Chapter 388 – Powerful Veins

The whole matter of the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet had sent the entire Chenwu Mainland in a hubbub. However, very few people registered for it. Only a few martial artists who were comparatively strong dare to register.

“Wow! The middle-rank group’s rewards are also marvelous! It is actually a White Jade Lotus Seed!” A man cried in surprise.

At the beginning, only a few people registered. But later on, the number of people registering started to rise. And the one who was responsible for all this work was Wu Kaiming, which was also the condition that the Kings’ Mainland demanded in order for the teleportation array to remain.

“Junior Brother, do you truly want to go? Your teacher had but declined in a clear-cut manner.” Gu Dongchen, after handing an invitation card to Xiao Chou, didn’t expect that Xiao Chou would actually participate in the high-rank group competition.

Xiao Chou, regardless of how many or how strong his competitors were, wanted to give it a try.

“Great Senior Brother, isn’t it alright if you look after me a bit at that time so that I won’t be killed by those guys! I am not like before, if I am against a powerful guy, I will throw in the towel. However, if I encounter someone who is almost at the same level as me, I will fight it out.” Xiao Chou said with a smile.

Gu Dongchen heaved a sigh: “Before the competition, there is also a preliminary round, and it seems it is calculated by integral points, and the top four will finally go up on the stage to compete.”

Chen Xiang, who was still inside the forbidden area where he was still undergoing torturous training, was completely oblivious to the fact that Xiao Chou had already registered. At present, Chen Xiang was on the brink of a breakthrough.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had already passed. Chen Xiang, after taking a Five Elements True Elemental Dan was zealously compressing his True Qi as a true element grain was slowly being illuminated! Over these ten days, he would light up a true elemental grain every day. Moreover, the training this time was even more torturous than before, and the dans he had taken were also much more. This had been intentionally arranged by Huang Jintian, it was all for him to impact his bottleneck.

Whereas, five beast forms in his dantian had eighty specks of light brightly shining, a grand total of four hundred true elemental grains. When the four hundredth true elemental grain was lit, he felt his power suddenly soaring.

After reaching four hundred true elemental grains, the true elemental grains seemed to create a sky, as if all the grains had mutually fused together and had some kind of connection. Due to which, Chen Xiang felt his strength soaring to a whole new level.

Chen Xiang burst into laughter. Finally, after two months of pain, he had broken through. The joy he felt could not be described with words alone.

“You are now already in the True Martial Realm, yet you could break through the later stages so quickly, it is all because of those dans. If you would not have persisted through the training program set by me, I’m afraid you would not have been so fast! Go now, continue refining dans.” Huang Jintian said as he kicked Chen Xiang out of the pit.

After Chen Xiang had stepped into the 8th level of the True Martial realm, he had completely used up all the Five Elements True Elemental Dans. Huang Jintian’s plan was well calculated.

Every time Chen Xiang came out of the forbidden area, he would first take a bath before taking a big nap. However, this time, just as he finished taking a bath, he met Wu Qianqian.

“Your apprentice is injured, quickly visit him!” After Wu Qianqian saw Chen Xiang, immediately said.

“Which one?” Chen Xiang asked with a frown.

“Your youngest apprentice. However, he is already stabilized now! Sure enough, the guys from the Kings’ Mainland are formidable, even a guy like Xiao Chou could only crawl his way back.” Wu Qianqian said with emotions.

Having heard this, Chen Xiang could guess the cause of it. He was a little bit angry because Gu Dongchen had actually allowed Xiao Chou to participate in the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet.

“From what I hear, all the disciples of the Extreme Martial Sect who participated had returned with heavy injuries. Chen Xiang, you better not go!” Wu Qianqian said in worry.

“I am not so stupid!” Chen Xiang followed Wu Qianqian to Xiao Chou’s residence. Xian Chou was also a member of King Martial Courtyard.

“Little Devil, how are you?” When Chen Xiang saw Xiao Chou’s weak appearance, he pinched Xiao Chou’s face.

“Better than dead! Teacher, you absolutely can’t go to avenge me. The top experts of Kings’ Mainland are truly formidable. The guy who I was competing with was also in the 8th level True Martial Realm, and yet, I was beaten to this state! Not only do they have divine skills like the Herculean Family, their martial skills are also very powerful, and their True Qi is very overbearing as well.” Xiao Chou persuaded Chen Xiang. Since he had taken Chen Xiang as his teacher, he had also matured a lot; he wasn’t rash anymore like before.

Although Xiao Chou was seriously injured, he had already recovered a lot. However, Chen Xiang still fed him a bit of Hell Spirit Grass, so that he could recover a bit quickly.

Chen Xiang smiled: “Do you think I am as stupid as you. If I don’t have absolute strength, I would not go. And once I go, I will take the first place and return.”

Chen Xiang was still a True Martial Realm martial artist. And the high-rank group actually allowed the participation of Extreme State martial artists. No matter how strong a True Martial Realm martial artist was, it would be very difficult for him to deal with an Extreme State martial artist.

“Fortunately, I heard that there are not many powerful experts like him, only those who have the King’s Vein are so strong. Previously, I have encountered a few 7th level, 8th level, and 9th level True Martial Realm martial artists who were defeated by me. However, when compared to the martial artists of other mainlands he was very strong! The guy who defeated me was in 8th level True Martial Realm, I am sure that that guy must have the King’s Vein.” Xiao Chous unhappily said.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “The guy who had been previously defeated by you would also be feeling the same as you do! Your Herculean Family has a higher starting point than those guys, if you were in the 8th level of True Martial Realm, you should have been able to fight on par with him.”

“Maybe I would have been able to win too!” Xiao Chou burst into laughter.

Because there was the teleportation array, it was very easy to visit the Kings’ Mainland from the Chenwu Mainland. At this moment, standing at the entrance of the Extreme Martial Sect, Chen Xiang was looking at the complex spirit patterns of the array laid on the ground, this array was precisely the teleportation array.

“What do you think? Do you want to go and take a look?” Wu Kaiming appeared behind Chen Xiang.

“I want to, but I am afraid, if I go, I may not be able to hold myself and fight with those guys!” Chen Xiang said with a smile. Although nothing was shown on his face, he was furious in his heart.

Wu Kaiming smiled: “You are afraid that in a fight you would not be able to defeat them. But if it was alchemy, I think, you have a chance to win. Alchemy wise, King’s Mainland is also very prosperous. There are many young and outstanding alchemists there. They too had sent an invitation to you, asking you to participate in their alchemy competition.”

Chen Xiang eyes immediately brightly lit up as he asked, “I am just an early stage 5th level Alchemist, if the competition rules are unfavorable to me, I am not going.”

“The competition rules should rather be fair and surely, in accordance with every level of the alchemists. It is definitely not unfavorable like the martial arts competition.” Wu Kaiming said.

Chen Xiang wanted to give it a try: “Alright, I guess, I will accept their invitation! If the competition rules are unfavorable to me, I will return at the drop of a hat.”

Wu Kaiming nodded and said, “But of course, lest you will be knocking your head against the wall. This time, the Kings’ Mainland is completely suppressing other mainlands to the point that they could not even breathe because the Kings’ Mainland is truly powerful. And after many people from Chenwu Mainland went there, they all had to return after getting defeated. I have also heard that a few outstanding Extreme State disciples of the Lotus Island had also been seriously injured!”

Chen Xiang had accepted the invitation and was going to use the teleportation array after three days to participate in the alchemy competition. After many people came to know this information, they were very eager to visit the Kings’ Mainland. However, they needed to pay the cost to use the teleportation array.


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