Chapter 398 – Power in Ebullition

The matter of Chen Xiang appearing on the very last day to register for the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet very soon spread to various mainlands. It was indeed surprising to everyone, furthermore, it also meant that Chen Xiang had stepped into the Extreme State.

Followed by the registration was the sparring test, only through which the participant could enter the preliminaries. At present, Chen Xiang had stepped into the Extreme State, and the first thing he must do was the cultivate his divine sense to the extreme. And if wanted to cultivate divine sense, he must do so by the means of his body. And that was also why this state was Spirit Martial Realm.

The Spirit Martial Realm was the first state of the Extreme State which was further divided into early stage, intermediate stage, and late stage. Chen Xiang was now in the early stage of Spirit Martial Realm which was the lowest level of the Extreme State. If he did enter the intermediate stage, he would get more power bestowed by the martial arts way.

When Chen Xiang was coming here, he came to learn from Wu Kaiming that the martial artists participating in the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet who had powerful veins also had the same cultivation as him. However, they had stayed at the same level for a long time as compared to him. One needs to bear in mind, that these people were all young and they were also afraid that their foundation would be unstable, so they were consolidating their foundation, lest it would affect their future cultivation.

The sparring test was a martial arts contest with a martial artist of the Kings’ Mainland. If won, it would be an irrefutable proof that the participant possessed enough strength to participate in the preliminaries. Since the number of people registering to participate in the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet was many, it was impossible to let every person directly compare notes with each other, and in order to prevent too many people fighting together, the Kings’ Mainland first tested the registering martial artists’ strength in advance.

Chen Xiang heard that in this test nine out of ten would fail, moreover, the registration fee they had paid would also not be returned. If calculated, the Kings’ Mainland was making a fortune through the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet.

The person who was going to spar with Chen Xiang was a middle-aged man whose entire face was covered in a beard. Whereupon, when he came up, instead of converging his aura, he released, making everyone notice that he was in the Extreme State.

“They actually let us wait for one morning just for finding a right opponent for me. Do they want me to stop here?” Chen Xiang sneered.

“Why don’t you let them see your colors a bit. After all, this big guy has also just entered the Extreme State and he isn’t even a King’s Vein martial artist. You don’t need to worry! The young King’s Vein martial artists are noble and ruthless, and are the best thing through which this old man can show off. Certainly, he is going to wait until the end when the tycoons of various mainlands have gathered to show them.” Wu Kaiming said with a laugh.

Chen Xiang faintly smiled as he stepped forward first: “Little Bald, you are too tender! For now, I should hold my strength back and let them think that I am not overly strong. And when it is the finals, I will reveal my strength and tear their aces into pieces!”

“Do you want to play pig to eat the tiger? Suit yourself, but it won’t be that easy for you to play the pig.” Shaking his head, Wu Kaiming smiled and said.

Chen Xiang stepped onto the martial arts stage. The stage was just a tad bit higher than the ground and was square in shape with a length of thirty Zhang. It was still huge which was enough for the fighters to fight as they like.

Standing upon the stage, Chen Xiang felt that there was some kind of bizarre yet strong power underneath it. He reckoned that it was a powerful array, like a barrier which would protect the bricks, making it impossible to destroy them during a fierce fight.

When Chen Xiang saw such a huge combat field, he felt an itch in his heart. The last time when he destroyed the entire square in the Fragrance CIty, he felt that it was very cool. If he could also destroy the combat field of Kings’ Mainland, it would definitely make the Divine Martial Palace feel a heartache for some time.

“At the center of this combat field, there is also a bigger stage where there are stronger arrays. In here, there are many arrays just like the one laid on the combat stage and needs the top-grade crystal stones to maintain. If you could destroy the entire combat field, the Kings’ Mainland would suffer a tremendous loss because these arrays would also be destroyed! And as you know, these arrays cannot be laid within a day or two.” Long Xueyi mischievously laughed and said. She had noticed what Chen Xiang was thinking.

“Let’s talk about it later!” Chen Xiang looked at the middle-aged man, meanwhile, some people also came over from every direction. As Chen Xiang looked at Wang Quan’s side, he noticed that behind him stood some young people; it was quite clear that they were Wang Quan’s apprentices. They wanted to see how strong Chen Xiang was.

“Let’s start!” Wang Quan shouted.

The middle-aged man’s True Qi was quite overbearing and carried a lightning aura. Each of his steps was like lightning, shaking the entire martial arts stage which was also accompanied by peals of thunder one after another. His imposing manner was quite scary. Whereas, his pair of giant fists were wrapped in flashes of lightning which were shooting in every direction. From the very beginning, he had unleashed a very strong power because Wang Quan ordered him to defeat Chen Xiang with the fastest speed.

Meanwhile, when Chen Xiang saw the imposing manner of his opponent, god knows why but his blood suddenly started burning. Now he understood why Wu Kaiming said that it would be not so easy for him to play the pig to eat the tiger, because, under this kind of situation, it was indeed quite difficult to hide his strength. Not to mention, he had just stepped into the Extreme State and had obtained a lot stronger power than before, whereas this power had been suppressed inside his body which needed to be released!

Witnessing the middle-aged man swooping towards Chen Xiang like a thunderbolt, Wang Quan and the others nodded their head, for they were very satisfied with this kind of offense. Not to mention, ordinary people, even if it was the Herculean Family, it would be a little difficult for them to withstand.

Chen Xiang stood still in his place. He was wondering how he was going to hide his true strength. However, in the end, he thought that it would be cooler to beat him in simple and forthright manner, thus, he decided to utilize the strongest power and go all out from the very beginning.

A right hook with lightning flashing in all directions shot towards Chen Xiang’s cheek. When everyone thought that Chen Xiang was going to spew blood from the tyrannical lightning strength, a strange scene appeared.

To everyone’s dismay, the punch wrapped in lightning stopped just right before Chen Xiang’s cheek, seemingly blocked by some kind of power. Meanwhile, there wasn’t an ounce of power being released from any part of Chen Xiang’s body.

The middle-aged man also didn’t know why he stopped, in that moment, he only felt fear. Meanwhile, a monstrous Slaughter Qi suddenly spread from Chen Xiang’s body and enveloped everyone, making everyone feel as though they were inside a battlefield where hundreds of millions of soldiers were killing each other.

The Slaughter Qi was extremely horrifying to the point that the temperature in the surroundings instantly plummeted and made everyone smell an intense Death Qi, making everyone feel as though they were inside a purgatory which was filled with slaughter.

Although Chen Xiang didn’t move, his Slaughtering Heart, on the other hand, was beating. After entering the Extreme State, his Slaughter Qi too had advanced to the extreme, becoming even more terrifying. This was precisely the terrifying part of the White Tiger Divine Exercise.

Just from the Slaughter Qi, he had scared his opponent. This kind of Slaughter Qi already made Wang Quan and the others feel intense trepidation. In their opinion, even for a Nirvana Realm martial artist, it would be difficult for them to possess this kind of Slaughter Qi, unless it was the time of the Great Battle of the Three Realms during which they would frantically slaughter demons and devils. At present, even Wang Quan himself didn’t have this kind slaughtering aura.

“Your lightning is very weak! Let me show you what true lightning power is!” Chen Xiang burst into a mad laughter as he walked towards the retreating middle-aged man.


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