Chapter 395 – Huang Jintian’s Programme

At this moment, when Chen Xiang was carrying out alchemy, he had entered a marvelous state. After he had entered this state, even for him, it was difficult to say what he was feeling. When he entered this state, he became even more proficient in alchemy as though he had entered a space where there was only one thing inside, alchemy, and nothing from the outside world affected him. Between heaven and earth, there was only him and his alchemical furnace!

“This should be the Selfless State, during which there is only alchemy in your mind. This is indeed very rare!” Su Meiyao said in astonishment.

During the competition, when Chen Xiang was refining dans to his limit, he refined forty sets of herbs in a span of three hours by operating two alchemical furnaces at the same time. And now, as before, he was also simultaneously using two alchemical furnaces to refine dans, however, his speed was a lot slower.

During the alchemy competition of the Kings’ Mainland, he had refined a total of forty sets of Five Elements True Elemental Dan, leaving him with sixty sets of Five Elements True Elemental Dan which he finished in just one day. A total of 1,000 dans, and he didn’t fail, not even once.

Furthermore, every time he refined a set of herb, he would enter the Selfless State. Under this state, he only had unceasing alchemy in his mind and the alchemical furnace seemed to be connected with his flesh and blood, making him even more proficient in controlling the situation inside the alchemical furnace.

At this moment, all Chen Xiang wanted was to make the best use of his time and digest these 1,000 Five Elements True Elemental Dans. Of course, if he sold them, he would definitely make a fortune.

“He went to Old Madman! I wonder if he could enter the Extreme State in half a year!” Gu Dongchen said to Wu Kaiming who was standing beside him.

“I have to truly admire his endurance, he is actually able to bear the torture of that Old Madman!” Wu Kaiming said with emotions.

“He is a Little Madman, so naturally, he won’t be afraid of Old Madman.” Gu Dongchen laughed while shaking his head.

It had already been two-three times when Chen Xiang came looking for him with a big basket of Five Elements True Elemental Dans, thus, Huang Jintian had already gone numb; he no longer got surprised over little things.

When he heard Chen Xiang recount the competition of the Kings’ Mainland, Huang Jintian said with a frown, “Half year, it’s going to a bit tight! However, we can give it a try. First, don’t take the Five Elements Profound Dan, leave it for the last when you are going to impact the Extreme State.”

The first stage of Extreme State was the Spirit Martial Realm, in which the martial artists mainly cultivated their divine sense. And as far as Chen Xiang was concerned, this was nothing to him as he had the Divine Soul which could allow his divine sense to quickly reach the so-called extreme.

“Your divine sense is very powerful. As long as you can step into the 9th level of True Martial Realm and sufficient energy to compress, it would be not difficult for you to enter the Extreme State! Because when you are to enter the Spirit Martial Realm, your powerful divine sense must complement the True Qi in your body, so that you can open the higher-level door. At that time, your soul and martial arts will mutually fuse together, and a large amount of energy would surge out from the door and enter your body and consciousness. That’s why, an Extreme State martial artist is many times stronger than a True Martial Realm martial artist, because, during his breakthrough, he would acquire very a strong power.”

Huang Jintian was also planning on arranging a program for Chen Xiang. Surely, he wanted to make his apprentice show brilliant results in the Kings’ Mainland because now, there was no one who would dare to seize Chen Xiang’s martial exercise. Therefore, Chen Xiang won’t be like him.

“Master, since you don’t have any grievances anymore with them, you can now leave this damn place.” Said Chen Xiang.

“I can not. If I leave this place for a long time, I will be easily discovered. I, your master, should be in the Heavenly Realm, however, for now, I don’t want to go there! At present, I am invincible in the mortal world, but once I went up there, I will be just an insignificant figure. And I don’t like this.” Huang Jintian said.

“Master, do you want to hide here for a lifetime and grow old?” Chen Xiang was somewhat rendered speechless. Watching Huang Jintian who never got to see the sun and the sky, Chen Xiang felt unhappy in his heart.

