Chapter 404 – Qiu Sheng

“Chen Xiang, the Blood Vein martial artists of my Kings’ Mainland will surely not let you off! In the eyes of my King’s Mainland, you are nothing but an ant!” A young man, who was lying flat on the ground and had blood overflowing from his mouth, said while clenching his teeth.

Chen Xiang coldly smiled and walked over: “An ant? You aren’t even a match for an ant like me, and you have the nerve to say this? The Blood Vein martial artists are Blood Vein martial artists, even if they can defeat me, it isn’t the slightest related to you! You have been defeated here today, maybe they will think that you as someone who is even inferior to an ant, is bringing shame to their Kings’ Mainland, you better think over what martial art is!”

Chen Xiang kicked the young man off the stage. Apart from Li Zhizhao, Chen Xiang had been a lot lenient to his later opponents, however, he let them suffer a bit so that it would be difficult for them to recover within two to three months.

Over these two days and nights, Chen Xiang had been challenging the martial artists of the Kings’ Mainland, and all his opponents suffered the same fate; they were injured before they were kicked off the stage. At present, Chen Xiang too had 3,300 points. He couldn’t remember how many matches he had fought, all he knew that the power seething inside his body wasn’t still abated; his passion was still ablaze.

Even after continuously fighting for two days and nights, Chen Xiang was only resting while waiting for others to arrive, the rest of the time he had always been on the stage. Of course, on the stage, he still didn’t take too long to win.

What made Chen Xiang feel overwhelmingly flattered was that Wang Quan had actually been following him by presiding over the contest over all this time. Wang Quan was worried that in his absence, Chen Xiang would start ruthlessly and kill those good seedlings of Kings’ Mainland during the match. At present, he heaved a sigh of relief, Chen Xiang had not started as ruthlessly as he had imagined at all, but let the memories of their corresponding match forever etched in their mind.

In just a short period of two days, Chen Xiang had gone from 1 point to 3,300 points. Such strength was seldom seen even in the Kings’ Mainland. Today was the day when Chen Xiang and Qiu Sheng were going to compete. If Qiu Sheng still didn’t arrive, Chen Xiang would win Qiu Sheng’s 3,300 points, and enter the top fifty with a high number of points.

Over these two days, all the participants were haunted with fear because they were worried Chen Xiang would challenge them. They had seen how brutally Chen Xiang attacked; they didn’t want to face Chen Xiang, not even a bit. And when the participants were challenged, a small number of them chose to throw in the towel.

Qiu Sheng arrived with a calm smile on his face. He was tall and thin just like a bamboo pole, fairly handsome too, however, his complexion was a bit pale, giving off an impression of a dead man. However, his smile made him quite amiable.

Looking at Qiu Sheng, Chen Xiang was somewhat surprised. Qiu Sheng was quite different from his previous opponents because Qiu Sheng was dressed in simple clothing. His long gown was quite clean and was a bit dilapidated too, there weren’t any luxurious ornaments or clothing on him, from head to toe.

Someone like Qiu Sheng, who had 3,300 points and was dressed like this indeed surprised many people. The tycoons of other mainlands were whisperingly discussing Chen Xiang’s opponent.

As Chen Xiang’s opponent today was the strongest, the tycoons of various mainlands had also arrived to watch. On one hand, they wanted to see as to which step Chen Xiang’s strength had reached, while on the other hand, they wanted to look at Wang Quan’s complexion.

“This guy is quite strange, is he really a Blood Vein martial artist?” Hua Xiangyue said with a frown.

“He seems to be, however, why does a Blood Vein martial artist have so little points? Did he deliberately do this!?” Liu Menger also found it extremely strange.

Many had noticed that Qiu Sheng was a Blood Vein martial artist. During the time when Qiu Sheng walked up on the stage, Chen Xiang had already discovered the peculiarity.

“Well, originally I was planning to sleep and let you take my 3,300 points, however, I thought that it won’t be bad to fight with Huang Jintian’s apprentice.” Qiu Sheng sighed and said.

