Chapter 393 – Dual Tasking

Chen Xiang was quite proficient in refining Five Elements True Elemental Dan, and his speed, well it was quite fast too, which amazed some of the alchemists that were present. From how Chen Xiang, out of thin air, was proficiently refining without an alchemical furnace, made it very clear that his basics were very solid. In this regard, the young alchemists of the Kings’ Mainland were not a match for Chen Xiang.

However, the populace of the Kings’ Mainland who were among the audiences still believed that Chen Xiang had no chance to win, because the alchemy competition was not about alchemy techniques, but rather who had the most resources. And it goes without saying that it was a fair contest through which they could defeat Chen Xiang.

Following that, the radiance inside the transparent alchemical furnace slowly started shrinking as all the Herbal Spirit Qi and Herbal Powder gathered at the top most level of the furnace and quickly started rotating like a cyclone.

Everyone held their breaths as they were about to see the solidification process of a dan. Suddenly, the large mass of transparent mist was separated into ten parts, making it clear that Chen Xiang was going to congeal ten Five Elements True Elemental Dan, which would be worth 10 million crystal stones if calculated in accordance with the reference price. And this was just from one set of herbs, that’s all.

Not even half an hour had passed, nonetheless, Chen Xiang had refined a set of Five Elements True Elemental Dan. However, his fellow participants had refined two sets, but the total value of their dans was far from Chen Xiang’s Five Elements True Elemental Dans.

However, they were still convinced that Chen Xiang won’t have too many Five Elements True Elemental Dan’s herbs. Therefore, they were still very confident in their win. Because in accordance with their understanding of Five Elements True Elemental Dan’s herbs, they knew that it was quite difficult to grow these kinds of herbs, it was impossible to possess a lot of them; usually, just one set would appear in the market.

Having placed all ten transparent dans in the jade box on the table in front, Hua Xiangyue and the old referees took them out one by one to examine them. When they discovered that it was of superior quality, those old referees were amazed.

Quality-wise, quantity-wise, and speed-wise, Chen Xiang had done everything perfectly. With such basics, he would certainly become an outstanding alchemist in the future. Now, the populace of Kings’ Mainland started to get worried, for they had schemed against Chen Xiang which he would certainly remember, and that was detrimental to their future relationships.

After all, Chen Xiang’s identity was kind of unique, because he was the apprentice of Huang Jintian, and was the inheritor of the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, and maybe he would be the next Dean of Extreme Martial Sect. And just like Huang Jintian, he might stand at the apex of entire Mortal Martial World. Of course, he was also a famous alchemist, which was more terrifying than Huang Jintian himself.

“Now I am going to use the alchemical furnace!” Chen Xiang smiled as he grabbed the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace from the side and placed it in front of him.

Opening the lid of the alchemical furnace, Chen Xiang took out a jade box and carefully placed the herbs inside the alchemical furnace. Upon seeing those herbs, everyone let out a low and deep exclamation, because they were herbs for refining Five Elements True Elemental Dan, moreover, all of them had been processed!

When Chen Xiang saw the four alchemists of Kings’ Mainland directly utilizing the processed herbs, he also asked Su Meiyao to do the same. This way, he could win more time.

“Refine some Five Elements True Element Dans and pound those guys to death.” Long Xueyi said with a mischievous laughter.

Whereupon, when the Divine Martial Palace’s elders of high position and status saw this, they could not help but frown. If Chen Xiang refined once again, then the total value would be twenty million crystal stones. Moreover, who could say that Chen Xiang didn’t have more Five Elements True Elemental Dan’s herbs? Maybe Chen Xiang could really win first place in the tournament, by then, it would be them who would lose their face.

At this time, the hubbub among the audience suddenly stopped as everyone dumbfoundedly stared at Chen Xiang. Whereupon, they saw Chen Xiang’s hand was placed on the alchemical furnace which seemed to have been crafted from fiery-red color gemstone, and his other hand once again took out a jade box. As he opened the jade box, to everyone’s dismay, another set of Five Elements True Elemental Dan’s herbs came into their view.

