Chapter 387 – Kings’ Martial Art Meet

Chen Xiang brought Gu Dongchen to a small hall. Along the way, he noticed that Gu Dongchen did not dare to speak anything.

“What’s the matter? Spit it out, I am busy!” Chen Xiang exhorted.

“W-we have returned from the Kings’ Mainland. There, we found the martial arts left behind by many seniors, so the map is true.” Gu Dongchen said.

“Get to the point!” Chen Xiang knew that Gu Dongchen definitely didn’t want to talk about this.

“Alright, I will not hide it from you! The Kings’ Mainland is preparing to hold a Kings’ Martial Art Meet! I advise you not to go because the Kings’ Mainland guys are ridiculously strong. They had actually invited you, they clearly want to entrap you intentionally.” Gu Dongchen said with a sigh.

Chen Xiang snorted: “I was wondering what it was, if this is it, it is no big deal, I’m not going.”

“What? You are actually not going?” Gu Dongchen was a little surprised. He knew Chen Xiang very much enjoyed taking part in these kinds of competition, even more so, a competition with the Kings’ Mainland martial artists.

“From what I hear, the Kings’ Mainland had asked other continents too. Sacred Light Temple has naturally returned, they, for sure, are going to be sending some peak young martial artists to compete.” Gu Dongchen said.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said, “I am too lazy to go. At my current strength, I am nothing more than a fart in your Nirvana Realm martial artists’ eyes. Just find others in the Extreme Martial Sect to deal with it.”

If it was before, perhaps Chen Xiang would have been excited. But after being threatened by numerous Nirvana Realm martial artists, he felt that even if he was invincible at the same level, he was still far off from those Extreme State and Nirvana Realm martial artists. He thought that he should refine dans in his free time, only cultivation should take priority over everything.

“That’s good! Those guys are truly strong, moreover, you should better be ready for the Great Battle of the Three Realms. Maybe, after the Great Battle of the Three Realms starts, they would still not suffer any loss.” Gu Dongchen said with an anticipating look.

“Humph, if none of us mainlands were blocking the demons and devils, then how can they be able to live so smoothly?” Chen Xiang said with a despising tone.

“I guess that’s right.”

Just as Gu Dongchen was about to leave, Chen Xiang hastily asked, “How were you able to return so quickly?”

“It was all because Junior Brother Wu had set up a teleportation array on the Kings’ Mainland. After he had determined our coordinates, we were teleported to the Extreme Martial Sect’s entrance. Who would have thought that junior brother had researched in this aspect.” Gu Dongchen laughed and said.

Chen Xiang was astonished: “So to speak, we now have an ancient teleportation array?”

“But of course, moreover, it belongs to our Extreme Martial sect. In the future, it will be convenient to travel to the Kings’ Mainland. And because junior brother’s relation with the people there is good, they allowed the teleportation array to remain.” Gu Dongchen said with a laugh.

After Gu Dongchen left, Chen Xiang pondered whether he should go to the Kings’ Mainland or not.

“How about you endure it for now? After you have entered Extreme State, it would not be too late. And since those guys with the King’s Vein are stronger than the Herculean Family, they should be extremely strong.” said Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang had always been longing to live the life of traveling in other continents. For now, he could only be patient. In order to quickly improve his strength, after resting for a day, he left for the forbidden area to accept Huang Jintian’s training.

After the Extreme Martial Sect publicized the matter of Kings’ Martial Art Meet at the Kings’ Mainland, many were incredibly excited. Originally, many people didn’t know a thing about the Kings’ Mainland. But after they heard about it, they came to know that the Kings’ Mainland was a vast and a powerful continent.

The Kings’ Martial Art Meet was directed at True Martial Realm and the Extreme State. It was divided into three groups, low-rank, middle-rank, and high-rank. Originally, many people wanted to go, but after noticing the unfair grouping, they dispelled this notion.