Having heard his statement, Chen Xiang was taken by surprise for a moment. Chen Xiang smiled and said, “What I don’t understand is why do you have so little points? A Blood Vein martial artist should not be like this!”

Qiu Sheng wryly smiled and said, “No way, I am too lazy! I thought that there wasn’t too much time, so I didn’t want to move.”

“I have a friend who is also very lazy. however, he is fat but you don’t even have a bit of fat,” Chen Xiang said with a laugh. He felt that this Qiu Sheng wasn’t too bad, he was completely different from the young martial artists of Kings’ Mainland he had encountered before.

Qiu Sheng laughed and said, “I think that when he is being lazy, he either eats or sleeps, but when I am being lazy, I will neither eat nor sleep, I will just lie down and won’t move, sometimes, I am even too lazy to eat even when I want to.”

Chen Xiang was startled, this kind of character was indeed a rare and wonderful existence. He suddenly felt that he could not see through this Qiu Sheng.

“To tell you the truth, I obtained these 3,300 points in a fight! If you can make me see what I want to see, I will give them to you,” said Qiu Sheng.

Chen Xiang face was laced with doubt as he asked, “What do you want to see?”

“I want to see you strongest power!” Qiu Sheng said after pondering for a long while..

“I am afraid you will need to diligently attack me and force me to attack you with the strongest power!” Chen Xiang smiled.

“It seems that I can’t act lazy!” Qiu Sheng smiled.

The match had already begun, however, the two, instead of taking any action, were first chatting. Now, both of them felt that the other person was a good guy.

“Since Brother Chen have come from afar, I will let you make the first move. I want your all powerful Shocking Heaven Palm,” said Qiu Sheng.

Just as his voice faded away, Chen Xiang’s shout came: “As you wish!”

Chen Xiang swooped over and smacked a palm; his palm was wrapped in an invisible True Qi that hacked down like an ax. Meanwhile, Qiu Sheng also fired a punch, greeting Chen Xiang’s Shocking Heaven Palm.

When the punch and the palm fiercely clashed with each other, the congregation of experts believed that the clash would burst forth with a shock, however, what surprised everyone was not only the ground wasn’t shaking, not even a small noise was produced.

Chen Xiang’s entire face was laced with a huge shock. He hastily retreated; he got far away from Qiu Sheng. The Shocking Heaven Palm he had smacked a moment ago was quite strong, however, when it came in contact with Qiu Sheng’s punch, its power disappeared just like a stone sinking in an ocean, seemingly sucked away.

“What the hell happened? Did you notice anything?” Chen Xiang asked Su Meiyao and the others. The spectating experts around the stage also burst into a discussion regarding the method used by Qiu Sheng.

Wang Quan’s face was beaming with smiles. He laughed and said to Gu Dongchen, “I think your Young Martial Uncle is going to be stopped here. Qiu Sheng has a special power, no matter what kind of attacks hits him, they would all be negated and would transform into Spirit Qi that will diffuse into the air.”

Gu Dongchen dismissively said, “This is just the beginning, who knows what will happen in the end?”

Neither Su Meiyao, nor Bai Youyou, or Long Xueyi replied to Chen Xiang. Meanwhile, Chen Xiang once again started attacking; he punched at Qiu Sheng, while each punch metamorphosed into a white tiger’s head as countless shadows of punches filled the sky and madly attacked towards Qiu Sheng. However, Qiu Sheng just faintly smiled as a layer of gray light shield appeared over his body. After Chen Xiang’s punches landed on the light shield, he felt that all his power had suddenly disappeared.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 404 – Qiu Sheng

  1. I don’t really like the appearance of these new veins when they were never mentioned previously, divine veins were the best but they seem to be useless and just speed up cultivation and not make you any stronger.


    1. Yeah, it’s the same, just, the author first introduced Kings vein, then switched to blood’s vein, I was keeping King’s vein for consistency but translating next chapter, I found that kinda vein martial artists don’t have same power, so I used blood’s vein.


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