Chapter 396 – Bestowal of Power

The martial artists of the Kings’ Mainland who had the King’s Vein were already famous in the entire Mortal Martial World. Although everyone knew that participating in the King’s Martial Arts Assembly would lead them being seriously injured, martial arts still kept on registering.

After all, everyone who practiced martial arts wanted to challenge the strongest martial artists on the mainlands. At the same time, they could test their own strength. Of course, there were also a few who wanted to try their luck, if they could reach the finals, they could garner a bit of reputation.

After five months, everyone had been waiting for Chen Xiang to appear; however, from the beginning to end, there wasn’t the slightest bit of information on him. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming had also been next to the sinkhole, and they could hear Chen Xiang’s blood-curdling screams. They were well aware of that Chen Xiang was undergoing the most rigorous and brutal training every day.

After five months in the forbidden area, Chen Xiang had already finished all the Five Elements True Elemental Dans. However, he only happened to light up just 480 true element grains. Only after lightning 500 grains would he be able to possess sufficient power to open the gate which would lead him to the Extreme State. And after stepping into that gate could he cultivate his various aspects to the extreme!

“Finally, it’s time to take the Five Elements Profound Dan. You’re just a step away, but I hope you will be successful!” Huang Jintian heaved a long sigh. The speed of Chen Xiang’s advancement had already given him quite a bit of surprise.

After entering the Extreme State, Chen Xiang would experience a qualitative transformation once again and at that time, he would be a lot stronger.

Until now, Chen Xiang had compressed a lot of True Qi. Furthermore, after undergoing constant compression, his True Qi had also become denser!

For instance, when he had just entered the True Martial Realm, he needed to compress True Qi of the size of a house to the size of a rice grain, and only then would he be able to light up a true element grain. However, now, he needed the True Qi of the size of a mountain into the size of a rice grain. And through constant compression, his True Qi was a lot purer, any impurities inside it had been squeezed out. Whereupon, when it would be released, it would burst forth with even more terrifying explosive force.

Along with the advancement in his level, he needed to compress a lot more True Qi. At present, it was already too much, and when he reached the Nirvana Realm in the future, it would be definitely a lot terrifying.

“As long as you opened the extreme door, you will acquire an almost endless amount of True Qi, at that time, you will have to assimilate that power, but it would take a long time.”

Chen Xiang nodded and said, “Master, from where does that True Qi comes from? I don’t have so much True Qi!”

“Hei hei, it is bestowed by the martial arts way, it is quite mystical! I have also heard that the martial arts way would bestow heaven defying power every time a martial artist breaks through. However, when you enter the True Martial Realm, you are very weak and thus, unable to sense it.” Huang Jintian mysterious smiled.

Chen Xiang had no shred of doubt regarding this. At present, his entire body had already been completely injured by Huang Jintian, furthermore, all the True Qi within his body had been consumed completely.

When he took the Five Elements Profound Dan, the dan immediately melted inside his body. In the past, when he took the Five Elements True Elemental Dans, their potency was like a small creek that coursed through his body, but now, when he took the Five Elements Profound Dan, it was like an enormous river that had shocking amount of pure energy stored inside, turbulently coursing through his body as it charged at various parts of his body.”

The Five Elements Profound Dan he had taken today was completely different from the one he had taken in the past. The last time he obtained the Five Elements Profound Dan in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm was just a waste dan, while this one now was of top-grade quality. The difference was like heaven and earth.

In the past, he only took Five Elements True Elemental Dans only after he had finished training, at that time, their potency would scatter through his body without any need for him to refine them. However now, he had no choice but to operate the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise to digest that endless amount of energy. A large amount of True Qi constantly kept on surging into his dantian and subsequently purified as it transformed into his own True Qi and compressed into true element grains inside the five beast forms.

The Five Elements Profound Dan was like the sun, an enormous ball of fire in his dantian which was constantly shooting energy in every direction, giving rise to a storm of energy; it was quite shocking.

“Worthy of a high-grade earth-level dan. If this brat could also refine it basket after basket as before, then when the Great Battle of the Three Realms starts, those demons and devils would simply be turned into slag.” Huang Jintian exclaimed. Obviously, he had realized that Chen Xiang possessed the ability to accelerate the growth of plenty of spirit herbs, and he suspected that it could all be credited to the golden liquid congealed by Chen Xiang.

This was Chen Xiang’s secret. And if Chen Xiang didn’t wish to talk about it, then Huang Jintian would also not ask. Just like Huang Jintian, who also had many secrets, and although Chen Xiang was curious, he too didn’t ask him.

After ten days, Huang Jintian said with a laugh, “It seems he had already finished compressing his True Qi. Fortunately, this brat’s body is pretty good, that’s why he could digest the potency so quickly, or else, it would have taken at least half a month.”

Chen Xiang could not feel the passage of time at all. He was just compressing the True Qi in the five divine beast forms in madness, lighting those dim true element grains. Unknowingly, he had congealed the enormous amount of energy provided by the Five Elements Profound Dan into twenty true element grains.

At present, he had illuminated a total of hundred true element grains in every five beast forms. He now possessed sufficient strength to open the mystical extreme door.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang body started shaking as his body surged out with a five color radiance which made Huang Jintian secretly click his tongue.

“It’s a lot brighter as compared to when his Great Senior Brother broke through!” Huang Jintian looked above. The originally deep and dark sinkhole had now been illuminated by the five color radiance that was radiating from Chen Xiang, which gave off the impression of a fountain that was shooting out from the ground to high in the air.

After Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming sensed this, they hastily flew over. Witnessing the spectacular scene where the five color glow was gushing out from the sinkhole just like an eruption of a volcano, they were both shocked. They soon reckoned that Chen Xiang was stepping into the Extreme State because the scene was hugely similar to the scene when they had witnessed their master breakthrough a big realm.

Chen Xiang was simply oblivious to everything that was taking place. When he had lightened up 500 true element grains, he only felt that his divine sense suddenly surged out and gathered together with his True Qi before fusing into a very bizarre energy. Afterward, an explosion occurred inside his dantian but he didn’t feel any pain. He only felt as though an enormous world had appeared within his dantian where a golden gate opened and endless amount of energy gushed out from the gate and entered his dantian.

Upon feeling this energy, he subconsciously started operating Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise and madly started compressing. At this moment, the speed of the compression of True Qi was actually incomparably faster. And this energy was also very gentle, allowing him to compress it into true element grains inside the five beast forms very easily.

As a shocking amount of five color radiance surged out from Chen Xiang, it painted a bizarre and spectacular phenomenon. However, it didn’t continue for long before the five color glow “receded” into Chen Xiang’s body.

“Soon, this little madman is going to turn the entire Mortal Martial World upside down! Hei hei…let’s wait and watch.” On one side, Huang Jintain was laughing, while on the other, he started baking a humongous cow.

Never in his dreams did Chen Xiang imagine that the energy bestowed by the “martial arts way” would be so much and continue pouring in a steady stream. Furthermore, the energy could be very easily converted into his own, as though it originally belonged to him and was now being given back to him.



5 thoughts on “Chapter 396 – Bestowal of Power

  1. Thanks for the translation. I hope Chen Xiang stays hella OP. 😒 Although feels like all his friends may catch up with his OPness.


  2. As a shocking amount of five color radiance surged out from Chen Xiang, it painted a bizarre and spectacular phenomenon. However, it didn’t continue for long before the five color glow “received” into Chen Xiang’s body.

    Given the structure of the last sentence receded is probably a better word to use rather than received. For received to work here the sentence should be more like “However, it didn’t continue for long before the five color glow was received by Chen Xiang’s body.”


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