“What the hell is this? 100,000 crystal stones just for registering, the low-rank group is 1st level to 3rd level, the middle-rank group is 4th to 6th level, and the high-rank group is from 7th level True Martial Realm to 1st stage of Extreme State. Even with such difference, they want us to fight, my ass!” Yun Xiaodao cursed.

“1st level and 3rd level True Martial Realm are grouped together, certainly the 3rd level will have the advantage. The most ridiculous is grouping the 7th level True Martial Realm martial artists together with Extreme State martial artists, and they still want us to fight, my ass! The Extreme State martial artists will certainly kill the True Martial Realm.” Zhu Rong sneered.

“If Chen Xiang went, he would definitely be grouped in the high-rank group, but perhaps even he would be defeated when facing an Extreme State martial artist.” Xu Weilong said.

The Extreme State is divided into three sub-stages which are Spirit Martial Realm, Soul Martial Realm, and Tempering Realm! They are also called the Three Heavens. After entering the Extreme State, first and foremost, the divine sense is cultivated to the extreme, which is also called the great perfection of Spirit Martial Realm. At this point, the martial artist gives birth to a peculiar soul which is also called Martial Soul. Following that, the Martial Soul is cultivated to the extreme and the martial artist will stride into the Tempering Realm, then the body is finally cultivated to the extreme and then the martial artists can enter nirvana, which will draw Nirvana Tribulation, only after crossing the Nirvana Tribulation will the martial artists stride into the Nirvana Realm!

The 1st stage of Extreme State was far more powerful than the True Martial Realm. One did not need to use their brain to know that the Extreme State martial artists would win, so many people had sneered at this grouping by the Kings’ Mainland.

“Elder Brother Chen will definitely not go, isn’t this clearly cheating others?” Yun Xiaodao said with disdain, “If Elder Brother Chen was an Extreme State martial artist, no matter if it was a King’s descendant or not, they would be beaten to a pulp.”

The winner of the Kings’ Martial Art Meets could get very rich rewards, moreover, the winner of the high-rank group who would be rewarded a Fruit of Fortune.

“What! The reward is actually a Fruit of Fortune!” Chen Xiang, who was walking on the road, when heard Wu Kaiming mention this could not help but shout in astonishment.

A Fruit of Fortune was a heaven-level spirit herb which could be considered as a top level spirit herb in the mortal world. It was the main ingredient for refining Good Fortune Dan. One could say that if they used price to measure its value, it would absolutely reach an astronomical figure.

“Rumor has it that there is just one fruit because the Tree of Fortune had already been dead!” Wu Kaiming said.

“It makes no sense, it’s just a tournament, but they have actually taken out such a precious thing, are the organizers crazy?” Chen Xiang could not understand why there was such an expensive reward.

“To the tell you the truth, the reward is for one person. According to the rumors, he is the strongest youth of the Kings’ Mainland, and he is just 20 years old. The organizers of the Kings’ Martial Art Meet are very optimistic about this youth, so they have prepared this reward for him.” said Wu Kaiming.

Chen Xiang shook his head as he heaved a sigh: “Unfortunately, I am only in the 7th level of True Martial Realm now, or else I would have also given it a try.”

“That person is more formidable than you imagine, in just 20 years, he is already in Extreme State! So, I came to tell you that you should not be fooled by them. The organizers are holding the Kings’ Martial Art Meet for their own people. Their objective is to humiliate the martial artists of other continents, meanwhile making Kings’ Mainland famous.” Wu Kaiming looked slightly furious.

“Does the Kings’ Mainland want to unify the entire mortal world?” Chen Xiang was surprised for a moment before he asked with a frown.

“Hard to say, although I came from there, I have rarely stayed there.” Wu Kaiming said while shaking his head, “The Kings’ Martial Art Meet has always been one influence, that’s why it is hard to figure out.”

Having told all these to Chen Xiang, Wu Kaiming immediately left. While, Chen Xiang, carrying an indescribable mood, jumped into the pit before he resumed his brutal training.


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