Chapter 402 – Water Restricts Fire

Most people wanted Chen Xiang to win because when the martial artists of their respective mainlands had come to participate, they were beaten till they were heavily injured, and some  were even crippled. The Kings’ Mainland had used very vicious means, at first glance, everyone could see that they had intentionally started with a heavy hand. Therefore, everyone was a bit disgusted by the Kings’ Mainland.

“I hope that you don’t pay too much attention to victory and defeat, and can admit defeat timely, okay? I don’t want to see anyone dying during the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet, let the contest begin!” Wang Quan said.

Apart from the first two words that fell into Chen Xiang and Li Zhizhao’s ears, they turned deaf ears to rest of the words.

Once the match began, flames emerged in Li Zhizhao’s eyes as his body suddenly surged with a scorching aura before the flames appeared. His fists and legs were wrapped in flames, surging with an intense heat. At first glance, it was evident that he was a powerful flame martial artist.

Chen Xiang was the closest to Li Zhizhao, and he too had been shocked by the scorching heat waves erupting from Li Zhizhao. This kind of flames was stronger than his Heavenly Sun Fire!

“What’s going on!” Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart. He possessed the Heavenly Sun Fire whose flames were quite overbearing, yet the opposite party had stronger flames even without the Fire Spirit.

Su Meiyao said, “This guy should have at least three fire veins. Not to mention, you still can’t unleash the full power of your Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit, so don’t think that your Fire Spirit is too weak. Wait until you have enough True Qi, then you will know how formidable your Fire Spirit is.”

Gu Dongchen frowned: “What powerful flames! Sure enough, geniuses can be found everywhere on the Kings’ Mainland.”

Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue, both were flame users, they also knew that such flames could only be cultivated by someone who had multiple fire veins, or by using some heaven and earth treasures.

“Li Zhizhao is the Fire King of our Kings’ Mainland!” Having noticed the complexion of the various powerhouses, Wang Quan proudly smiled.

Li Zhizhao, when he noticed Chen Xiang’s face filled with shock, also felt proud secretly in his heart. Whereupon, he let out a roar and charged at Chen Xiang.

However, surprisingly, just as Li Zhizhao leaped, he immediately fell on the ground. All he saw were many water vines that were as thick as a thigh tightly wrapped around his legs.

After Chen Xiang had stridden into the Extreme State, his Five Elements True Qi had equally become stronger. The water wines he had cast via the Black Tortoise Divine Exercise was also more formidable; they could entangle the others more tightly. Furthermore, the water attributed True Qi cultivated via the divine exercise deadly suppressed the fire attributed True Qi.

The water vines continued to spread, deadly winding around Li Zhizhao’s body.

At present, Li Zhizhao was like a bunch of intensely burning flames that had a pot of water suddenly splashed upon them while a lot of steam rose from his body.

Li Zhizhao was unable to move. After his body had thick water vines wound around it, the fire attributed True Qi within his body turned weak, furthermore, a lot of water attributed True Qi drilled into his body, dousing the scorching hot True Qi within his body.

“The outcome has been decided!” Liu Menger chuckled and said.

With a smile on his face, Chen Xiang slowly walked to the front of Li Zhizhao before he said with a laugh, “If you had thrown in the towel, you would have been spared from the pain! I have already clarified in advance that my attacks are going to be quite brutal!”

“Chen Xiang, you are violating the rules, what in the bloody evil technique have you used!?” Li Zhizhao roared in anger. He believed that Chen Xiang had used some devious means.

Chen Xiang smiled: “Evil technique? If I did that, Senior Wang would have long stopped me.”

Most of the spectators were Nirvana Realm martial artists, with one glance they had noticed that Chen Xiang had released water vines by using his divine sense and rich water attributed True Qi. However, in order to release those, he needed some skill and True Qi mobilization method, which was nothing but a martial exercise.

“Chen Xiang, if you have guts, don’t use this kind of despicable tricks!” Li Zhizhao was even unable to mobilize his True Qi, let alone getting rid of these water wines that could even break boulders into pieces.

“It could all be blamed on your insufficient strength, if it was some truly powerful expert, he would have easily broken my little trick.” Chen Xiang teasingly said.

Having noticed Chen Xiang’s face filled with sarcasm, Li Zhizhao simmered in anger. Just as he wanted to open his mouth to curse, a palm came smacking directly over his face.

“BOOM!”, along with a thunderous sound, the land fiercely quaked, some of the houses even had cracks appeared on them. Whereupon, Li Zhizhao let out cries of agony as his head cocked to one side and he continuously spat blood along with some teeth.

Shocking Heaven Palm! However, this time Chen Xiang had cast the technique using the Universe True Qi with the fusion of five elements True Qi, which was tremendously powerful. Even if the stage had arrays laid all over it, the arrays were still unable to negate such sudden shock waves and burst of power, making the martial arts field fiercely shake a bit.

All the 5,000 true element grains inside Chen Xiang’s dantian were illuminated. As a result of high compression, his True Qi was extremely pure and contained terrifying power!

If an enormous mountain was compressed to the size of rice grain but its weight remained unchanged, the corresponding power could very well be imagined. At present, the True Qi released by Chen Xiang was just like the countless compressed mass of Qi that once used to as big as an enormous mountain, the power stored within the True Qi was shocking.

Whereas Li Zhizhao was unable to utilize his powerful True Qi to resist Chen Xiang’s Shocking Heaven Palm, all he could do was use his flesh and body, and suffer terrifying injuries.

Chen Xiang’s palm had rendered him unable to utter anything. Not to mention, he was unable to mobilize his True Qi, and even if he could, it still would have been extremely difficult for him to resist the Shocking Heaven Palm cast using that kind of extreme-level Universe True Qi.

As long as his opponent was a martial artist of the Kings’ Mainland, Chen Xiang would not go easy on him. Previously, he had already given Li Zhizhao an opportunity, but Li Zhizhao savored it. Whereupon, Chen Xiang smacked with another palm, hitting on another side of Li Zhizhao’s face.

The slap on the cheek was as though he had been struck by a transparent lightning, which burst forth with a stifling explosion before the ground once again started shaking.

“You won’t have the opportunity to throw in the towel!” Chen Xiang sneered as his pair of palms madly started dancing before countless trails of his palm suddenly appeared, entirely covering Li Zhizhao.

Gu Dongchen and the others had witnessed Chen Xiang’s battles many times, yet they still could not help but feel jittery in their hearts. Under such rainstorm-like Shocking Heaven Palm, Li Zhizhao would surely be crippled if not dead.

A series of continuous outbursts of shocks and explosions made many young martial artists of Kings’ Mainland feel dread. However, some of them were feeling a bit excited, for Chen Xiang was a good opponent in their eyes.

After Chen Xiang had struck hundreds of palm, he kicked Li Zhizhao down the stage. Li Zhizhao’s entire body, from head to toe, had been attacked by the terrifying Shocking Heaven Palms; from inside to outside, his entire body was mangled. If it was a huge mountain, perhaps it had long been broken into pieces under such attacks of Chen Xiang.

From beginning to the end, Wang Quan had his fist tightly clenched while watching Chen Xiang’s brutal attacks. However, all he could do was watch; fortunately, Chen Xiang had still been lenient, otherwise, he would have already killed Li Zhizhao.

Regarding this, Wang Quan was unable to say anything, for the King’s Vein martial artists of Kings’ Mainland had treated the martial artists of other mainlands similarly. If he criticized Chen Xiang, the tycoons of other mainlands would certainly scold him to death.


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