you as an apprentice, I was a little worried in regards to your cultivation resources, but who would have thought that you would actually solve it yourself. Since you are a formidable alchemist, I am relieved. Let me make a plan for you on how to use these dans.” Huang Jintian looked at the fire as the depths of his pair of old eyes glittered with a sharp aura.

Chen Xiang, who tore a leg from the nearby roasted cow, thought that he must ask his insane teacher to teach him how he cooked it as he took a bite out of that delicious beef.

“If you want to take so many dans, I can arrange a training plan for you but it would need some time because only this way would it be possible for you not to get any sequelae.” Huang Jintian said.

“It’s alright! When I came here, I had already prepared my heart. Teacher, no matter what you have planned for me, I will grit my teeth and complete it, I am not afraid of anything!” Chen Xiang said with a smile. Although he said it lightly, he clearly knew that it would not be so easy to complete.

“Hahaha, you really understand it well, in the past, your senior brother didn’t have this kind of mentality!” Huang Jintian said with a laugh.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh in his heart. Huang Jintian’s training plan was very tortuous. Every time, he would be subjected to slightly more than his tolerance limit, for example, during the fight last time, Huang Jintian would fight Chen Xiang until he was completely exhausted, and even after he was exhausted, he would make Chen Xiang continue to fight, or else, he would beat Chen Xiang.

His body was also trained like this. At the beginning, he would make Chen Xiang suffer at the brink of his tolerance limit, afterward, he would increase it bit by bit by making Chen Xiang’s body subjected to all kinds of destruction while making sure that Chen Xiang did not lose his consciousness from pain. After a while, when Chen Xiang would gasp for breath, he would let Chen Xiang take a rest for a certain amount of time so that his body could recover on its own before torturing him again.

Because Huang Jintian was very powerful, he had an absolute control over his True Qi, that was why he could take Chen Xiang’s training to the extreme without him ending up dead.

Training almost every day with Huang Jintian would be bloody which made it unforgettable for Chen Xiang. However, he was now slowly getting used to it. In order to pursue strength, he feared nothing.

At the beginning, Chen Xiang felt as though his own body weighed 10,000 kilograms, it would take every ounce of his strength to take each step, and in this condition, he would still have to fight with Huang Jintian.

Whereas, Huang Jintian would suppress his level to Chen Xiang’s when they fight, which was to train Chen Xiang’s fighting experience. So Chen Xiang, in the course of the fighting, had to rely on these experience to win, which was very rare.

“I will give you some dans after I have beaten you half to death, this way, you can digest it better! But let me remind you, my attack will not only hit your body, it will also attack your spirit, take care!” Just as Huang Jintian finished speaking, he sent a punch at Chen Xiang.

At this moment, facing Huang Jintian’s quick fist, Chen Xiang was as heavy as a mountain, his movements were like a turtle, he was simply unable to resist, he could only allow himself to get beaten.

Just as Huang Jintian’s punch landed on his body, two of his ribs were broken. Huang Jintian laughed and said, “You have to hold on! From now on, your everyday training will be just like this.”

Chen Xiang secretly cursed. He couldn’t understand what Huang Jintian had done to him so as to make his body so heavy. Just standing was taking his every ounce of energy. At this moment, even moving his jaw to speak was incredibly difficult.

With a bang, another punch landed on his chest as a suppressed groan escaped his mouth and blood trickled down from his closed mouth. Yet Huang Jintian did not show any mercy, his next attacks got increasingly heavier. At this moment, Chen Xiang was nothing more than a human punching bag which could only be frantically beaten by Huang Jintian.

Chen Xiang didn’t know how long had passed, but he felt as though his entire bones had been broken, moreover, he felt an incomparable aching in his consciousness; Huang Jintian had used spiritual attacks to hone his divine sense.

“Take it, quickly recover, I will give you an hour to rest!” Huang Jintian stuffed two dans in Chen Xiang’s mouth, one was an Elemental Spirit Dan and the other was a Five Elements True Elemental Dan.

Just as the two dans entered his mouth, their potency was quickly digested. He simply didn’t need to do anything to digest their potency. The energy of the dans automatically melted away and quickly fused with his body, which made him feel like he was drinking cold water in a scorching desert.

However, he felt that he had only drunk a small amount; which was simply insufficient. He closed his eyes and relaxed his body so as to let his damaged body recover on its own.

One hour was quickly over. Chen Xiang had only recovered 80%, but he was pulled up by Huang Jintian before he continued wrecking Chen Xiang…

In this way, Chen Xiang was frantically beaten in the daytime and when the night arrived, it was still difficult for him to relax because Huang Jintian had released some kind of strange power which was attacking his body. He felt as if his body was fiercely getting pounded by a hammer, and in order to resist this kind of power, he had to mobilize the True Qi within his body to resist.

Just like this, two months passed away. Now, Chen Xiang’s body was still as heavy as before, but he could now dodge. However, he was very slow, he still could not avoid Huang Jintian’s attack.

Every day, he ate 6 Five Elements True Elemental Dans and 5 Elemental Spirit Dans. Whenever he took them, the energy inside the dan automatically and quickly assimilated into his body. Their efficacy was played to the limit.

Having eaten all the Elemental Spirit Dan, the divine soul in Chen Xiang’s consciousness had grown a lot. Before, it looked like it was ten years old, and now it was already eleven years old!

As for his cultivation, he was already just a step away from the 8th level True Martial Realm. A total of 390 true element grains in his five beasts forms had been lit, as long as he lit up another ten true element grains, he would step into the 8th level.

“Not bad, your cultivation speed is beyond my expectations!” Huang Jintian nodded and laughed.

Chen Xiang had stayed in the forbidden area for two months. Even Huang Jintian could see that he was tired, so Huang Jintian let him leave and relax, or else, he would feel oppressed.

Having left the forbidden area, Chen Xiang returned to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard and directly went to sleep for a whole day. Afterward, he gave the Golden Dragon Saliva which he had been congealing in these two months to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou.

Huang Jintian had already found him congealing Golden Dragon Saliva, but he did not ask him anything because he could see that Chen Xiang wanted to keep it a secret. Although he was curious, he respected Chen Xiang’s wishes.

“Young Martial Uncle, you are finally back, quickly open the door!” Just as Chen Xiang had woken up, he found Gu Dongchen shouting at the door which was perplexing to him. It should have taken Gu Dongchen and the others half a year for their trip to Kings’ Mainland and yet they had returned ten days in advance.


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