Chapter 389 – Embarking Upon the King’s Soil

For the convenience of exchange between the various mainland during the Great Battle of the Three Realms, all the mainlands had established teleportation arrays with the Extreme Martial Sect. This way, the various mainlands of the mortal world were no longer far away.

100,000 years ago, in order to prevent the demons and devils to quickly reach the various mainlands through teleportation arrays, they had been destroyed. However, later, it proved to have no major effect. So, establishing the teleportation arrays would further increase the exchange and trade between various mainlands, and allow the mainlands to develop quickly.

In the following month, many teleportation arrays were already finished being constructed. Whereupon, the martial artists of these mainlands registered for the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet one by one, and went to the Kings’ Mainland through the teleportation arrays. However, in the end, they returned with heavy injuries.

“In order to participate in the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet, the first test is a fight between two people where only the one who has won will be allowed to participate the preliminaries and will go on the stage to fight with various martial artists. Many participants are seriously injured in this very test.” Said Xiao Chou. Now, he had already recovered a lot from his injuries. When he heard that his teacher was going to participate in the alchemy competition of Kings’ Mainland, he too was very excited.

The martial artists of Kings’ Mainland, due to powerful veins, were very powerful. But in regards to alchemy, just having a good vein wasn’t enough. Otherwise, there won’t be so few expert alchemists.

At present, if Chen Xiang took part in martial arts competition, there was no guarantee that he could win, however, if it was the alchemy competition, he had a huge chance to win.

In this one short month, martial artists of many mainlands had embraced and learned from hands-on experience the formidability of the Kings’ Mainland. Furthermore, some sects of the said mainlands had recommended the martial artists who were registering for the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet to carefully consider and be prudent, lest they hurt themselves as well as waste their wealth.

“The martial artists of Kings’ Mainland who have the King’s Vein are truly strong!” Chen Xiang said with emotions.

Although Xiao Chou was unwilling, he had no choice but to admit the fact that the martial artists possessing the King’s Vein were indeed ridiculously strong. And he also believed that if there was someone who could defeat these martial artists, it could certainly be his teacher.

“Teacher, suppose you were in Extreme State, will you register?” Xiao Chou asked.

“But of course!” Chen Xiang smiled. He was an alchemist, and a martial artist as well. And as long as one was a martial artist, he or she would want to test the results of their cultivation through the martial arts competition, in particular, competing against some powerful guys.

“There is still half a year before the registration is finished. Teacher, after three days, you will go to participate in the alchemy competition which should only take one or two days, that’s all, you still have time, right!?” At this moment, Xiao Chou sensed that Chen Xiang was a lot stronger than before which was because Chen Xiang had broken through, and that was why he was very confident of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Let’s talk about it after half a year, for now, I am going to the Kings’ Mainland to take a look, you coming?”

“No, I don’t want to be ridiculed by those people.” Xiao Chou stuck his tongue out and capered away. He was a lot mature now.

Before, others were comparing the Herculean Family and the martial artists with the King’s Vein, but now, the Herculean Family had instead been defeated. Thus, Xiao Chou was very depressed. Until he had the absolute strength, he wasn’t planning on stepping on the Kings’ Mainland.

Danxiang Taoyuan, at the top floor of Danxiang Tower.

“Menger, congratulation for crossing your seventh tribulation!” Hua Xiangyue said with a smile.

“This is all thanks to the Resurrection Dan refined by you. I had taken three dans, and had it not for these, I’m afraid I would not have been able to cross! The seventh tribulation was truly terrifying! Of course, there is also that Little Rascal who had given me the herbs.”

Liu Menger said with emotions. She could only be successful in crossing her tribulation was first due to Chen Xiang who had let her know the details of her Nirvana Tribulation, which let her do enough preparations. And the second due to the Resurrection Dan, this life-saving dan, which was indispensable.

Hua Xiangyue giggled and said. “How are you going to thank that Little Rascal? With your body?”

“You little fox…” Liu Menger’s face was flushed red as she tenderly spat: “This time, those guys of the Kings’ Mainland had attacked the self-esteem of various mainlands. Now that Little Rascal, Chen Xiang is going to be participating in the alchemy competition, I wonder if he could scrub off the spirit of those guys.”

“Little Rascal is terrifying in alchemy. Those guys with the King’s Vein won’t be able to easily defeat him! Chen Xiang, that brat is also very depressed, he wants to fight, but he doesn’t have enough strength.”

Hua Xiangyue heaved a sigh as she peered out of the window at the square below. Right there, Chen Xiang had won the alchemy competition, and his strength had also shaken the entire Chenwu Mainland. Recalling Chen Xiang’s stalwart figure from that day, a sliver of inexplicable feeling could not help but emerge in her eyes.

“Let’s go, let’s go to the Kings’ Mainland and cheer for that Little Rascal!” Liu Menger smiled at her. At this moment, one thing that Liu Menger could not understand was why Hua Xiangyue would have inexplicable feelings for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was now an influential figure. He was the apprentice of Huang Jintian. He had fooled experts of various mainlands during the Heroes Assembly. He had defeated a clansman of the Ancient Herculean Family and later taken him as an apprentice. Not only does he practice the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, he was also a 5th level Alchemist who had mastered an otherworldly alchemy technique at such a young age…

He had so many titles that it was hard to remember them all. He had done far too many earth-shattering things. And when too many mainlands had been defeated by the Kings’ Mainland, Chen Xiang suddenly came forward to fight, which for sure had sent many people into ebullition, many people hoped that someone ordinary could defeat these martial artists with King’s Vein, even if it was just in alchemy.

Tycoons of various mainlands also had a very deep impression of Chen Xiang. It was hard for them to forget him. They too had heard of Chen Xiang’s superb alchemy technique, but they had not had the chance to witness it. Now that Chen Xiang had dared to go the Kings’ Mainland to take part in the alchemy competition, these tycoons were also very interested.

The Kings’ Mainland flaunting their strength had made these tycoons very unhappy. If Chen Xiang could take first place in the alchemy competition, no doubt it would hinder the Kings’ Mainland plan of becoming famous.

Chen Xiang followed Gu Dongchen and the other to the Kings’ Mainland, which was indeed a prosperous place. Here, the buildings were one of a kind, all of which constructed from somewhat huge bricks. Moreover, all of the buildings had several floors. One could not help but halt their footstep while walking on the street, gazing at these magnificent building on either side.

The Spirit Qi here was also very rich. Although it was not as good as the mysterious realm, Chen Xiang felt that it was twice as much as the Chenwu Mainland, which was also one of the reason for the martial artists here to be stronger.

What surprised Chen Xiang the most was that the citizens of the Kings’ Mainland more or less practiced martial arts. While walking on the streets, he discovered that the manager of the stores and even the attendants of hotel were at the very least in the 3rd level of the Mortal Martial Realm. The martial arts atmosphere here was very good, this point alone made him feel admiration.

“This mainland is a hundred times bigger than the Chenwu Mainland, moreover, the resources here are also very rich, and the population is also not as much as the Chenwu Mainland. The fecundity of people here is not very good, however, their overall qualifications are very high. So no matter who it is, as long as they are born on this mainland, they would learn martial arts from their childhood. If it is the poor, the Divine Martial Palace of the Kings’ Mainland would send some crystal stones and dans, so that the poor could practice martial arts.” Wu Kaiming narrated the matters of Kings’ Mainland. After all, he was from here, and so he had a very good understanding of this place.


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