Chapter 401 – Important Match

After a good round of discussion, Chen Xiang and Wu Kaiming went to another great hall.

After having inquired about the situation, Wu Kaiming said to Chen Xiang, “The guy with 1,400 points can be challenged at this moment, I will file a challenge on behalf of you, he will come and fight you in half an hour.”

“There is also one bad news, the participants with 1,500 and 2,000 points are already fighting, whoever won will enter the top fifty.”

Chen Xiang said, “Well, then, wouldn’t that mean that the guy on the fiftieth position with 3,300 points will be pushed down? At that time, I can challenge him just the same.”

“I guess, you’re right, however, that guy might be very strong!” Wu Kaiming said.

“I’m also not weak.” Chen Xiang laughed and said.

In the great hall, Chen Xiang was waiting for his opponent.

“Little Bald, as long as someone hasn’t entered the top fifty, he needs to accept the challenge, right?!” Chen Xiang asked.

“En, however, there is one time he can refuse, and that is after he has won a match because he will be allowed to have a day to rest, and within this period of time, he can refuse any challenge. Once one day is over, as long as someone challenged him, he had to come and fight even if it is in the middle of the night!” Wu Kaiming said.

Chen Xiang rolled his eyes as he smiled and said, “If I challenged someone at midnight, would he also have to fight?”

“But of course.”

“If it’s my time to take a rest, can I still challenge others?”

“Yes, you can.”

Chen Xiang found loopholes in the rules, he slightly smiled: “I’m truly looking forward to it!”

Gu Dongchen had also arrived. It was Chen Xiang’s first battle of this round, and his opponent was quite powerful and was a very cautious person as well, or else, it would have been impossible for him to have 1,400 points.

From the list, Chen Xiang noticed that only three participants had 1,000 points and above under the top fifty, the rest either had a couple hundred or a couple dozen points, and the total number of participants on the list were only 200 or so. Although it was like this, it was quite clear that King’s Mainland was stronger because apart from Chen Xiang, the rest were martial artists of the Kings’ Mainland.

The weakest amongst them was in the 9th level of the True Martial Realm, and they had a tacit understanding that the Extreme State martial artists won’t challenge the 9th level True Martial Realm martial artists. However, if it was martial artists of other mainlands, the Extreme State martial artists would come and fight right off the bat.

For instance, when Xiao Chou, who was from the Herculean Family and was very strong, came up on the stage, a powerful King’s Vein martial artists challenged him and subsequently defeated him.

“If no one is going to challenge 9th level True Martial Realm martial artists, then I will!” Chen Xiang secretly laughed in his heart. From looking at the points, it was quite evident that the participants from overseas were just here to send points, or else, it would have been simply impossible for someone to have more than 10,000 points amongst the Kings’ Mainland martial artists.

The list was updated every three hours and displayed the latest points and ranking as well as the participants who could be challenged. If someone’s name had a red circle, it meant that the participant was in resting period, and if wasn’t, then he or she could be challenged even in the middle of the night.

“Li Zhizhao, is he also from Divine Martial Palace?” Chen Xiang rubbing his chin glanced at a short and small man stepping inside the door.

“Anyone who has over 1,000 points is basically fostered by the Divine Martial Palace.” Wu Kaiming said.

Many people were concerned about the rankings. They had never imagined that Chen Xiang would challenge Li Zhizhao, someone who had 1,400 points right off the bat. Although he only had 1,400 points, there was quite a high possibility for him to rush into the top fifty, which was irrefutable proof of his strength.

Li Zhizhao was quite handsome looking but he wasn’t tall and stalwart. Although he was short, his towering eyebrows made him appear exceptionally arrogant and imposing. And when he knew his opponent was Chen Xiang, he was not only fearless, he was, on the contrary, excited.

Although Chen Xiang had won the sparring test easily, in the eyes of the True Disciples of Divine Martial Palace, it was nothing. Last time, Chen Xiang had won the first position in the alchemy competition, so he had quite a big reputation in the Kings’ Mainland. If he could win against Chen Xiang, he would garner all his reputation.

The young and arrogant martial artists pursued reputation more than anything, for they had no shortage of resources due to the forces that fostered them, the only thing they desired was to make their names spread far and wide.

“Don’t think that since you can defeat that Stupid Lei easily, you are very strong. I will let you experience the true strength of Kings!” Li Zhizhao said in a sharp and shrill voice. That kind of arrogant tone made Chen Xiang quite unhappy, whereupon, he decided that he would definitely start with a heavy-hand and ruthlessly teach him a lesson to let him feel how annoying Chen Xiang felt.

Chen Xiang once again arrived at the huge martial arts field. This time, the martial arts stage was a bit bigger, moreover, there was also an extra rule that as long as some stepped down from the stage, he would lose. Furthermore, this fight was also a life and death battle!

Only those who didn’t have a shred of fear during the contest could unleash their true strength, and that was why some Nirvana Realm tycoons would be observing from the sidelines, lest some mishap suddenly occurred.

Just as Chen Xiang stepped onto the stage, a news arrived stating that the guy with 1,500 points had defeated the participant with 2,000 points and entered the top fifty with a total point of 3,500.

And the participant, who was previously on the fiftieth position with just 3,300 points was pushed down, who in Chen Xiang’s eyes was a large chunk of meat. which was ready to be eaten and once Chen Xiang did, he would enter the top fifty!

“Humph, a guy with just one point had made me waste such a good opportunity, let’s fight quickly! I am anxious to challenge that guy.” Li Zhizhao stared at Chen Xiang with a disgusted look. Chen Xiang too was feeling incessantly anxious, he was worried that he would miss the opportunity to challenge as it was the fastest way for him to enter the top fifty.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “I also want to quickly challenge him!”

At present, the spectators were increasing by the second. Wang Quan and the others, of course, won’t want to miss this battle as Li Zhizhao was a True Disciple of the Divine Martial Palace, he was strong as well as had a high degree of attainment in martial artists, he wasn’t anything like the man who was using the lightning before.

“Right on time, I wonder how powerful Little Rascal is after stepping into the Extreme State!? I’m truly looking forward to it!” Hua Xiangyue slightly smiled and said. She and Liu Menger had arrived together through the teleportation array, the two had covered their face in a veil and were dressed in white skirts. They appeared to be pure, beautiful, and inviolable. Many people would lower their head, when their gazes come in contact with their pretty eyes; they dared not look at them directly.

The two were tycoons of their respective influence, they were strong and a powerful aura would be unconsciously released by their body, which made many people who had insufficient strength tremble in fear.

Young experts of other mainlands had once stepped onto the martial arts field to compete, but in the end, they returned with heavy injuries. Now, the others already dared not register. At present, Chen Xiang was the only one who was from the other mainland that was participating in the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet.

“Old Wang, did you call them to come here?” Gu Dongchen asked with a smile.

“That’s right, I wanted to let them see Huang Jintian’s apprentice suffering a disastrous defeat here! They once used to have enmity with Huang Jintian, I thought that they would also want to see this scene.” Wang Quan said with a sinister smile.

“Actually, I’d love to see Little Rascal win! Moreover, he can win, after all, that Little Rascal had even fooled me. And if he is defeated, that will be unfavorable to me!” Lan Hai said with a laugh. At this instance, he no longer wanted to suppress Chen Xiang as Chen Xiang had helped him acquire the martial exercise left behind by the founding fathers of his sect, thereby helping him know more things, for which he was too grateful!


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  1. Has anyone read more ahead and knows if the protagonist will be those protagonists virgins until the end or something happens at least?


    1. You can try to see through the lnmtl site and also if the novel does not have the adult tag likely that there is nothing more.


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