Chapter 397 – Extreme State

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming kept on walking back and forth at the edge of the sinkhole in the forbidden area; their faces laced with anxiety.

There were just three days left until the deadline of the registration. And they knew Chen Xiang already crossed a very difficult ridge and should have entered the Extreme State. However, he still had not come out.

At present, Chen Xiang was frantically absorbing the power bestowed by the martial arts way, and as much twenty days had already passed away, but he still didn’t finish absorbing that power. Obviously, the energy was enormous.

Another two days passed, nevertheless, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming had not left. At this instance, it was late at night, the pitch black sky was spotted with glamorous twinkles, along with a bright moon hanging in the sky, basking the entire sky with its moonlight.

Gu Dongchen, who was currently lying on the grass, watching the beautiful starry sky, suddenly heard a roar reverberating inside the sinkhole. It was a drawn-out roar of Chen Xiang which was filled with sufficient energy as though the sound waves carried a very fearsome power and seemed to be giving rise to ripples in the air. Whereas, back in the sinkhole, the ground was actually quaking slightly.

Having heard Chen Xiang’s excited roar, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming were excited. From his roar, they were sure that Chen Xiang had stepped into the Extreme State!

After Chen Xiang opened his eyes, the first thing he did was roared to let out the fearsome power in his body, which was followed by a maniacal nauseating laughter. Upon hearing his laughter, Huang Jintian too burst into a maniac laugh.

Whereas, when Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen heard them, they instead felt an excruciating headache. They knew if Chen Xiang ever turned insane, then quite possibly, it would not take long for him to turn the entire Mortal Martial World upside down.

“Fuck, that energy was truly too much!”

Originally, Chen Xiang had only lightened up 500 true element grains within his dantian, but after assimilating the power bestowed by the martial arts way, he actually had 5,000 grains. Although it was ten times from before, his strength by no way meant that it had improved by ten times. On the contrary, it was much, much more. Because the more true element grains he tries to light up, the more difficult it would be and the True Qi he needs to compress will be much more. In other words, the further he tries to congeal the true element grains, the more True Qi he would need.

“Hei hei, now you understand! Since you are cultivating True Qi of five elements, therefore, the energy you obtained was five times more as compared to others. In this point, you have an advantage over the guys who have the King’s Vein, especially, the further you walk on the road of cultivation, you will experience the benefits of simultaneously cultivating multiple attributed True Qi.” Huan Jintian said with a laugh.

Chen Xiang nodded and took a long deep breath before he asked, “How much left until the deadline for the registration!”

“Probably a day or so! In the future, you better stay in this stage for some time. Your divine sense itself is very strong, you had a very high starting point, so your divine in the Extreme State may also be very high! Maybe some day when you are cultivating your divine sense, a strange thing might be created, that strange thing will be precisely the so-called Martial Soul. I will not tell you much about it, as you will understand it yourself by then.” Huang Jintian exhorted.

“Although using my training program, your foundation is stronger, it is still insufficient because you advanced very quickly. Therefore, you must stay at this stage for an extended period of time.”

Chen Xiang solemnly nodded and said, “Master, I will bear it in mind!”

“Well then, quickly get out…”

Huang Jintian voice had yet to fade away before two jets of flame gushed out from Chen Xiang’s feet, bursting forth with an extremely powerful heat which gave rise to a propulsion, making Chen Xiang leap into the sky in the blink of an eye. In this way, he was able to dodge Huang Jintian’s kick.

After entering the Extreme State, the enhancement of Chen Xiang’s flame was most obvious because his Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit could unleash a stronger power only with a more powerful True Qi.

“This brat’s wings have toughened up!” Huang Jintian scoffed.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming suddenly sensed a gust of heat rushing towards them, whereupon they saw a fiery light suddenly shooting out from the sinkhole. As they raised their heads to look above, they saw Chen Xiang who had his feet wrapped in flames while seemingly an endless amount of two jets of flames were shooting out from underneath his feet in a steady stream, which was making him float in the air.

“Brat, quickly get down, we have to go and register, there is not much time left!” Wu Kaiming shouted. Having noticed that Chen Xiang had become stronger, he was excited in his heart.

Gu Dongchen burst into a jovial laughter: “Soon we will get to see those King’s Vein martial artists wetting their pants from beating.”

Had he not been stopped by his two martial nephews, Chen Xiang would have tried the Vermillion Bird Fire Wings to see how big they were now, for Su Meiyao had told him that the stronger he was, the bigger they would be; maybe they could span across 1,000 li. Whereas, flapping those humongous fire wings could even set off a fiery storm which would have an extensive lethality.

Chen Xiang had spent half a year inside the sinkhole. When he came out, the first thing he did was to take a bath but he didn’t sleep afterward. After entering the Extreme State, he was full of spirit and energy, he could not wait to take the field.

In the silence of midnight, someone humming a tune could be heard, moreover, it was occasionally accompanied by laughter. Wu Qianqian, who was resting in her residence was suddenly awakened by the sounds. Over these days, she too had been waiting for Chen Xiang’s return. She wanted to see Chen Xiang shining in the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet. And now she knew that Chen Xiang had returned, furthermore, he seemed to be very happy, which assured her that he had stepped into the Extreme State,

Thinking this point, Wu Qianqian secretly sighed because she knew that there was once again a big gap between Chen Xiang and her. She had already decided that once the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet ended, she would leave for the place marked on the map given to her by Elder Dan. According to Elder Dan, this place could allow her to become stronger.

Chen Xiang hastily left the Extreme Dan King Courtyard and made his way to the teleportation array along with Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen to leave for the Kings’ Mainland where he would register for the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet.

“After the registration, there is going to be a sparring test, after this test, you will enter the second round, in this round, you will be ranked according to the points, and only the top fifty will get to enter the third round…”

Chen Xiang impatiently said, “Little Bald, what kind of martial arts meet is this? Isn’t it a martial arts competition? How come there are so many rounds!”

“Oh, no way! I’m too lazy to explain it to you. Anyway, Young Martial Uncle will understand at that time.” Wu Kaiming said.

Wu Kaiming was responsible for managing the registration process on the Chenwu Mainland. After he had handled Chen Xiang’s procedures, he brought Chen Xiang upon a ginormous combat field.

The combat field was so ginormous that even with Chen Xiang’s current eyesight, he was unable to find the edge of the square.

At this moment, the sun was rising from the east, basking the huge combat field in a red glow which painted a very spectacular scene. Chen Xiang came to know that many fights had already been carried out on this combat field, soaking it with the blood of many genius martial artists of other mainlands.

“Chen Xiang, I never thought that you will truly step into the Extreme State. Well, this is a good news!” An elder suddenly appeared. It was none other than Wang Quan whose teeth had been broken off by Huang Jintian in the past.

Wang Quan was very happy because Chen Xiang was going to be participating in the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet. He would now have the opportunity to make a fool out of Chen Xiang, for he had a lot of confidence in the martial artists with the King’s Vein. He firmly believed that even if Chen Xiang cultivated Tai Chu Subduing Dragon Exercise, he would still be miserably beaten by his disciple.


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