Chapter 403 – Continuous Challenges

After Chen Xiang won, he quickly jumped off the stage and ran towards the distant great hall. He wanted to file a challenge to the guy who was just pushed down from the fiftieth position, which was about 3,300 points!

Everyone could also understand why Chen Xiang was so hasty, it was because Chen Xiang didn’t have much time; he only had two to three days. In this period of time, if he couldn’t enter the top fifty due to insufficient points, he would be unable to enter the final round.

Chen Xiang quickly arrived at the great hall and filed an application to challenge the martial artist with 3,300 points.

“I want to challenge Qiu Sheng, can he accept the challenge now?” Chen Xiang asked an old man; Qiu Sheng was none other than the martial artist with 3,300 points.

The old man was a bit perplexed because Chen Xiang had challenged Li Zhizhao not so long ago, and yet he was here challenging Qiu Sheng. Did Chen Xiang win?

At this time a middle-aged man rushed over and told the old man the result of Chen Xiang’s match. It greatly astounded the old man because not much time has passed from the beginning to the end of the match; in the old man’s cognition, Li Zhizhao should not be so weak.

“You can challenge Qiu Sheng but you will need to wait for two days. In the first place, he had entered the top fifty and no longer needed to fight, so he is cultivating in seclusion. We will inform him, and if he doesn’t come to fight in two days, then it will be counted as a forfeit by default, then his points will be added to yours!”

The old man, while speaking, quickly updated the list, increasing Chen Xiang point to 1,400.

Had Li Zhizhao not been restrained by the water vines cast by Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang would not have been able to so easily finish the match. Although Li Zhizhao was extremely strong, as Chen Xiang had stated, Li Zhizhao absolutely would not be suppressed if there was not too big of a difference in strength.

After Chen Xiang had utilized the divine exercise and the rich Black Tortoise True Qi, the subsequent water vine cast was rather powerful. One should bear in mind that the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor had originally fused with his body, which was a divine armor and would boost Chen Xiang’s offense. When Chen Xiang cast the Black Tortoise Divine Exercise, his strength was subsequently boosted.

When Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming arrived, Chen Xiang’s face was brimming with a smile because he just needed to win one more match and he could enter the top fifty.

“I still have to wait for two days, and that is also the deadline! Nevertheless, I will definitely take those 3,300 points at that time!”

“It’s best for you to take a rest, and maintain your best state for the upcoming battle.” Gu Dongchen laughed.

Chen Xiang rubbed his chin as though he had just thought of something. He suddenly bent over to the counter and asked the old man who was responsible for the challenges.

“Mister, there is still two days time before Qiu Sheng and I fight. I was wondering whether I can challenge others within these two days?”

The old man raised his head and looked at Chen Xiang with eyes filled with surprise: “But of course, he was originally someone in the top fifty, and therefore, he hadn’t prepared for battle. You are the first to challenge him, which can also be considered as your appointment with him! However, since you have to wait for a long time, you can challenge anyone you like in this period of time.”

Chen Xiang burst into laughter as he said, “I want to challenge this guy with 100 points,” Chen Xiang pointed at a name on the sheet.

The old man nodded his head before he quietly sent someone to call the martial artist to come and fight.

Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen glanced at each other before they shook their head while laughing. They realized what Chen Xiang intended to do.

At present, Chen Xiang had 1,400 points, and he felt they were still insufficient, moreover, he also wanted to a make a fool of Kings’ Mainland, so he began challenging the martial artists with low points. He wanted to heavily injure all these martial artists in these two days and eliminate them from the competition.

“Mister, if I am in top fifty, can I still fight with Qiu Sheng after two days?” Chen Xiang once again asked.

“But of course! Because that’s an appointment. Little Guy, you can’t underestimate our Kings’ Mainland, although those little rascals are proud and arrogant, they are in no way weak.” The old man, of course, knew what Chen Xiang wanted to do.

Chen Xiang just smiled. He had decided that in these two days while waiting for Qiu Sheng, he would continuously challenge as much as possible and heavily injure some of those participating martial artists in order to help Xiao Chou vent his anger.

When the spectators came to know that Chen Xiang was only going to fight with the guy that had 3,300 points after two days, they began to leave one by one; they were going to wait and only come on that day. Although Chen Xiang was also challenging some other participants, they believed that it wasn’t worth watching. Even the guy who had 1,400 points had been easily defeated by Chen Xiang, those guys who only had just a hundred points would definitely be easier.

Wang Quan was burning with hatred in his heart. If he could modify the rules, he would definitely do it. At this instance, no one could challenge Chen Xiang but Chen Xiang could challenge anyone arbitrarily; and those martial artists with low points would certainly be tortured by Chen Xiang during the match.

Li Zhizhao had suffered serious injuries. From head to toe, there wasn’t a single part which was in good shape; all the bones in his entire body were broken into pieces, his internal organs were injured from the shock waves. Now, he was only hanging by a thread. If some miraculous dans aren’t used, it would be difficult for him to ever heal.

Previously, when Wang Quan witnessed the martial artists of the other mainlands being crippled and injured, he would feel happy in his heart. But now, when it was his Kings’ Mainland’s martial artists turn to be crippled by others. he felt his heart ache. At this moment, his mood was extremely complex. At the beginning, he believed that by holding the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet, it would allow the disciples of his Divine Martial Palace to torture disciples of the other mainlands, but who would have known that Chen Xiang, this abnormality would be so strong, and pay him back with his own coin!

On the martial arts stage, when Chen Xiang looked at his opponent, the expression in his eyes was like that of a wolf that was gazing at a little white rabbit, because his opponent was just in the 9th level of True Martial Realm.

“Let the match begin!” Wang Quan shouted.

From the very beginning, Chen Xiang rushed over at an extremely fast pace and raised his hand; he had cast none other than Shocking Heaven Palm. And just one palm had made his opponent seriously injured from the shock and was blown away. And a hundred points were added to Chen Xiang’s.

Everyone should bear in mind that the participants of Kings’ Mainland had a tacit understanding that the strong will not challenge the weak, but Chen Xiang didn’t care because strong martial artists of the Kings’ Mainland dealt with weak martial artists of other mainlands.

Chen Xiang was worried that he would quickly enter the top fifty, whereupon, he would not be able to challenge others, therefore, he especially challenged the participants with low points. This way, it would be possible for him to heavily injure more martial artists of the Kings’ Mainland and eliminate them.

Having won the match, Chen Xiang once again at the fastest speed filed a challenge to another martial artist, which made Wang Quan seeth with anger. Chen Xiang was clearly wrecking the event.

The entire martial arts stage was laden with dry blood stains, which was the blood spewed by Chen Xiang’s opponents. In just one day, Chen Xiang had challenged ten participants, and all of them were either in the 8th or 9th level of the True Martial Realm, and facing Chen Xiang they had no other option but to lose, which also evoked the anger of many martial artists of the Kings’ Mainland.

Whereas, after the martial artists of the other mainlands came to know of this news felt extremely happy, for Chen Xiang was doing was they always wanted to do but couldn’t do.

Late at night, Chen Xiang ran to the hall and continue to file the challenges, for the rules stated that participants can be challenged even at the middle of the night!

As Chen Xiang had just stepped into the Extreme State, he was energetic like a dragon and fierce like a tiger, and he had nowhere to vent the power in his body as most of his opponents had been defeated with only a single hit. Thus, he simply didn’t need to rest.


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