Chapter 394 – Small Victory

When Chen Xiang had refined Five Elements True Elemental Dan without an alchemical furnace, it was already fast, but after he had used an alchemical furnace, it was faster!

The flow of time inside and outside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace was different. There were various time arrays engraved inside the furnace; its refinement method was extremely abstruse.

Some high-level dans required tens of years, even hundreds of years to refine. Only someone who wanted to save time would think of crafting such alchemical furnace. However, such alchemical furnaces were extremely rare. Only through the collaboration of a top-level alchemist and a top-level refiner could such a furnace be crafted. However, according to Su Meiyao, one person alone could craft such furnace, but he had to be both an alchemist and a refiner as well.

Many among the audience believed that if the two alchemical furnaces were operated simultaneously, the speed should be the same for both furnaces in order to have better control. However, contrary to their belief, Chen Xiang didn’t. He was truly dual-tasking as the situation inside both furnaces were completely different.

At this moment, he took out another box of processed Five Elements True Elemental Dan’s herbs and placed them inside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace before he poured in the flames and continued refining dan.

Now, anyone no longer doubted that Chen Xiang would win. Everyone surely believed that Chen Xiang would be the winner of this competition. Whereas, the tycoons of the other mainlands were secretly wild with joy because they noticed that the elder’s complexion was not at all good. They wanted to flaunt the prowess of the Kings’ Mainland, and now they had been ruthlessly smacked down; this kind of mood can very well be imagined.

At present, the high-level figures of the Kings’ Mainland’s Divine Martial Palace were regretting having invited Chen Xiang. If Chen Xiang won and this news was to spread, the Kings’ Mainland would definitely be ridiculed because the Kings’ Mainland had thoroughly done some preparations so that Chen Xiang would lose, yet they still suffered a disastrous defeat!

The time limit for the competition was three hours, and now only one hour had passed, while Chen Xiang had refined ten sets of Five Elements True Elemental Dan which was in total 100 dans. It was already worth 100 million crystal stones in accordance with the reference price!

Chen Xiang’s refining speed became even faster by simultaneously refining two sets of Five Elements True Elemental Dan. After one hour, he became more proficient in this method, and his speed became faster!

Chen Xiang was an alchemy madman who pursued the limit of alchemy speed and quantity of dans refined while making sure the quality of dan remains intact. This kind of level made many high-level alchemists feel ashamed.

“Dean Gu, your Young Martial Uncle doesn’t have a wife, right? I have a daughter, her natural endowments are pretty good…” An old man stood up and went next to Gu Dongchen before he asked in a low voice.

Gu Dongchen laughed and said, “Don’t even think about it, my Martial Uncle already has a wife, furthermore… hei hei.”

Chen Xiang’s wife was Xue Xianxian, and she too had a small reputation in the eastern seas. She was younger than Chen Xiang and had very good natural endowments, furthermore, she was an apprentice of Liu Menger; so, in the future, she may very well take over the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire.

And of course, Gu Dongchen also knew that Chen Xiang was set with Liu Menger, and Liu Menger’s other apprentice, Leng Youlan, was Chen Xiang’s sworn sister… therefore, he knew that Chen Xiang was not lacking women.

Even Liu Menger like peerless beauty had been captured by him, and naturally, it would be very difficult for Chen Xiang to fancy other rubbish.

After another hour, Chen Xiang had refined fifteen sets of Five Elements True Elemental Dan. Whereas, the four alchemists of Kings’ Mainland together would not have refined as much as him. Their total value, even more so, had been far left behind by Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang secretly sneered. From the get go, these people wanted him to suffer a crushing defeat, but now, the four alchemists of Kings’ Mainland could not even raise their heads. Whether it was the contest of resources or alchemy skills, they were far worse than Chen Xiang. Once the competition began, the Kings’ Mainland had already lost.

At present, these alchemists of Kings’ Mainland, on one side, were shocked by Chen Xiang’s talent, while on the other, they also hoped that the Kings’ Mainland could have such genius. And of course, they felt that whether they win or lose, it did not matter because they had been thoroughly defeated, and they were utterly convinced.

