Chapter 392 – Astonishing Unique Technique

Reward? This made the elder and the other four competing young alchemists hold him in contempt because they believed that Chen Xiang didn’t have any chance of winning, yet he dare ask what was the reward!

Although the Kings’ Mainland had been closed to the outside world, a lot of powerful experts did come here once in while, and many martial artists of Kings’ Mainland would also traverse to other mainlands, so they were well aware of some of the situations of the other mainlands, in particular, alchemy-wise.

For instance, the situation of the Building Foundation Dan, Elemental Spirit Dan, and the Five Elements True Elemental Dan was just like that in the Kings’ Mainland; they were very rare, and the same went for the herbs of other unconventional dans. But they had a lot of herbs of unconventional dans, which was why they had intentionally created such rules in order to defeat Chen Xiang in this competition.

At the beginning, they wanted Chen Xiang to participate in the martial arts competition, and then ruthlessly defeat Chen Xiang, this top youngest expert of Chenwu Mainland. However, they had never imagined that instead of Chen Xiang participating, it would be just his apprentice, Xiao Chou. Although Xiao Chou was sent back with heavy injuries, the Kings’ Mainland felt it was still insufficient because their target was Chen Xiang. And Xiao Chou whom they had defeated was just someone who was under Chen Xiang, that’s all, they felt no sense of superiority in defeating Xiao Chou; none at all.

Thus, this alchemy competition was customized just for Chen Xiang!

“This competition has only one winner, the prize is a White Jade Lotus Seed!” The elder said.

“Oh!” Chen Xiang lightly responded. Much to the elder’s dismay, Chen Xiang had an indifferent look. Moreover, his eyes were filled with disappointment as though the White Jade Lotus Seed was nothing but cabbage.

After all, the White Jade Lotus Seed could already be considered very good, it was the main ingredient for the high-grade earth level dan, the Resurrection Dan, and some heaven-level dan also required the White Jade Lotus Seed.

“I want to know why did the reward make you so disappointed?” Taking a breath, the elder asked.

The elder could not tolerate anyone to be the slightest bit disappointed by the Kings’ Mainland. When he noticed that kind of look on Chen Xiang’s face, he felt very unhappy in his heart.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “It’s not that I was disappointed, it’s just that sometime in the past I had won a couple of White Jade Lotus Seed in a bet with the son of the Lotus Island’s lord.”

Upon hearing Chen Xiang’s justification, the audience was in an uproar. Everyone turned their gazes towards Lian Yingxiao. Lian Yingxiao was a famous figure in the mortal world, particularly his wealth, for which he was famous for in many mainlands.

“It’s true, and also many Fire Dragon Blood Lotus!” Lian Yingxiao said.

The Lotus Island was famous for the White Jade Lotus Seed, and rumor had it that the White Jade Lotus Seed of Kings’ Mainland belonged to Lian Yingxiao. And Chen Xiang had won a couple of White Jade Lotus Seed in a bet, while the reward of the huge alchemy competition held by Kings’ Mainland was just one.

In contrast, the reward of Kings’ Mainland was indeed a bit lacking, no wonder Chen Xiang was disappointed. Now everyone also felt that the White Jade Lotus Seed as a reward was also nothing.

“How about I add a Five Elements Profound Dan as well!?” The elder said.

Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised. In the past, he had taken a Five Elements Profound Dan, however, it was of low quality, furthermore, because of being stored for too long, it had lost a lot of its potency; therefore, what he was eating was a discarded Five Elements Profound Dan.

After all, Five Elements Profound Dan for one was a high-grade earth-level dan, but it only let him advance from 1st level to 2nd level of the True Martial Realm, that’s all. Later, when he understood the earth-level dans, only then he came to know that the dan he had eaten was just a waste dan.

And if a waste dan was so good, what if it was a better one? Wouldn’t it be even better? At present, he was in a lack of dans, if he could get his hands on Five Elements Profound Dan, maybe he could step into the Extreme State in half a year.

“Can we begin now?!” The elder glanced at Chen Xiang with a disgusted look.

Chen Xiang though that this elder definitely had some enmity with his master, or else why would he be so against him.

Once the competition began, everyone secretly cursed these alchemists of the Kings’ Mainland because just as they had thought, these alchemists came up with a lot of herbs for low-grade profound-level unconventional dans, and if they refined many of them, their total value, in the end, would be the highest, thereby defeating Chen Xiang.

What made them furious was that the herbs utilized by the alchemists of Kings’ Mainland had long been processed. After the elder gave the signal to start, the four alchemists immediately began refining dans, while Chen Xiang, on the other hand, was processing the herbs. With one glance, everyone recognized that the herbs he was processing were for the Five Elements True Elemental Dan.

And what disappointed everyone was that Chen Xiang was not using his “transparent” alchemical furnace. Long have many tycoons wanted to take a look at process of refining of a dan inside the alchemical furnace

Even those alchemists who were participating in the competition could not help but peer a few glances at the herbs in Chen Xiang’s hands. After all, it was the Five Elements True Elemental Dan, which although they had seen, they never had the chance to refine because they were too rare, and even if they had the opportunity to refine, they were bound to fail.

Chen Xiang knew the Kings’ Mainland wanted to show off, now he too wanted to show off by using his transparent alchemical furnace to refine a set of Five Elements True Elemental Dan.

“I wonder if I can refine a set of dan without the alchemical furnace, I want to do a warm-up first.” Chen Xiang asked the elder.

“Of course you can!” The elder too wanted to see Chen Xiang’s unique alchemy technique. He had lived for so long, but first time in his lifetime had he heard that one could refine the Five Elements True Elemental Dan without an alchemical furnace.

Those old referees eyes opened wide one by one as they stared at Chen Xiang. They were the top alchemists of the Kings’ Mainland, yet they had never seen this kind of thing. Even for them, it would be very difficult. Long had they heard of this matter and had been wanting to look at it.

Chen Xiang put the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace aside, whereupon he released his Spiritual Energy and congealed an invisible alchemical furnace. Chen Xiang, in order to be proficient, would use Illusionary Brilliant Furnace to refine a few dans once in a while, so this did not pose him any pressure at all.

Having finished processing the herbs, Chen Xiang placed them inside the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace before he infused the furnace with the flames. At this moment, everyone could clearly see the three-level structure of the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace. In the bottom level was the flame, in the center level were the herbs and the top level was flooded with five colored and resplendent Herbal Spirit Qis.

These herbs, after being burned by flames, radiated with even more dazzling five colored splendors, making the onlooker exclaim again and again. Now everyone got to see clearly how beautiful the Herbal Spirit Qis were as they were being released bit by bit when the herbs were being incinerated; it was like a radiance of five colors.

When these Herbal Spirit Qi gathered together, they turned extremely unstable as they collided with the walls of the top level of the furnace. These glistening five colored flashes of brilliance were particularly dazzling. Whereas the unstable Herbal Spirit Qis seemingly wanted to destroy the transparent alchemical furnace, but they seemed to be suppressed by an invisible power.

Everyone who laid their eyes upon this scene for the first time was completely dumbfounded. They could be considered as a tycoon who controlled and managed a region, they had lived for so many years and seen and experienced all kinds of things, but they still had been shocked by such a beautiful scene. To their surprise, the difficult processes of alchemy were surprisingly so beautiful on the inside.

The four alchemists of the Kings’ Mainland too looked at Chen Xiang with surprise as he refined the Five Elements True Elemental Dan. They were not enjoying the beautiful aura, on the contrary, they had been shocked by Chen Xiang’s alchemy skills. They were all alchemists, they could see more as compared to others.


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