Chapter 391 – The Scheme of Kings’ Mainland

The middle-aged man who had just asked Chen Xiang the question, although felt unhappy in his heart, he still kept a smile on his face as he said, “So it was like this, I think that without Little Hero Chen, the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet will definitely be a lot more dull, what a pity!”

“To be honest, I really want to participate, but it’s just that I am not strong enough. If I could step into the Extreme State in half a year, then it is another thing altogether!” Chen Xiang said with a smile.

Step into the Extreme State in half a year? A majority of the audience here were experts of Nirvana Realm, and in their opinion, this was absolutely impossible. In their eyes, Chen Xiang was just a martial artist of 7th level True Martial Realm, and it was not that simple to step into the Extreme State, if it was entering the 9th level of the True Martial Realm, that was justifiable.

“If Little Hero Chen is truly successful in it, you, for sure, will be the first genius of the Mortal Martial World! Of course, apart from our Kings’ Mainland martial artists.” Having said all this, the middle-aged man sat down.

Chen Xiang had already known that many of the martial artists who possessed the King’s Vein would be Extreme State martial artists at a young age, which was indeed very amazing.

Chen Xiang just smiled. Whoever had the hardest fist was the genius. Watching the Kings’ Mainland acting so high-profile to show-off their strength, his desire to enter the Extreme State as soon as possible soared so that these people of the Kings’ Mainland would lose their smile.

At this moment, that harmonious old man slightly laughed: “Now, let the alchemy competition begin, as we know Little Hero Chen’s time is very tight.”

“The rules of the final round are pretty simple, in a stipulated time, whoever has the highest total value for the dans refined by him or her, will be the winner! The herbs are required to be prepared by yourself, and I think, when you came here, you have already made good preparations, right!”

Having heard the rules, a slight frown crept upon Chen Xiang’s forehead. The experts of other mainlands also began to whisper to each other, complaining about the rules; they were clearly dissatisfied as it was unfavorable to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took a glance at the other four young men on the side, who were looking at Chen Xiang with an arrogant and provocative look in their eyes.

“In addition… you can not refine the Hundred Beasts Dan, this type of dan is meaningless! And as for the price of dans, we have a reference price right here. The final result will be evaluated in accordance with our reference price.”

Chen Xiang was secretly furious in his heart. He felt that this alchemy competition was like a trap prepared just for him, it was precisely to make him lose the competition, whereupon the Kings’ Mainland’s prowess would go bigger.

A man came forward and handed a sheet to Chen Xiang and the others, written upon which were the prices of some dans; this was the reference price list.

“A Building Foundation Dan – 800,000 crystal stones, Elemental Spirit Dan – 1,000,000 crystal stones, Five Elements True Elemental Dan – 1,000,000 crystal stones…” What surprised Chen Xiang was that the three low-grade profound-level dans which had the highest price turned out to be the three dans he was well-versed at, and the next were also many low-grade profound level dans whose price was in between 500,000 to 800,000, all of which were a bit unconventional dans.

At the Kings’ Mainland, Chen Xiang had conducted a survey before and found herbs of some unconventional dans here, but they were very expensive. However, the difficulty to refine them was not that big, if one had a great number of these herbs, the participant could refine a lot of them, allowing them to win first.

“Humph, these unconventional dans aren’t simply worth these prices. They had intentionally raised the prices of Building Foundation Dan, Elemental Spirit Dan, and Five Elements True Elemental Dan, so that the high prices of these unconventional dans would be nothing! I guarantee that they have a lot of herbs for these unconventional dans, however, these dans are pretty much useless! Moreover, they don’t believe that you will have many herbs of precious dans in your hands.” Su Meiyao sneered.

At this time, Wu Kaiming gave a wink to Chen Xiang, seemingly asking whether he wanted to continue or withdraw, because the competition was clearly unfavorable to him, and their trick had not gone unnoticed by many among the audience. The Kings’ Mainland was vast, so the herbs in the hands of alchemist here was definitely a lot more than as compared to alchemists of other mainlands.

Now it was not a competition of alchemy technique but rather who had more resources. This point was not at all fair, it was quite clear that it was done to make Chen Xiang lose. Moreover, refining Hundred Beasts Dan wasn’t also allowed, thinking of this, made everyone feel angry.