The frown, which was present of the Elder’s forehead at the beginning had already disappeared, recovering his original appearance. Having witnessed Chen Xiang refine set after set of Five Elements True Elemental Dan, his heart had already gone numb.

Very soon, three hours had passed. Everyone didn’t feel that a long time had passed because watching Chen Xiang refine dans made them gratified, especially when he took out each Five Elements True Elemental Dan one after another, even though it wasn’t theirs.

Watching the jade box which had a couple hundred Five Elements True Elemental Dan inside before her, Hua Xiangyue’s charming and stunning face was filled with shock. Over these three hours, Chen Xiang had refined a total of forty sets, where each set entailed ten dans and he didn’t fail even once; making a grand total of 400 Five Elements True Elemental Dans.

Everyone among the audience saw so many Five Elements True Elemental Dan for the first time. Although these dans were transparent, an entire jade box was completely filled, which astounded everyone.

Everyone was not only shocked by Chen Xiang’s alchemy skills, they were also shocked by the resources he had in his hand. Everyone could not help but wonder—where did he get so many herbs?

“You win, this is your reward!” The elder walked over and handed two jade boxes to Chen Xiang. One jade box carried the White Jade Lotus Seed, while the other had Five Elements Profound Dan. It was an high-grade earth-level dan which was several times precious than the Five Elements True Elemental Dan. Even if Chen Xiang sold all the Five Elements True Elemental Dans he had refined, he could not exchange them for Five Elements Profound Dan.

Chen Xiang took the reward with a smile. Once the competition was over, the Kings’ Mainland candidly gave the reward without passing any judgment again, which surprised Chen Xiang.

Hua Xiangyue handed the jade box to Chen Xiang, inside were the Chen Xiang’s Five Elements True Elemental Dans, which made many tycoons envious.

“I wonder whether these things could allow me to enter the Extreme State in half a year. To be honest, I really want the Fruit of Fortune!” Chen Xiang smiled and said.

As far as Chen Xiang was concerned, this alchemy competition was just a small victory.

“Honestly, I too hope that you can participate in the martial arts competition. At that time, my Kings’ Mainland will absolutely welcome you!” The elder said. Chen Xiang had already won once, so they, of course, wanted a payback. However, Chen Xiang refused to participate in the martial arts competition.

Even if Chen Xiang entered the Extreme State, Kings’ Mainland was still confident that they could make Chen Xiang suffer a crushing defeat, because that was martial arts competition, not some alchemy competition. Furthermore, the alchemy competition was simply nothing, there were also too many factors at play.

Having acquired the Five Elements Profound Dan and refined so many Five Elements True Elemental Dan, maybe Chen Xiang could truly enter the Extreme State in half a year. At this moment, everyone was in anticipation because the outstanding disciples of their mainland had suffered a thorough defeat and returned with serious injuries. The martial artists of the Kings’ Mainland who had the King’s Vein certainly made martial artists of many mainlands unable to raise their heads.

Very soon, the news of Chen Xiang winning the alchemy competition spread to entire Extreme Martial Sect. Many of whom, who had suffered defeat at the hands of Kings’ Mainland felt a sliver of joy. At the very least, the Kings’ Mainland was truly not so formidable, there was still someone who could pressure them, albeit it was just in alchemy.

Once Chen Xiang returned to the Extreme Martial Sect, he immediately went into closed-door training to cultivate. Many also came to know that Chen Xiang wanted to impact the Extreme State in half a year and participate in the King’s Martial Arts Meet to get the first place again.

During this period, many people also went to the Kings’ Mainland to try their luck, but in face of absolute strength, even luck could not do anything. The people who went still returned with heavy injuries. None of the martial artists who went before to participate in the King’s Martial Arts Meet entered in high rankings, although they could hold on for some time, nonetheless, they were finally defeated by the King’s Vein martial artists of Kings’ Mainland.


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