“Hei hei, kiddo, you don’t understand. I will not die of old age, my strength should be comparable to that of martial artists from Heavenly Realm, and can still increase. Currently, in the mysterious realm, it is also similarly increasing, albeit slowly, but safely! Furthermore, by staying here, I can continue to develop the Extreme Martial Sect, I can help many people safely cross their Nirvana Tribulation. Had it not for me, I am afraid, Little Bald and the others may have already reduced to nothing but slag under their Nirvana Tribulation.” Huang Jintian burst into laughter as he said.

Huang Jintian had the ability to predict the Nirvana Tribulation which could allow others to prepare well in advance, giving them an assurance to safely cross their tribulations. He was indeed a heaven-defying figure in the mortal world whose predictions were unequivocal.

“Little Brat, in the future, when your women or your apprentice needs to cross their tribulation, you can come to me without hesitation! And if you become a formidable alchemist in the future, you can give this old man a few immortal dans. I have infinite life, and in this place, I can slowly accumulate power, don’t forget, I too have the Yin and Yang Vein.” Huang Jintian burst into a maniac-like laughter.

Upon thinking it carefully, Chen Xiang felt that it was indeed right. In the future, he would need to cross Nirvana Tribulation, and there was also Xue Xianxian, Leng Youlan, and his apprentices and friends as well. At that time, he could ask for Huang Jintian’s help.

“Is a heaven-level dan useful to teacher? As long as I can enter Extreme State and win the first place, I can get a Fruit of Fortune.” Chen Xiang said with a laugh. In the future, he could refine immortal dans, and of course, he was not going to forget his teacher.

“I had never imagined that Wang Quan’s Fruit of Fortune would still be there after so long. If you brat can truly enter the Extreme State, maybe the Fruit of Fortune he had acquired in the past would be cheaply taken by you, brat.” Huang Jintian said with a laugh as he stroked his beard.

Chen Xiang asked, “Is Wang Quan the name of that elder? Master, do you know him?”

Huang Jintian laughed and said, “Of course, I know him. That guy is someone who would do anything for his face. Don’t go for his usual gentleness, when he becomes ruthless, he is a crazed madman. In the past, he used to be my strongest opponent. When I was crossing my Eighth Nirvana Tribulation, he and I had a big fight.”

Chen Xiang hastily asked, “So who won in the end?”

Huang Jintian burst into laughter as he said, “Of course, it was your teacher. I had his entire teeth broken. Of course, he used to be a very handsome young man, but his stinky face had been pummeled into a pig by me, hahaha…”

Huang Jintian once again burst into a maniac laughter.

“Is he the strongest martial artist of the Kings’ Mainland? It seems he has some position in the Divine Martial Palace.” Chen Xiang curiously asked.

“That’s right, he has the purest blood of the Human King. He had crossed his Eighth Nirvana Tribulation earlier than me, of course, he was hailed as the strongest expert in the mortal world. However, later this title had been seized by me, that’s why he hates me! However, this guy is still in the Eighth Nirvana Tribulation, it seems he dared not face the ninth tribulation, hahaha… Your Great Senior Brother, my apprentice had long flown into the Heavenly Realm. And now, my grand apprentice, Little Featherhead has also crossed Eight Nirvana Tribulation. That guy surely must have felt ashamed when he saw Little Featherhead.”

The Nirvana Ninth Tribulation was the most terrifying amongst all the Nirvana Tribulations. Many well-known experts fell in this very tribulation.

“If I am right, the Fruit of Fortune should be the reward for his few apprentices. That is the only reason why this Kings’ Martial Arts Assembly is held. I suppose, his strongest apprentice must have fallen during their Nirvana Tribulation sometime in the past. He should have recently taken his current apprentices.” Huang Jintian guessed.

Without Huang Jintian’s ability to predict the Nirvana Tribulation, it was indeed very hard to safely cross the Nirvana Tribulation.

“Kiddo, you better train diligently. Your master is the strongest cultivator in the mortal world, moreover, I can also create a bunch of powerful experts! I have already thought of a good plan for you, now we are going to start, ok!? Let me warn you, it will be a bit more brutal than the last time.” Huang Jintian said.

Very soon, the depths of the forbidden area resounded with Chen Xiang blood-curdling screams…


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