“What is he doing?” Everyone’s heart madly started pounding. They seemed to have guessed what Chen Xiang was planning on doing, but it was difficult to believe.

Chen Xiang faintly smiled as he grabbed the processed Five Elements True Elemental Dan’s herbs inside the jade box and placed them inside the transparent alchemical furnace. To everyone’s astonishment, he was going to simultaneously operate two furnaces!

“He… he is simply a madman!” Lan Hai’s cried in low voice, whereas, the tycoons of other mainlands too stared at Chen Xiang with wide-opened eyes.

An alchemist refining a dan without using an alchemical furnace was already an eye-opener to them, yet Chen Xiang simultaneously refining two sets of herbs, one with an alchemical furnace, while the other without. If this was truly the case, then Chen Xiang was equivalent to two alchemists refining a dan simultaneously; this was simply a heaven defying method.

Hua Xiangyue was the closest to Chen Xiang. She already knew that Chen Xiang was in possession of many herbs, but she had never imagined that she would still be shocked by Chen Xiang; he was actually operating two alchemical furnaces simultaneously. Dual-tasking, although was a great taboo in alchemy, if one mastered it, the efficiency would definitely be higher.

The old referees were all peak-level figures in the alchemists’ circle, and there were also many high-level alchemists from the other mainlands present among the audience. At this moment, all of them had been scared by Chen Xiang’s actions to the point that they had been rendered speechless. Many alchemists, even in their imagination, dared not operate two alchemical furnaces simultaneously, yet Chen Xiang was doing it in front of their eyes!

Looking at Chen Xiang’s wide and thick shoulder, Liu Menger secretly felt proud; she was feeling proud for Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang had always done things which would surprise others, so she had already been accustomed to his antics.

Such a move from Chen Xiang had suddenly made the populace of Kings’ Mainland feel a great pressure. They had never imagined that Chen Xiang would actually have so many Five Elements True Elemental Dan’s herbs; furthermore, he also seemed to be prepared. Much to their dismay, the herbs had been processed.

Chen Xiang had over hundred sets of Five Elements True Elemental Dan’s herbs. If it was a contest of herbs, he was surely going to win.

As for simultaneously operating two furnaces, Chen Xiang had long thought of this method; because whenever he refined with one furnace, he always felt it was easy and there was plenty of room to do other things, especially, when using a high-level furnace like Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace.

If he could operate two furnaces simultaneously, not only would it be faster, he could also refine a lot of Five Elements True Elemental Dans. In this way, he could win some time to step into the Extreme State in half a year!

Everything inside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace was in order. He was already as proficient as he could be. Although he was pouring the flames with one hand, he had released quite a bit of flame; furthermore, it was Heavenly Sun Fire, which was a top-grade flame for alchemy.

The Illusionary Brilliant Furnace had also been infused with flames by him. The flames began to roast the herbs, and when the herbs had been appropriately roasted by the herbs, those resplendent five-colored glows once again appeared; covering the entire palace hall in a beautiful radiance.

Meanwhile, Chen Xiang was also running a simulation of both alchemical furnaces in his mind. This for him was also a kind of exercise; it was a training method for him to get proficient in the Refining Simulation Technique. If he could do this, his Refining Simulation Technique would advance by a level. At his level, it could already be considered very difficult.

If Chen Xiang had herbs for middle-grade profound-level dan, he would definitely give it a try. However, before that, he had to ensure that his divine sense had reached a certain level, otherwise, at that time, his divine sense would be insufficient to carry out refining simulation, and the consequences would be dire.

After a short while, Chen Xiang opened the lid of the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace and took out ten Five Elements True Elemental Dan, astonishing everyone once again; for he had actually successfully refined, which made everyone think that a long time had passed!

“Didn’t he place the herbs not long ago?” Wu Kaiming asked in surprise.


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    1. Naw, this is rich/powerful people pride. No one cares if they rig so long as they win. Everyone might know it’s rigged, but it’s hard to make a snide comeback when the riggers are superior enough to give you a smack down.


      1. If you only were smacked down cause the contest was rigged then they aren’t superior to you and if they were truly super they would need to rig the contest


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