“Little Hero Chen, is there any problem?” The elder asked with a calm smile on his face.

“No problem, no problem at all!” Chen Xiang replied with a smile, and with a 100% confident look.

At present, Chen Xiang wasn’t in lack of the herbs for the three most valuable dans. He had 80 sets of Building Foundation Dan herbs, 100 sets of Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs as well as Elemental Spirit Dan herbs. However, he only intended to refine Five Elements True Elemental Dan, because he could refine as much as ten dans with one set of herbs! Whereas he could refine at most four Building Foundation Dans and three Elemental Spirit Dan with one set of herbs.

Moreover, he had been planning to refine a lot of Five Elements True Elemental Dans for a while, which he was going to use to impact the Extreme State!

“You have three hours, if you are all ready, take your alchemical furnace out and let the referees examine them.” The Elder said.

Chen Xiang took out the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace and handed to Hua Xiangyue, only to see Hua Xiangyue smiling flirtatiously at him, seemingly encouraging him.

“Now let me introduce you the contesting alchemist. Everyone has heard of Little Hero Chen, so I also don’t need to talk much about him!” The elder stood up and said.

“First is the genius alchemist of our Divine Martial Palace, Xian Yaoming, he is 35 years old this year, but he can refine middle-grade profound-level dans, next is…”

Chen Xiang turned a deaf ear to all of this, he felt that it didn’t matter much, even if he knew the opponents down to the minute details, it would be completely useless during the competition.

While the elder was eloquently introducing the four young genius alchemist, Chen Xiang was conversing with Hua Xiangyue using the divine sense.

“Sister Xiangyue, you seem to be a lot confident of me!”

“But of course, since a Little Rascal like you can give so many herbs of Resurrection Dan, to capture the heart of a peerless beauty like Liu Menger, how can I not be confident of you?” Hua Xiangyue tone carried a hint of jealousy.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Sister Xiangyue, to be honest, I really don’t want you to be my maid, I feel that it is an insult to you!”

“I don’t feel any insult, I think that it will be very gratifying.” Hua Xiangyue seemed to be rather excited when talking about this matter, which made Chen Xiang feel that Hua Xiangyue was a loyal and devoted maid in her past life.

“Alright, let me think about it for some time, at least let me solve the matter of Sister Menger and me.” Said Chen Xiang.

Hua Xiangyue could understand where Chen Xiang was coming from because it was indeed a nerve-wracking matter.

“Who asked you to eat the master of your fairy-like wife. Now you know that you knocked down the gates of trouble! Hei hei, if you take me as your maid, I wonder what your little fairy is going to say!?” Hua Xiangyue mischievously grinned and said.

Although everyone was listening to the Elder as he introduced the four genius alchemists, everyone’s gaze was gathered on Chen Xiang because Chen Xiang was blankly staring at the charming and bewitching Hua Xiangyue, and Hua Xiangyue seemed to be regarding Chen Xiang as invisible, as she supported her beautiful cheeks with her palm, seemingly thinking of something.

Only Liu Menger knew that Chen Xiang was conversing with Hua Xiangyue using divine sense. And noticing Chen Xiang’s corner of lips pursed into a dirty smile, she was sure that they were definitely talking ambiguously, which made her secretly jealous.

“Cough! Cough! Is the examination of alchemical furnace finished?!” The elder was secretly angry in his heart. To his dismay, when he was speaking Chen Xiang was only gazing at the beauty, moreover, he seemed to be in a trance. Which made him doubt how Chen Xiang actually became an alchemist with such mindset?

Hua Xiangyue was very stunning, charming and bewitching as well, as long as it was an ordinary man, he would want to look at her bewitching face. But a majority of the audience were all experts, they knew that this was rather rude, so they did not look at this beauty so unscrupulously.

Chen Xiang regained from his stupor and noticing the strange expression in everyone’s eyes, he forcibly coughed twice before he asked, “Right, what is the reward for the winner of the alchemy competition?”


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  1. Why does she want to be a maid so badly? Why not be his little wife or something? Save all that maid stuff for later if you know what I mean.


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